Travel To Croatia From UK: Complete Guide

Travel To Croatia From UK: Complete Guide

Got vacation plans after all the quarantining due to covid? And if Croatia is your destination from the UK, then here are some tips and advice from us. Here is our guide for your travel to Croatia from the UK.

Planning to travel to Croatia alone?

If this is your first time going to Croatia then let us tell you that, it is a beautiful crescent-shaped country located in the Adriatic Sea and east of Italy (who doesn't know where Italy is, so now you know).

Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world with very low crime rates and even the petty crimes that have been recorded till now are very low, also if you are a woman who is planning to go as a solo traveller, it's safe but it advisable to keep your senses at high alert at all times, also mind not to get sunburned during your day sunbathing as you might get too excited to see all the scenic beauty of the beaches. Also, we would advise you that if you are going on a single trip then you might want to get yourself travel insurance, Asda travel insurance discount code will help you purchase a discounted travel insurance policy for your hassle-free travel and security because nobody wants a headache and a hole in the pocket when it comes to vacations. Mind your belongings especially if you are a traveller near the beaches because pickpocketing which is almost common around the globe is also prevailing there.

Wondering about what's the best way to travel?

1. By Car - If you or someone who loves enjoying car rides then your choice of travel to Croatia by car is excellent as the roadway’s connectivity is wonderful, and according to us travel to Croatia by road should be on everyone's list who is planning to visit the beautiful country, also there is not much traffic and you can enjoy the trip at your own pace without having to abide by a certain itinerary. However, whenever travelling by car or another personal transport one should always consider the insurance factors as travelling is full of uncertainties, and insurance might help you to make things less bad in case something bad happens during the journey, thus going for an insurance plan seems like a good idea.

2. By Train - Travel to Croatia by train could be another best option if you are planning to enjoy the scenic beauty and the gorgeous Adriatic coastline with golden beaches, the ports from the mediaeval era and the beautiful historic cities. However, this travelling method is a bit time consuming as it might take you from 6 hours to 24 hours depending upon the boarding station, but with the UK sleeper trains- famous for their luxury rails we can guarantee you it will be a super convenient journey for you.

To make your journey more convenient, the Omio discount code will help you compare, combine and sort your travel cost and budget making you free from the tension of sorting and comparing various sites, and if you are a budget traveller then you should give this a try.

3. By Motorcycle - Want to enjoy the plethora of beautiful places through travel to Croatia by motorcycle, looping around the sublime coastal scenery of Croatia then you should give it a go. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while travelling to Croatia by motorcycle, such as keeping the speed limits under what is specified on the road signs, documents updated from your driving licence to your rental documents (if the bike is rented) as there had been incidences where the bikers have been charged with fines for not abiding the regulations, so be careful while you travel as such incidences might ruin the mood and delay your plans.

However, if you have the option and a budget to visit Croatia during the shoulder season it is highly recommended to fly to Croatia as the flights are cheapest outside of the high season which is usually from June to August.

Where and how to stay during your visit?

After all the discussion about how to reach Croatia, the next question comes is what's the charges and places to have a hassle-free stay during your vacation which is budget-friendly at the same time, then we have got you covered very well. You can use the Sykes Cottages Discount Code and book the best holiday cottages at a discounted price making your stay more affordable, comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

What do you need to travel to Croatia from the UK?

Here's what you need! (Advisory regarding travel to Croatia covid-19).

Keeping the planning and budgetary issues regarding the vacation aside, it is very important to abide by the covid-19 norms as we are still in the shadow of covid-19 and following the guidelines is very important.

Considering the situation globally, Croatia has set few covid-19 travel restrictions including a mandatory negative PCR test or a rapid antigen test which should not be older than 2 days, in case of failure to obtain such test the traveller might have to Quarantine themselves for 10 days at their own costs. Other travel to Croatia covid restrictions includes a negative covid-19 test or a record of vaccination at venues hosting audiences or places such as night clubs that are offering on the spot rapid testing services for a prescribed fee which traveller might opt for.

Starting recently Croatia has been added to the UK green watchlist which means people from the UK will be able to visit Croatia without quarantining back in the UK.

Best Dizzy-Dazy season to go to Croatia

With all the countries almost going back to the normal, Croatia has uplifted the restrictions for visiting the country round the year, you might want to know what is the best season to visit Croatia when it is not too chilly or too hot but a perfect balance to sunbathe and dance around in the night clubs at night. According to us, April is the best month to visit the country as it is that time of the year when the snow is melting and the crowd is less as it's the last month of the low season and somewhere between April and Marchis the beginning of the Sunny and warm coastal feeling in the country. Also, hotels are available at cheaper prices during this season, by using the Viator discount code you can book yourself different activities in advance at a discounted price too along with tickets available on the site. When it comes to the most popular attractions and activities then the extraordinary walled city of Dubrovnik included in the UNESCO World Heritage site is sure to go for.

Another advantage of going to vacation destinations during shoulder season is that if the travelling is made using public transport it comes at a cheaper price and the traveller has more accommodation options at discounted prices

Mouth-watering foods of Croatia

1. Black risotto - When visiting Croatia black risotto known locally as Crni, is a dish made with cuttlefish or squid savoured with the flavours of olive oil, garlic and red chilli. However, the only catch in this dish is that it will turn your mouth and teeth black because of the dish’s black colour but trust us it will be all worth it.

2. Buzara - It is the most popular type of Sampi dish, its origination tracks back to Italy. Made with wine, butter garlic, and parsley. However, another type of Buzara is the Red Buzara that contains some tomato paste and the whole recipe is almost the same with clams and mussels cooked in it.

3. Peka - It's an exotic dish that is cooked under terracotta or iron lid with burning coals over it, usually under this lid it has octopus, lamb, veal or chicken meat usually accompanied with potatoes.

4. Fritule - Travellers with a sweet tooth we have got something for you too, Fritule are like fried pastries which differ within the country depending from region to region, are made of egg yolks, raisins, lemon or orange rinds and are traditionally served during holidays and have an addictive taste and can be found in the country all year round. So, if you are going to Croatia give this dessert a try.

Worrying about the budget?

Budget is not a problem when visiting Croatia as it is similar to other tourist destinations and is not very costly, for a pair of travellers it might cost around $1,200 to $1,300 for a week visit to the country which is almost similar to the other tourist destinations altogether.

And if you are someone who is an over spender it might cost you a bit more than the average estimated, including the activities, park visits etc. However, we have got an option for those kinds of people too, use the Klook discount code UK and you will be able to book your tours, diving activities, park visits, train tickets and more at a discounted price (because who doesn't love discounts!!), helping you save in them and spend them on other things.

Other exciting things to do in Croatia

Well, we all know Croatia is famous for its coastal sublime regions and the old town walls of Dubrovnik, however except from these mainstream popular destinations it has Dubrovnik’s game of thrones tours, discovering bay of abandoned hotels, sunbathing on the beaches (mind not to get tanned), dancing in the night clubs till your heels break, enjoying the scenic waterfalls, exploring the culture of the country, enjoying local meals, getting lost in the alleys and whatnot.

So, go plan your next vacation (what's holding you, do it!) and we will be more than happy if this article was of use for you and we will be doing our best, to bring you the excellent. Need a smartwatch for your travel? Just click and get the top 5 new launched smartwatches. Choose the right companion for your travel!

Happy Trip!


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