Best Ways To Get A Refurbished Phone In The UK- How To Make An Informed Decision

Best Ways To Get A Refurbished Phone In The UK- How To Make An Informed Decision

If you also think that it is not necessary to buy a new smartphone every time then you are not only in the right direction but you are also saving Mother Earth. Choosing to buy a refurbished phone will lead to a reduction of electronic wastage, increase sustainability, and support a circular economy. You will be setting a good example in front of your friends that it is not always necessary to buy a brand-new phone. We are the ones who need to save the planet for our future generations by adapting to a sustainable approach to living. Buying a refurbished phone is a great step in that direction.

At Vouchers Portal, we provide you with amazing and meaningful choices that will benefit you and the Earth. We have listed down some great ways that will help you explore the world of refurbished phones. It is a proper guide on how to find and select good quality refurbished phones from trustworthy sellers. Small actions have great impacts and as a society, we must take such steps for the betterment of our futures.

In this guide, you will get all the information about UK consumers, marketplaces that sell refurbished phones, and sellers such as 4Gadgets, The iOutlet, 1p Mobile, 1pBroadband, etc. A list of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a refurbished phone, and what you should consider and what not. How to get a refurbished phone that is in the best condition and how to save money while buying it.

For everyone who is in the UK and is considering buying a refurbished phone over a brand-new one, we have a list of five places where you will get your next refurbished phone.

How To Get the Best Refurbished Phone In The UK?

There are ample choices for you to select from. This guide will help you in finding your next refurbished phone while saving the planet through this sustainable approach.

1. 4Gadgets

It is an amazing UK-based retailer that is widely known for its vast range of refurbished phones. The phones available at 4Gadgets are at reasonable prices making it easy for the customers to buy them. The quality of phones is top-notch and you can get them easily by using the 4Gadgets Discount Code. Applying the discount codes and voucher coupons will make your purchase budget-friendly. It is important to read the details, reviews, and warranty of the product before making a decision.

2. The iOutlet

They specialize in refurbished Apple products. This brand is a hub for people who are crazy about iPhones. They will get an amazing variety of refurbished phones at the lowest prices. To make your purchase even more affordable, choose to apply coupon codes and discount vouchers and snag the deal at the lowest prices. Apply the The iOutlet discount code to make an affordable purchase and contribute to the environment by selecting a refurbished iPhone over a brand-new one.

3. 1p Mobile

One of the top services provided by 1p Mobile company in the UK for the refurbished mobile phones. They offer a wide range of refurbished devices that will blow your mind. They are not only available at competitive prices but they are also very good. However, it is crucial to check the warranty, pricing, product descriptions, and other details before making the purchase decision. You can get your refurbished mobile phones at the lowest prices by using the 1p Mobile discount code. This will make your purchase pocket-friendly. Vouchers Portal UK provides some excellent discount codes and promo offers that will make your shopping experience budget-friendly.

4. 1pBroadband

They are leading phone recyclers in the UK and they offer a wide range of fully tested and restored phones. With competitive pricing and good quality mobile phones, they have made their place among the customers. They pride in providing refurbished phones that are environmentally friendly and offer sustainability to the economy. Get your refurbished phones from 1p Broadband by using the 1p Broadband discount code and save huge on your purchase.

Qualities to look for before buying your next Refurbished Phone

Here are a few details that you need to be aware of before you buy your next refurbished phone. Making an informed decision after doing all the research will be better for the future. Here are a few factors that you need to consider to ensure you make the right decision for a smart purchase:

  1. Warranty- One amazing piece of advice is to opt for phones and sellers that provide warranties on their products. A 12-month warranty period is ideal but less will also do. In case of malfunctions, you can go back to the seller for repairs or replacement.
  2. Phone Condition- The phone condition should range from “New” to “Good”. Very old phones will lead to a bigger possibility of damage and malfunctions. Make sure the screen is intact as well as the body of the phone.
  3. Model Capacity- Check the phone capacity before buying them. Latest software, and network bands, and it supports essential apps and services. Outdated software will be of no use for future requirements.
  4. Battery Health- One of the most important things to check before buying a refurbished phone is the battery health. It is the heart of the phone and it should be in good condition. Read the description of the battery performance and check it because it degrades over time.
  5. Brand and Model- It is recommended to go for known brands and the latest models. Do not buy a very old model as there will be more possibilities for malfunctions in it due to more usage, old software, deteriorated battery health, etc.
  6. Seller Reputation- The creditability of the seller plays a vital role in deciding whether or not to buy from them. Make sure to buy refurbished phones from a reputable seller that specializes in this area. They have a decent variety of stock for you to select from and provide warranty and other details with the product.

How to sell your old phone for Refurbishment?

How do you think these refurbished phones get into the market for resale? They are sold by people like you who have used their phones and want to switch to another one for several reasons. If you are planning to buy a new phone or a refurbished phone, it is better to sell your old phone. Selling your old phone will let you gain extra cash and you can invest that cash by investing it into the new one. Plus, it will lead to a reduction in electronic wastage on the planet.

Below is a list of some points that you should consider before preparing your phone for sale:

  1. Access the Condition- No one knows the condition of your phone better than you. It’s better to take an honest look at the phone’s condition. Minor damages and scratches may not have a major impact on its resale value but major malfunctionings can reduce the resale price of the phone. Accidental damage, water damage, screen damage, or degraded battery health are some of the major causes that will lead to a reduction in the sale value of the phone.
  2. Prepare the Phone- It is essential to backup your phone data before you sell it. All your contact details, photos and videos, important files and documents, and messages. All these things need to be properly backed up. After backing up your important data, you need to format your phone and clean everything so that your sensitive information does not get into the hands of someone else. Make the phone presentable by cleaning it with cleaning wipes and anti-static cloth.
  3. Understand Reseller Valuation- Reseller valuation depends on the phone’s model, age, condition, and market demand for that product. If the phone model is very old, you will get less amount for it while if it’s a newer model and the condition of the phone is decent then you will a higher price for the same. The condition of the phone plays a vital role in deciding the price of it.
  4. Accessories and Packaging- It is good to add all the accessories and properly pack them while selling them to the buyer. Include all the accessories like headphones, charger, box, and back cover if any, and pack them properly in a box to increase its resale value. It is not necessary to have all the accessories but it will be good if you add it. They will be of no use to you but it will be of use to the buyer. This will also lead to a reduction in wastage.
  5. Research Selling Options- As mentioned before, it is important to do full-fledged research before you buy a refurbished phone or you are selling one.

Different methods have different terms of payment, requirements, effort, pricing policies, etc. Some of the common ways to make money while selling your old phone are:

  • Trade-in Programs- Plenty of retailers provide trade-in opportunities where you can exchange your old phone for a refurbished or new handset while making a purchase. Opting for this option often results in receiving higher valuations and monetary benefits compared to selling your phone independently.
  • Online Marketplaces- Websites such as eBay or Gumtree provide the opportunity to sell your phone directly to other consumers, either at a fixed price or through online auctions (eBay being particularly renowned for the latter). By utilizing these platforms, you can often attain a higher selling price, particularly if your phone's make or model is in high demand. However, it is important to note that selling in this manner carries more risk and requires more time as you are responsible for managing the sale and shipping the phone directly to the buyer. Additionally, if you opt for the auction route, there are no guarantees that you will achieve the desired price.
  • Specialized Resellers- The four companies or platforms mentioned earlier in this article are dedicated to the buying and selling of refurbished phones. Thanks to their specialization and expertise, selling to these companies is typically a fast and convenient process. Nevertheless, it is important to note that you may receive a lower valuation for your phone compared to selling it yourself through a marketplace or as part of a trade-in agreement.

At Vouchers Portal UK, we provide you with amazing and meaningful choices that will benefit you and the Earth. You will be setting a good example in front of your friends that it is not always necessary to buy a brand-new phone. We are the ones who need to save the planet for our future generations by adapting to a sustainable approach to living. Buying a refurbished phone is a great step in that direction.


By: Vouchers Portal UK