Top 5 New Launched Smartwatches: Which One Should You Choose?

Top 5 New Launched Smartwatches: Which One Should You Choose?

Smartwatches are the latest invention in the techno- verse which has taken the world by storm. A smartwatch is a perfect addition to your style statement as well as an easy method of keeping track of your fitness and health. Do you plan on investing in a smartwatch but are equally confused by the wide range available in the market? Here is an article curated just to ease up that confusion.

Scroll below to know which smartwatch will be the best investment from the top 5 new launched smartwatches and some of your other queries regarding the same.

How Do Smartwatches Work?

Smartwatches are fitted with Bluetooth to pair them with your mobile devices. To using the smartwatch, you need to have a smartphone. To connect your smartwatch to your phone, you need to install the app which comes with the smartwatch. When you run the accompanying application and turn on the Bluetooth, your watch syncs with your phone.

Smartwatches are fitted with sensors that detect the variations in your body and reflect those on its watch- face and on your smartphone.

Can Smartwatches Work Without a Phone?

Yes, some of the premium and branded smartwatches do work without a smartphone, although they can put you off your budget. Watches like the new Wear OS watches along with some of Samsung’s and Apple’s watches can connect to a Wi-Fi network—meaning you don’t always have to keep your smartwatch and smartphone within the Bluetooth range.

Wondering which among the wide range of fitness trackers and smartwatches is the best? Read further to know more.

What Are the Best Smartwatches For Android?

If you have an Android phone, here are a handful of the best android smartwatches that will be compatible with your phone:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

  • Pros - Packed with excellent features and a premium fit and finish
  • Cons - Low battery backup and expensive

Fitbit Versa 3

  • Pros - Lightweight, comfortable, and built-in GPS
  • Cons - Faulty side button and offline music not available

Fossil Sport

  • Pros - Heavy- duty watch and light in weight
  • Cons - Slow GPS and has basic features

Ticwatch Pro 3

  • Pros - Amazing battery backup and a fast chipset
  • Cons - Lag in interface and glitch in sleep tracking

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

  • Pros - Good battery backup and excellent performance
  • Cons - Expensive and limited to third party applications

What Are the Best Smartwatches For iPhones?

Any watch compatible with an iPhone is a smartwatch worth buying. Here are some iOS compatible smartwatches you can check out:

Apple Watch Se

  • Pros - Elaborate features and smart design
  • Cons - Medium battery life and don’t have “always-on” display

Apple Watch 6

  • Pros - Extensive color options and “always on” display
  • Cons - Poor battery backup and needs an upgrade

Apple Watch 5

  • Pros - Bigger storage and “always on” display
  • Cons - Not too good with battery life and expensive

Apple Watch 3

  • Pros - Good battery backup and clear, bright display
  • Cons - Patchy SIRI and can be paired only with an iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

  • Pros - Excellent rotating bezel and premium fit
  • Cons - Poor Bixby and poor battery life

What are the Best Smartwatches For Fitness?

  • Apple Watch Series 6 - comes with the new blood oxygen sensor, music storage, GPS, and sport the cool new and comfortable Loop bands.
  • Garmin Fenix 6 - This model by Garmin smartwatches boasts of long battery life, preloaded maps, pace guide, and sleep tracking.
  • Fitbit Sense - Fitted with an EDA, it measures the body’s response to stress and also has a heart rate tracker and on-wrist temperature check.
  • Polar Vantage Mfiteness Watch - This watch offers over 130 sport profiles and helps keep track of training load and sleep too.
  • Matrix Powerwatch 2 Premium - The best feature is that it allows both thermoelectric and solar charging along with other features.

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What are the Best Smartwatches For Women?

Women tend to be a bit more inclined towards keeping up on their style quotient than men. Women also do not tend to compromise on their health and fitness in search of an ideal fashion statement. For such women, having a stylish and powerful smartwatch is a must. Here are some of the best-in-market smartwatches for women, check them out.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Oxy- Available in multiple colors to choose from, this smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Fitted with a rectangular watch- face with 1.3 inches screen size, this watch also packs blood oxygen monitoring, 24*7 dynamic and manual monitoring, calorie tracker, sleep monitor, activity tracker, and much more. Grab your favorite color by shopping with FarFetch and apply the FarFetch discount code UK to avail of exciting discounts.

Fossil Sport Unisex Smartwatch- Stay stylish and multitasking with this amazing smartwatch for both men and women.

Allowing Bluetooth pairing with both Android and Apple devices, this beige-colored smartwatch has a built-in Google Assistant and is fitted with an AMOLED round display. Key features of this watch include a built-in alarm clock, which gives you remote access to your smartphone camera, voice control, stopwatch, backlight, and many more.

Fitbit Versa Lite- One of the best options you can go for is this timeless piece by Fossil.

Though its connectivity is limited to just Android phones, this beautiful square-faced watch is available in various colors. The connectivity technology used in this smartwatch is GPS and with the easy UI, this is one of the favorites among women. iOutlet has a wide range of refurbished smartwatches you can purchase from, just apply The iOutlet discount code to get discounts and save more.

What are the Best Smartwatches For Men?

Men prefer to keep focused more on the technical features over stylish features. Here are some of the best smartwatches for men for you.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3- This is one of the best budget smartwatches which is both excellent in features and also in looks. To talk about its technical features, the watch has an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, built-in oximeter, 14 sport modes, weather updates, music control, and also a stress monitor. Non- technical features of this watch are that it is available in various colors and has a premium fit.

Suunto 7 Gps Sport- Especially developed for sports lovers and fans for outdoor activities, this watch is definitely one of the best.

The future of smartwatches is secured when we have such versatile products in the market. Enabled with Wear OS by the tech- giant Google, it has a handsome 50 mm display and 12 hours battery life. It has everything top-notch, from activity and workout tracking to contactless payments and offline route navigation. Compatible with Android devices enjoy the seamless experience.

Garmin Venu Sq Music Edition- Proudly boasting of a Gorilla Glass 3 over a square bezel, this watch by Gramin is the new favorite.

Packed with features like a heart rate tracker and stress monitor, the best about this watch is that you can store up to 500 songs synced with Spotify and other music apps. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, you can purchase yours from DHGate and apply the DHGate UK discount code to receive surprising offers.

After going through this elaborate guide you might be wondering, “is it safe to wear smartwatches?” The answer is yes.

Many people refrain from wearing a smartwatch because they worry if it will adversely affect their health with all its sensors and stuff, and others have their privacy concerns. But till now no harmful effects of the signals generated by the device have been recorded. For privacy, the data which is stored in such devices is insignificant, and not worry the worry of being leaked in any manner.

How Do Smartwatches Calculate Calories Burn?

The secret algorithms to calculate the calories burned are different for every brand. Let us take the example of Fitbit.

Fitbit estimates your basal metabolic rate by taking your personal data like your age, gender, weight, and height for the first time only. This accounts for half the calories you burn while at rest, while the other half is calculated using their algorithms based on the level of activity you indulge in a day.

How To Smartwatches Detect Sleep?

Smartwatches detect your sleep by using a process called actigraphy.

Smartwatches have a small device called the tri-axis fitted within them, it is a sort of motion sensor and tracks movement in every direction. The process of actigraphy is fulfilled when the device you’re wearing translates your wrist movements into sleep patterns. Did you really think there was some magic to it?

How Do Smartwatches Measure Blood Oxygen?

Smartwatches use the reflectance oximetry method to detect blood-oxygen but the results are not always accurate using a smartwatch.

How Do Smartwatches Measure Blood Pressure?

Smartwatch blood pressure sensors follow a different technique than a blood pressure monitor to accurately measure blood pressure. Such smartwatches which detect your blood pressure level are fitted with an inflatable wrist strap, similar to the cuff of an automatic blood pressure monitoring device, and follow the same technique as an automatic monitor.

How Do Smartwatches Measure Stress?

The stress level measurement feature of smartwatches is facilitated by the heart rate data.

It uses the heart rate sensor to determine the intervals between each heartbeat—if the difference between two heartbeats is less, it indicates a high-stress level, whereas if the difference between two heartbeats is subsequently more, it is indicative of less stress level in an individual.

How Do Smartwatches Track Steps?

The smartwatches are fitted with a 3 axis accelerometer that continuously senses the body movements of the wearer.

Can Smartwatches Be Tracked?

Yes, sometimes it is possible to track certain activities done by the smartwatch wearer using their smartwatches. A spying app can be installed in the smartphone to which the watch is synced and the smartphone can send bits of data received by the watch to the person accessing the spying app.

Technological advancements have gotten too far to suffice for the needs of humankind. The technology is there to help us with every step we take and ensures that we get the best of best facilities to lead a peaceful and hassle-free life. Smartwatches can be termed the appropriate examples of having the world in our hands. Once you find your right smartwatch for you, reed this JD Williams Clearance Sale to know how you can save huge. With that being said, STAY STYLISH AND STAY FIT. Until next time!


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