DFDS Seaways UK: Latest Offers And Coupons 2022

DFDS Seaways UK: Latest Offers And Coupons 2022

It is a Danish shipping company. DFDS Seaways operates passengers and freight services across Northern Europe, the US, South America, and Middeterian in the past. DFDS operates 20 routes across the North Sea and Baltic Sea and also one route from France to Ireland.

In 1866, C.F. Tietgen merged four Danish steamship companies to DFDS. He had a strong purpose for doing this as if a new company creating growth for all by enabling the trade that was developing highly as the result of industrialization. The world's industrial locomotive at that period product and coal from the UK were transported to Scandinavia and other country's textile and energy-demanding markets. The steamships continuously gave food and raw materials to the farmers of these countries which helps to the UK's rapidly growing market.

Around 1900, the steamships connected farmers with the new Russian industrial area. DFDS also connected Scandinavia and Danish and with the world also. From there they started a fleet of more than 120 ships which becomes the largest shipping company in the world.

During the world war, DFDS helps immigrants by transporting them to the USA for a better future. DFDS continuously supplies foods and coal to people in Europe which help them to heat their homes and make their stomach full. After the war DFDS's powered by diesel engines kept moving people from other countries, goods between the UK and mainland Europe, products from the USA to Europe, and also goods from the Mediterranean and Scandinavia, and Ireland. DFDS was the first to develop ro-ro service at the end of the sixties covering the way for more convenient and efficient shipping trailers and trucks carrying industrial cargo.

In 1972, logistics developed with the same purpose. To make everyone grow they connected people and businesses from one place to another. In 1988, when DFDS obtained Dan Transport the business area become the largest logistic companies Northern Europe.

In 2010, DFDS provides crucial infrastructure services in Europe after the acquisition of the Norfolk line and several logistics. Today, DFDS moving towards its goal by developing digital capabilities for fulfilling the purpose of the company.

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DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways comprises a huge network of ferry routes with crossings to the UK, Holland, France, Norway, and services in the Baltic Sea. For more than 150 years DFDS has provided passenger ferry services. They have now a fleet of ships considered as one of the largest ferry services in the world.

DFDS Seaways provides a great marine experience in the form of transport services to passengers with vehicles looking to travel around Scandinavia and Europe.

Onboard DFDS Seaways


The Calais Seaways is used on the popular Dover Calais route. It is also known as the Norman spirit. During the short channel of the route, people can enjoy food and drink and have comfortable seating to unwind in. You will also find a playing area, games arcade, and internet access in the ships. Just relax and enjoy your ferry. Use the DFDS Seaways discount code to save big on your bookings.


It is a large cruiser-style ship. Since 1994 it has been sailing the Scandinavia waters. The ship includes restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and various conference facilities.


The King Seaways has room for over 1500 passengers and 600 cars. It is a broad range of onboard facilities including comfortable cabins, restaurants, bars, shopping, and much more.


The Princess Seaways cruise ferry with more than 1300 guests and excellent board facilities. From the cruise ship, you get lots of choices like restaurants, bars, casinos, and shops to engage yourself throughout your trip even not getting bored. The Princess Seaways cabins have air conditioning rooms and an en-suite bathroom.


It is used for the Dunkirk route- Dover, Delft, and Dunkerque Seaways. It is run by DFDS Seaways on the Dover Dunkirk route. There is a wide range of inboard facilities to make your trip unforgettable.


It is a marvelous ship launched in 2006 and offers excellent facilities including a bar, restaurant, boutique, and high-quality cabins.

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Ferry Travel With DFDS To UK

DFDS makes your travel easy from Europe to the UK by a selection of four ports that allow you to discover all the UK with comfort. You can explore over there from historic towns and castles to ancient palaces. If you are planning to travel with your family or friends, their travel guides will help you to explore endless places for your holiday.

Their routes to the UK are - 

Dunkirk-Dover Ferry Crossings: With 24 crossings Dunkirk port is the best starting point to the UK. Each crossing just takes only 2hours. You can enjoy your travel by grabbing a bite to eat or just a coffee. It is a convenient way to take your vehicle. You will get excellent onboard facilities and there is no restriction for luggage and you can carry pets also if you want.

Calais-Dover Ferry Crossings: The Calais to Dover route is the shortest route of 90 minutes each way. You can easily travel with your vehicle and just enjoy your onboard meal. As you step out from the ferry you have huge choices to explore exciting destinations across England. Over there you will also find the famous Canterbury Cathedral and the seaside towns of Ramsgate and Margate.

Dieppe-Newhaven Ferry Crossings: It's a four-hour crossing journey that provides you with a suitable gateway to the UK. At any time either morning or evening just relax and enjoy onboard facilities.

Amsterdam-Newcastle Ferry Crossings: Discover Newcastle this year with your vehicle is a perfect way to enjoy your travel. Newcastle has several exploring sites to visit. The area is blended with history and modernity. From your Newcastle port, you can travel to Edinburgh in only 2 hours.

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Explore Mini Cruises

The two European voyage routes between Holland and the UK, and Denmark and Norway are great ways to explore Europe and Scandinavia. The two mini-cruises cover 3 of Europe's main capital- Amsterdam, Oslo, and Copenhagen. Mini cruises are alternatives to flight and expensive hotels which makes your travel exciting and cost-effective.


It is a perfect way to explore Newcastle traveling with a mini cruise. The city offers you a fantastic sight to see, shops to visit, cafes and restaurants and bars to enjoy a meal and drink. If you need a short break from your hassle-free life then a mini cruise to Amsterdam is perfect. You can spend your whole day visiting the floating flower market, museum and even you can enjoy delicious meals over here. Don't forget to try Dutch pancakes too.

It takes up to 5 hours to reach Newcastle. You can book private en suite cabins over here. Even this is not sufficient to make your travel easy the cruise is loaded with delicious cuisine. To make you travel entertain they have an onboard cinema.


It is a well-equipped and modern cruise ferry where you can enjoy your trip from Copenhagen to Oslo. The journey is of 2 nights which consider day 1 departure from Copenhagen and day 2 arrivals in Oslo and sightseeing over there. You can treat yourself to expertise cooked meal and stunning coastal views. And lastly, you can relax in one of their private cabins like

  • Standard inside cabins
  • Standard sea view cabins
  • Commodore inside cabin
  • Economy cabins
  • Commodore cabin
  • Commodore cabin balcony

Also if you are taking a pet with you then you can use pet-friendly cabins.

DFDS Mini Cruise Offers great savings on their crossings and short breaks

  • You can easily book here online or by telephone or via travel agents or travel vendors.
  • While booking you need your full name and date of birth of all the solo passengers traveling on the booking. You also need an individual's id proof and passport.
  • You can also change your booking via website or by telephoning them directly for this you have to pay an amendment fee.

How can you amend DFDS booking?

To change any areas of your booking contact them on live chat or for Newcastle-Amsterdam or Dover-France call 0344 848 6090. You can also change your bookings through the website.

What if you miss your ferry?

If you missed your ferry you can't claim for refund of the amount paid for the trip.

Can you get a refund on booking ferry tickets?

You can get a refund only if you cancel your bookings within 48 hours before departure.

Can you get a refund if you booked with a DFDS promo code?

The booking using the DFDS promo code is not at all refundable.

Can you use the DFDS Seaways voucher code with a special offer?

If there is already a special offer available you can't use voucher codes as DFDS can only allow one promotion at a time.

The Early Bird offer 2022 Terms And Conditions

  • Save up to 20% by booking early which is valid only for Newcastle- Amsterdam crossings.
  • Valid on bookings with departure for Newcastle
  • Discount applies when booked at least 90 days in advance.
  • You can change your booking for free until 30 September with our Travel Guarantee.
  • Valid on single and return crossings
  • Pay only a 15% deposit
  • Discount applies to all vehicles
  • Early bookings discount not valid on Commodore cabins.
  • Only valid on new bookings
  • 100% cancellation fees apply.

Offers and deals by using DFDS Seaways promo code

  • Get up to 50% off on Dover to Calais ferry.
  • Get up to 30% off on short breaks to France.
  • Get up to 20% off on a 3-day short break to France.
  • Get up to 20% off on Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry crossings.
  • Get sales on pre-book meals while traveling from the ferry for an amazing offer.
  • Get up to 50% off on Duty-Free Shopping.


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