5 Reasons Why People Love Malaysian Food

5 Reasons Why People Love Malaysian Food

Malaysian cuisine captures the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts worldwide for five compelling reasons. Firstly, its rich cultural diversity infuses a tapestry of flavors, reflecting Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous influences. Secondly, the vibrant street food scene offers an authentic culinary adventure, from savory satay to spicy laksa. Thirdly, the ingenious use of aromatic herbs and spices tantalizes taste buds, creating complex and unforgettable dishes. Fourthly, the emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensures quality and authenticity in every bite. Lastly, Malaysian food fosters a sense of community, bringing people together to share in the joy of delicious meals and cherished traditions.

The culturally rich land of Malaysia is famous all over the world for a variety of reasons, be it fashion, age-old traditions, the beautiful amalgamation of different cultures, the lovely local people, far and wide tourism opportunities and the best of them all, food. Malaysian cuisine is a specimen of the finest ingredients blending together to offer a finger-licking dining experience.

What are 5 reasons to love Malaysian food?

If you are still not buying that idea without proof, here are 5 reasons why people love Malaysian food.

1. Malaysian cuisine is multicultural

In the times way before the term “fusion foods” was popular in the culinary context, Malaysian cuisine has been a melting pot of different food cultures. The experimentation with foods has been one of the favourite past- times of Malaysians. Initially, they began mixing the traditional Malay cuisines with Chinese specialities and Indian influences.

Over a few centuries, this bending of cuisines has given rise to two new categories of dishes, called “Mamak” and “Peranakan”.

Mamak is the name given to the blend of Indian and Malay cuisines whereas Peranakan is the Chinese- Malay combo. In today’s world, Malaysian tradition encapsulates all these multicultural aspects in a colourful celebration, it is a tolerant and unified social setup that is often envied by other nations.

2. Never-ending street food options

Malaysians are food geeks, they can sometimes take up five to six meals in a day!

Street food can be found at every nook and corner all over Malaysia. Streets, called “Jalan- Jalan” in Malay are lined up with beautifully decorated food stalls selling equally delicious and famous Malaysian food from all over the country. One can enjoy everything from noodles to satay skewers at any time of the day.

Treat yourself to a filling breakfast of Curry Mee, have a satiating lunch of Sambal Prawns and fine dine on Beef Rendang for dinner.

3. Malaysia is a traveller’s heaven

The reason why Malaysia is favoured by tourists from all over the world is because of the rich diversity it offers in terms of culture, food, sightseeing, shopping possibilities and sun- lounging on the white beachy sands. The cosmopolitan hustle of Kuala Lumpur contrasts sharply with the serenity of the historic city-streets of Ipoh and provides the visitors which scrumptious delights in Penang.

Malaysian food culture is so diversified that one cannot put a finger down on just one singular dish.

With the recent developments in food trends over the past two years, with limited access to physical restaurants and cafeterias, people have resorted to the means of ordering their favourite meals through online platforms. One such platform with a promising future is the popular service providing company known as Grab, and they deliver food from their partner restaurants via GrabFood.

If you are feeling a bit lazy to get up and cook a meal, you can simply order it using GrabFood promo codes to get discounts.

4. Popularity all over the world

The popularity of Malaysian food can be understood by the simple fact that it is not just loved in the country itself, but also all over the world. As proof of this, one is likely to come across a Malaysian food outlet in their own country. From India to Australia and even in the USA, if you search thoroughly, you will find some of the best Malaysian food joints serving dishes that remind you of home far from home.

Asian food, especially Malaysian cuisines, are preferred by people because it has that natural spice and flavour which people crave so much.

The world cannot get enough of the bold and striking flavours, aromatic spices, and interesting ingredients which make Malaysian food so irresistible. The procedure of making each dish is another reason why not everybody who isn’t a Malaysian, can attempt it perfectly. Only a true Malaysian by heart and taste can master the Malaysian cuisines to perfection.

If you are not one of those, you should probably let a professional do the cooking. Order from the Smartbite promo code and enjoys a hearty meal.

5. Can be prepared easily at home with the right ingredients

Whenever we try something new, we generally make a lot of mistakes and the results might not also be very appealing for the first time, it takes practice and knowledge of the ingredients to prepare a mouth-watering, finger-licking good Malaysian cuisine. And once you get a hang of it, it is pretty easy to do.

The perks of cooking food yourself come in many ways, most importantly, you know what is in there and it is hygienic.

There are many ways of making a particular dish, and one should always refer to all the methods of doing so. Before beginning with any dish, you should have a recipe by your side and all the required ingredients in ample amounts. Most of the stores have all the ingredients required to make a typical Malaysian cuisine all on your own.

If you are not up for any cooking sessions, order from foodpanda promo code and while you are at it, check out how to get foodpanda voucher

Malaysian Food and Beverage Industry

The Malaysian F&B industry has been hit hard by the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. While the industry experts assumed that ideas like juice pairings would sky-rocket the sales by multiple times, those notions have been duly shattered and thrown aside. This is why F&B operators in Malaysia are responsive to rapidly changing consumer behaviour and are modifying and adapting their businesses to stay afloat.

Retail outlets dealing with food and beverages went through a big loss due to the MCO. But it did not imply a lack of options.

The post- COVID MCO proved that necessity is the mother of all inventions. The need to remain in the business gave way to innovative ideas. With the sales rapidly deteriorating, these retail outlets came up with the idea of delivering their products to the customers at their homes. Here are some innovations that gave the Malaysian F&B industry a makeover. Scroll below to see if you too were a part of the trend:

  1. The decline in coffee sales was troubling the beverage industry. In order to cope up with the loss and in an attempt to entice the caféholics working from home, Joshua Liew, the owner of Espressolab came up with an interesting innovation of all times yet- coffee sachets and Nespresso.

Nespresso is a coffee machine compatible capsules, delivered straight to people’s homes, tasting exactly like freshly brewed coffee.

  1. Another product that surfaced during these times is the DIY cooking kit, including all the ingredients required to cook a restaurant-styled dish, weighed and measured with exact precision, and delivered to peoples’ doorstep.

These DIY cooking kits required minimum cooking, like heating up or chopping up some vegetables, something people can easily do.

Cooking and prepping instructions are given on a leaflet included in the pack, and these kits are usually fail-safe. If you are worried that these kits are designed to replace the traditional menu item, they’re not. Malaysians are very proud of their food and their culture and an alternate option to ease up a certain limitation will not hamper their age-old traditions.

Malaysian Food Online

The busy lifestyles and limited time to rest and cook food have rendered people looking for alternatives. People have started to rely more on online food deliveries than home-cooked meals. A lot of online food delivery platforms have proven to be worthy enough of staying in the market. The best of them are Smartbite, foodpanda, GrabFood, and AirAsia Food Malaysia.

These Malaysian food apps are easy to navigate and have a wide number of restaurants that offer delicious and traditional Malaysian food.

These food delivery apps run on any smartphone device and follow an easy procedure of ordering and delivering food to the customer’s doorstep. All you have to do is simply log in to the app, browse through the wide range of options from the available food menus put up by different restaurants and select your favourite meal box.

You may manually filter through the local restaurants and place your order -- choosing a location and payment mode to confirm.

Malaysian Food Festival

Malaysian Food Festival is held to celebrate the culturally rich and diverse Malaysian cuisine. The first-ever Malaysian Food Festival was held on 10 September 2020. The festival was organised by Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn located in the city of Kunming. The festival aimed to serve well-known and lesser-known Malaysian food until the end of October 2020. 

These included delights such as nasilemak, satay, Malay pastries, bamboo rice, salad rojak, curry chicken, Hainanese Chicken Rice, etc.

Malaysian Food Blog

You know you are a foodie when you look for food inspiration in everything you see. If food is all you can think about you might also be actively following the best food blogs on your social networking sites. These blogs not only give you recipes for the already known dishes but also introduce you to the newest food trends and the best places where you can get them.

If you are looking for some of the top Malaysian food bloggers, here are a handful for your reference:

  1. EatDrink
  2. Jackie M.
  3. Ken Hunts Food
  4. Malaysian Foodie Recipe
  5. Kampungboycitygal.com
  6. Penang Foodie
  7. Buttercup

Being a Malaysian, you are happier when you are surrounded by good food because according to Asian belief, the key to be happy in life is to eat good food. Indulge your taste buds in the best culinary experiences Malaysia has to offer. Malaysian food culture has something for everyone and they are more than welcome to try their hands at new experiences in the culinary context.


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