Lalamove Malaysia Fastest Delivery Service: Vouchers, Coupons & Deals

Lalamove Malaysia Fastest Delivery Service: Vouchers, Coupons & Deals

During the challenging time during the COVID 19 pandemic, many small-medium enterprises (SMEs) are trying to stay balanced by admitting the importance of digitization in the situation. In the course of preventing the SMEs to stay afloat during this struggling situation, some digital providers are helping them to move further. Lalamove Malaysia is a new endeavor in and promoting home-based delivery and business techniques with its special SME offers.

Best Delivery Services By Lalamove MY 

Lalamove Malaysia an online delivery service came out as a helping hand for the small service providers and to create employment for many.

Simply put, the company's aim to provide a pay-per-delivery system is to help businesses to save on large expenses spent on Vendor contracts, vehicle support, drivers, and other maintenance fees.

With an easy and affordable Lalamove delivery service, the company has made convenient payment methods. It will give more flexibility to its business partners and its regular customers, of course.

1. What do you need to know about Lalamove?

Following the tech-world demands where everything is just a click away, Lalamove presents convenient ways of delivering to the customers.

An on-demand same-day delivery service that lets the users enjoy Lalamove services through the app or the website. Any individual, business, or group can order for fast delivery service in just a few clicks away. The company is revolutionary in its attempts, helping people to simplify people's lives.

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2. Book a delivery with Lalamove

In a world full of applications, you just need to invest some data to download an app. You don't need to hassle from verifying and registering to deliver. You can do it through an easier way which is downloading the Lalamove delivery app and placing your order just like that.

Unfortunately, by any chance you get lost, they've prepared a guide for you to easily access the application and place your order. Or if you want a more convenient way, you can rather opt for a browser. Log in to their website and order your service from Lalamove.

Got some more queries? Either stuck to place an order or rather your order is not delivered yet, you can look for the Lalamove contact number available on their website.

Lalamove Malaysia's customer service is always active and on alert to resolve all your queries.

Simply, choose the pick-up and drop-off locations, select the vehicle type, available according to the weight of the parcel. After choosing the vehicle, check for the nearby driver available to take your order. Done with the order!

Now it's time to track the delivery process, stay updated from receiving to delivering your order through the Lalamove delivery application. Use digital payment methods to boost up the process. Do it all at once in one place.

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3. Lalamove food delivery

Aside from offering regular delivery services, Lalamove gives SME- friendly food Delivery services to customers. With Lalamove food vendors, hotels, or even home-based food businesses can deliver the ordered food through the Lalamove driver.

Lalamove partnered with several SME food services to provide home-cooked meals to the customers. Unlike the other delivery services, Lalamove provides the same-day delivery income to the owners.

Their association with different cafes, restaurants, and food corners ease the customers to choose from the best food from their preferred restaurants.

With temperature regulations and proper insulation, Lalamove ensures that your food stays fresh and safe after delivering. Food sellers on the other hand can entrust the company to deliver the food while maintaining the quality to their customers.

Therefore, it's a two-way benefit for both customers and sellers.

Waiting to try your favorite cuisine? Explore the best food-serving services around you with Lalamove. Get huge savings and benefits with the Lalamove new user promo. For first-time users, Lalamove offers free delivery to extra savings on your orders.

So, don't wait, grab the offers now.

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4. Lalamove rates per kilometer motorcycle

For motorcycle deliveries, Lalamove charges according to the weight limit.

  • For 2-10 kg, with a size limit around (L x W x H)  36 cm x 36 cm x 36 cm.
  • Fare costs for 0-5 km: RM 5.00
  • 5-10 km: RM 1.00/ km
  • 10 km: RM0.80/km
  • Additional stop: RM 1.00/ stop

Generally, Lalamove Driver receives good reviews. You may also rate your driver from 1 to 5 stars as per your experience.

Most users who experienced the services gave 5-star ratings for drivers. Some were a little disappointed with minor discrepancies and problems with the trip. But there are no severely registered incidents.

To maintain the quality of the Lalamove platform, their team reviews the users' feedback and experiences regularly. Drivers won't be able to see the ratings you give, with this Lalamove maintains the privacy of their customers. With Lalamove's daily inquiries you can feel assured while picking up the driver of your choice.

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5. How does Lalamove work?

To book the Delivery for your order, go to the applicant or the website.

Then, follow these steps:

  • Set a delivery route, pick up the delivery destination. With the Lalamove app, you can pick up to 20 destinations for a single delivery.
  • Schedule the delivery time 30 days in advance or the same day.
  • Choose a delivery vehicle for your delivery needs accordingly. From motorcycle, car, 4 x 4 truck, van, or lorry.
  • You can put an additional note for your delivery partner. Then select the payment method. You can also apply for the coupons if available.
  • Get peace of mind, track your deliveries in real-time with a GPS tracking system.

What else do you need than the same-day delivery option with Lalamove? Choosing Lalamove makes it pretty convenient for small businesses to deliver their goods safely. But there are multiple delivery services available in Malaysia, so why would you choose Lalamove?

Lalamove is user and business-friendly. It's probably your only local delivery partner that offers fast and same-day delivery options for you.

With zero hassle of going out you can choose everything from the comfort of your couch. Get quickly matched with a delivery partner and enjoy faster deliveries in just an hour. More than that, Lalamove provides you peace of mind with their trained and fully- equipped delivery partners.

Their prices are achievable in many ways. Without spending extra you can get fast deliveries with motorcycles at RM4 and for bigger orders like 1-ton lorry from RM60. With Lalamove rate get additional services that are affordable and easy to use.

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6. Lalamove vs Grab Malaysia

When talking about the popular delivery services in Malaysia, we should not forget The Grab, a leading multi-stop delivery system in Malaysia. With the increase in on-demand delivery apps in Manila, the competition for providing fast services in the city is creating more space for customers to choose from the best to the rest.

So, which one would a customer really choose, and what factors make the delivery services best from their competition?

Lalamove brings a same-day delivery experience through their mobile app and web. Its uniqueness in providing services drives the regular users' keener to them. Where in, through their platform they are also capable to connect customers to partnered drivers who are equipped to deliver their needs. 

Whereas, Grab also offers multiple delivery options with cash on delivery. Through limited modes like motorcycles and vans only.

If you see the comparison between the two leading delivery services, you can clearly assume that Lalamove is more convenient and flexible in comparison to the other. And with Lalamove you can save a lot with its affordable price range. You can place your order with more options than any other delivery service.

Moreover, with the Lalamove promo code, you can enjoy extra savings available on their site and on the app. You can use these codes at your checkout to avail Discounts on your delivery options.

Since both the companies are courier and delivery services, both of their offers vary and focus on different aspects. So, it's on you to choose from the factors that suit the best according to your needs.

7. Lalamove delivery partner

Businesses seeking delivery services for shipments and packages. They can partner up with the Lalamove delivery to expand further their business services. Sellers can visit the Lalamove App to register their business by accepting the Lalamove Delivery partner agreement.

Simply, visit their site or the app to check for the requirements and fill up the necessary details. Get verified and start selling it with Lalamove Delivery services.

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Is Lalamove operating 24 hours in Malaysia?
  • Surely, Lalamove provides its services throughout the day.
  • You can get access to a wide variety of vehicles that run 24x7 at any time of the day.
  • You can enjoy a seamless experience with Lalamove, add up to 20 stops, auto- claim coupons, cash on delivery options.
  • If you have yet to choose the delivery services to get it done now at a lower price with the Lalamove voucher code. This provides you discounts when you place an order at any distance.
  • Get safe delivery at your doorstep or to your destination.
Does Lalamove do same-day delivery?
  • Yes, the delivery service offers trusted Lalamove same-day delivery to their customers.
  • Lalamove gives same-day and door-to-door delivery options in Greater Manila, Pampanga, and Cebu.
  • Whether it's for business, die personal use they offer affordable, fast, and reliable services to all their customers.


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