DFDS SEAWAYS - 13 Ways to Save Money On DFDS Ferries

DFDS SEAWAYS - 13 Ways to Save Money On DFDS Ferries

Unlock savings on DFDS Seaways ferries with 13 savvy tips. Book early to secure the best fares and enjoy early bird discounts. Opt for off-peak travel times for lower prices and fewer crowds. Take advantage of package deals bundling ferry tickets with accommodation for extra value. Join loyalty programs for exclusive discounts and perks. Keep an eye out for promotions and special offers on the DFDS website. Consider flexible ticket options for greater flexibility in your travel plans. Travel with friends or family to split costs and take advantage of group discounts. With strategic planning, enjoy budget-friendly crossings with DFDS Seaways.

DFDS Seaways, a prominent ferry operator in the UK, provides an extensive range of ferry services that connect different countries throughout the continent. Operating a modern and well-equipped fleet of vessels, DFDS Seaways caters to diverse travel requirements, offering options for both short crossings and longer journeys. The ferries are equipped with a variety of amenities, including comfortable cabins, dining choices, entertainment facilities, and duty-free shops, ensuring a delightful and satisfying experience for customers traveling.

In addition to passenger services, DFDS Seaways also offers freight transportation solutions, serving as a crucial link for the logistics industry in Europe. The company's efficient network of routes and frequent sailings make it the preferred choice for businesses seeking cost-effective and reliable transportation of goods across borders. Use the DFDS Seaways UK discount code to unlock huge offers on your bookings. These codes will make your trip budget-friendly and hassle-free.

DFDS Seaways operates ferry routes connecting various countries in Europe, offering an extensive network of transportation services. The company serves routes between the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and Norway, providing vital sea connections for both passengers and freight.

At DFDS, travelers can secure the most favorable rates for their ferry trips. By considering travel dates and routes, travelers can take certain steps to obtain the most cost-effective tickets. One effective method is to make early bookings, which typically results in lower ferry fares. Additionally, customers who have flexibility with their travel dates should aim to steer clear of peak periods like holidays and weekends. By adhering to these straightforward suggestions, travelers can guarantee that they receive the top deal for their upcoming ferry journey.

What Are 13 Ways To Save Money On DFDS Ferries?

When it comes to saving money on DFDS Ferries, there are several ways that customers can take advantage of to get the best deals and discounts for their ferry travel:

1. Early Booking Advantage: By booking ferry tickets in advance, travelers can access discounted fares and secure their preferred travel dates and times. Planning allows travelers to capitalize on promotional rates and guarantees availability on desired sailings.

2. Special Promotions: Stay updated on DFDS Seaways' website and social media platforms to capitalize on special promotions and limited-time offers. These promotions may include seasonal deals, flash sales, and exclusive discounts that can help save money on ferry tickets.

3. Off-Peak Travel: Consider traveling during off-peak times, such as weekdays or non-holiday periods, to benefit from lower fares. Off-peak travel options often come at a reduced cost compared to peak times when demand is higher.

4. Loyalty Program: Enroll in DFDS Seaways' customer loyalty program to access exclusive deals, rewards, and discounts. Repeat customers can accumulate points and enjoy perks such as complimentary upgrades or priority boarding, enhancing the overall value of their ferry travel.

5. Cabin vs. Seat: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of booking a cabin versus a seat on overnight crossings. Cabins provide a comfortable and private space for rest during longer journeys and may offer better value when considering accommodation expenses.

6. Discount Codes: Utilize discount codes or vouchers when booking DFDS Ferries to unlock additional savings. These DFDS SEAWAYS coupon codes can be found on promotional websites, newsletters, or through partner platforms, enabling customers to reduce their overall travel costs.

7. Price Comparison: Compare prices across different travel websites and booking channels to identify the most competitive rates for DFDS ferry tickets. Conducting a thorough price analysis ensures that people secure the best deal for their chosen route and travel preferences.

8. Package Deals: Explore package deals that combine ferry crossings with accommodation or additional services. Bundling services can lead to cost savings and convenience, especially for travelers seeking a comprehensive travel solution at a discounted rate.

9. Foot Passenger Option: Consider traveling as a foot passenger instead of taking a vehicle on board, as foot passenger fares are often more economical. This option is ideal for short trips or individuals looking to minimize expenses while enjoying the ferry experience.

10. Bring Your Snacks: Reduce onboard dining costs by bringing your own snacks and drinks for the journey. Packing light refreshments can help cut down on food expenses and provide personalized dining choices during the ferry crossing.

11. Group Discounts: If traveling with a group of people, inquire about group discounts offered by DFDS Seaways. Group rates may be available for large parties, enabling travelers to save money on multiple bookings and enjoy a group travel experience at a reduced cost.

12. Round-Trip Tickets: Opt for a round-trip ticket instead of booking one-way fare options, as round-trip tickets may offer discounted rates for return journeys. Planning a return trip can yield savings on ferry travel expenses and simplify travel logistics.

13. DFDS Last-Minute Deals: Keep an eye out for last-minute deals and flash sales on Voucher’s Portal's DFDS Seaways coupon page. Last-minute offers may present significant discounts on remaining ticket inventory, allowing travelers to seize cost-effective ferry travel opportunities on short notice.

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In conclusion, leveraging these 13 strategies can help travelers save money on DFDS Ferries and optimize their travel budget while enjoying a seamless and affordable ferry experience. By implementing these cost-saving tips, travelers can make the most of DFDS Seaways' services and embark on memorable ferry journeys at a reasonable price.


DFDS Seaways may stand out for several reasons. DFDS Seaways is one of the most preferred companies when it comes to ferry rides. It was also awarded as the World's Leading Ferry Operator, in 2023 and was nominated as Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator, in 2024. It has an extensive route network. DFDS Seaways operates a vast network of ferry routes across Europe, connecting various countries and providing diverse travel options for passengers and freight. It also provides onboard amenities. DFDS Seaways offers a range of onboard amenities, including comfortable cabins, dining options, entertainment facilities, duty-free shopping, and family-friendly services, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

It has an amazing customer loyalty program. The DFDS loyalty program provides exclusive discounts, rewards, and personalized offers for frequent travelers, incentivizing customer loyalty and engagement. It keeps coming up with special promotions and discounts in the form of coupon codes, discount vouchers, and cashback rewards. DFDS Seaways regularly offers special promotions, discounts, and limited-time deals, providing opportunities for customers to save money on ferry bookings and enjoy additional value-added benefits. It also provides top-notch quality of service to its customers. Customers may appreciate DFDS Seaways' attention to customer service, responsiveness to inquiries, and efforts to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for passengers.


How to save money on ferries?

Some amazing ways to say money on ferries are:

  • Book in Advance- Securing your ferry tickets early can lead to discounted fares and availability on desired sailings.
  • Check for Special Promotions- Monitor DFDS Seaways' website, Voucher’s Portal website, and social media for special offers, flash sales, and limited-time deals.
  • Travel During Off-Peak Times- Consider traveling on weekdays or during non-holiday periods to benefit from lower fares.
  • Join the Loyalty Program- Enroll in DFDS Seaways' loyalty program to access exclusive discounts and rewards.
  • Compare Prices- Compare fares across different platforms to find the best deal for your preferred route.
  • Consider Package Deals- Explore package options that combine ferry crossings with accommodation for potential savings.
  • Be Flexible with Travel Dates- Flexibility in travel dates can help you secure cheaper ferry tickets.
  • Use Discount Codes- Utilize discount codes or vouchers to lower the overall cost of your ferry booking.
  • Stay Alert for Last-Minute Deals- Keep an eye out for last-minute offers on the DFDS Seaways website for potential savings.

By implementing these strategies, travelers can effectively save money on DFDS ferry bookings and make their journey more budget-friendly.

How to get a cheap ferry ticket?

By planning your travel dates early and securing your tickets ahead of time, you can often take advantage of lower fares and special promotions offered by the company. Check out the Voucher’s Portal website to take advantage of all the amazing deals and discounts that you can avail of for your ferry bookings.

Is it cheaper to book a ferry last minute?

Booking a ferry at the last minute does not always ensure lower fares. Although certain ferry operators provide last-minute deals and discounted fares to fill up any remaining seats or cabins, prices can also increase as the departure date approaches due to higher demand. It is recommended to compare prices, keep an eye on promotions, and make bookings whenever feasible to guarantee the best rates and ensure availability on desired sailings.

What currency is used on DFDS ferries?

The currency used on DFDS ferries depends on the route and the departure/destination countries involved in the journey. DFDS Seaways accepts various currencies, including the Euro (EUR) for routes within the Eurozone and the British Pound (GBP) for UK-based routes. Additionally, some routes may accept payment in Norwegian Krone (NOK) or Danish Krone (DKK), depending on the travel region. Passengers can check the accepted currencies for their specific route and destination when making bookings or purchases onboard.

How do I get over 60% on DFDS?

Passengers can save more than 60% on DFDS Seaways ferry bookings by keeping an eye on the company's website and promotional channels for exclusive deals, flash sales, and time-limited offers. Making reservations ahead of time, traveling during less busy periods, and using discount codes or vouchers are effective ways to enjoy substantial discounts on ferry tickets. Furthermore, joining the DFDS loyalty program and exploring package deals can provide further chances to cut costs on ferry travel.

The DFDS loyalty program offers passengers the opportunity to save more on bookings by providing exclusive discounts, rewards, and benefits for frequent travelers. By enrolling in the loyalty program, members can accumulate points, enjoy priority boarding, receive special promotions, and access personalized offers tailored to their travel preferences. This program enhances the overall value of ferry travel with DFDS Seaways and incentivizes customer loyalty through various cost-saving opportunities.

What is the most expensive ferry?

DFDS Seaways provides a range of ferry routes with varying prices based on factors such as the length of the trip, the class of cabin, the amenities available onboard, and the time of travel. Although the prices may differ, the most mostly ferry routes on DFDS might involve lengthier crossings, premium cabin choices, or peak travel periods. Travelers seeking a lavish or exclusive experience can choose higher-priced ferry tickets that provide superior services and accommodations. To obtain precise pricing information, it is advisable to consult the DFDS Seaways website for the current fares and available options.


By: Vouchers Portal UK