How to Get Foodpanda Voucher: Smart Way To Save Money

How to Get Foodpanda Voucher: Smart Way To Save Money

When you are an Asian, food is one of those things which makes your spirit jump up in joy. Belonging to an Asian culture you can never say No to food. It is the most popular form of cuisine around the world. Hosting a multitude of ethnicities, Asian cuisine culture is extremely diversified, and is enjoyed by people around the world. Asians believe that the key to lead a happy life is to eat good food. With recent developments in technology and with a growth in globalization, people are unable to enjoy home-cooked meals. As a result and solution to this, many online food platforms have emerged.

These platforms tie-up with the local restaurants and food joints and facilitate a medium of exchange between the customers and the restaurants. One such platform which rose to prominence in Asia is Foodpanda. If you are one who is a big fan of the services provided by Foodpanda, then scroll below to know everything there is to know about your favorite food delivery service. Just visit and take the advantage of the best deals on 8.8 sale while ordering your favorite food or fresh grocery products online through Foodpand or Pandamart.

How did Foodpanda start?

Asia's largest food delivery service Foodpanda was founded in the year 2012 by Lukas Nagel and Rico Wyder. Initially started in Singapore, it soon spread out to other neighboring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. 

After 5 years of ups and downs, in December 2016, Foodpanda was sold to Delivery Hero. This was one of the major changes which re-established the supremacy of Foodpanda in the Asian context. 

Where does Foodpanda actively operate?

At present, Foodpanda is operating in 14 Asian markets and 3 European ones, which include:

  • East Asia: Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan
  • Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
  • South Asia: Bangladesh, Pakistan
  • Europe: Bulgaria, Germany, Romania

Who is the owner of Foodpanda?

Foodpanda has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and is currently owned by Delivery Hero, to which it was sold by one of its biggest investors, Rocket Internet. Jakob Angele is its CEO at present. 

How does Foodpanda function? 

Foodpanda offers a platform that enables the customers to the restaurants operating in their areas. The customers can go through the wide range of menus made available by these restaurants and order the meals they want by entering their postal codes on the site. Before confirming their order, customers are required to fill in the delivery address. Foodpanda then processes these orders and directs them to the restaurants, which prepare the requested meals. Meanwhile, the customers receive an SMS on their phones regarding the confirmation of their order and the expected delivery time. 

A Foodpanda rider is allotted to each specific order who takes the order to their respective customers within the given time. 

Foodpanda Malaysia

When Foodpanda was launched in Malaysia, aimed to be the most convenient food delivery service in the country. It has been years since its launch and Foodpanda has surely lived up to its goal. No matter what your preference is, Foodpanda has got it covered. The ultimate stop to fix your cravings. 

How can I get Foodpanda delivery? 

To avail of the Foodpanda delivery, you just have to log in to the app, go through the menu and select your food preference, and browse through the local restaurants delivering your preference and place your order. Proceed to checkout by choosing the desired location for delivery and payment options. 

What are Food trends in Malaysia?

Malaysians are proud foodies. The food culture is so diverse that one cannot decide the best dish among them, all of the cuisines are equally delicious and mouthwatering. A plethora of choices is available for a hungry tummy to choose from, whether you are craving a traditional nasilemak, or banana leaf rice, or the char kueyteow. One thing which unites Malaysians is food and they love nothing more than treating their taste buds to scrumptious culinary experiences.

Malaysia boasts of its multicultural cuisines, some of the most favorite foods which the locals and even tourists indulge in are:

  • MeeGorengMamak- is an Indian Muslim dish prepared with yellow noodles, beef/ chicken, shrimp tossed in soy sauce, vegetables, and boiled eggs. 
  • ApamBalik-is a pancake-inspired dish stuffed with copious amounts of sugar, peanuts, and sometimes with corn. 
  • NasiKerabu- is blue-colored rice, topped with bean sprouts and deep-fried coconut served with spicy budu. 
  • AyamPerchik- is a barbecued chicken covered with spicy chili, ginger, and garlic sauce mixed with coconut milk. 
  • Rendang- is slow-cooked beef, chicken, or lamb with coconut milk and spices, usually eaten during festivals. 
  • Kuih- are the Malay- style pastries, small and soft, it practically melts in your mouth. The kuih serving stalls are colorful and live up to the vibe of Malay culture.
  • NasiKandar- is rice served with the topping of your choice, which is usually fish, curries, egg, or okra.
  • Roti Jala- is a type of netted flatbread, folded in the form of a crepe and served with chicken curry. 
  • Sambal Udang- is a Peranakan dish made of prawns, cooked in delicious sambal-- a chili paste flavored with prawn and tamarind. 
  • Murtabak- is a pan-fried bread with minced meat, onions as stuffings, dipped in a spicy sauce.

Top restaurants in Malaysia which offer food delivery

  • Sausage KL Cafe and Deli- offers some of the best boerewors and biltong, along with sausage rolls. This restaurant in Malaysia is extremely proud of its 5-star ratings and excellent reviews by its customers. 
  • PositanoRisto- has Italian cuisines along with Malaysian ones. Rated among the best restaurants in Malaysia for Italian food, you won't ever be dissatisfied with its food quality and services. 
  • MTR 1924 Malaysia- offers the best Indian food in all of Kuala Lumpur, which is evident by its 4.5 rating and happy customers' reviews.
  • Rooftop 25 Bar and Lounge- is listed among the favorite Malaysian restaurants by the locals. A family-friendly restaurant serves delicious food and the best quality drinks.
  • Skillet at 163- has made the latest addition "Wagyu Feast" to its menu, along with other mouth-watering cuisines. This is one of the top eating spots with outlets all over Malaysia. 

Restaurants in Malaysia that allow Foodpanda delivery

  • Muar Coffee House- Located in Kuala Lumpur 

Rating- 4.2/ 5 stars

Popular dishes-


Beef Fried Rice

AsamPedas Fish with Rice

Penang Fried KueyTeow

  • ARCH Cafe in Market Square, Kuala Lumpur 

Rating- 4.4/ 5 stars

Popular dishes- 

Malaya NasiLemak

Mushroom Chicken Chop

Hainanese Chicken Chop


  • DindigulThalappakatti in Kuala Lumpur

Rating- 4.2/ 5 stars

Popular dishes-

Chicken 65

Thalappakatti Egg Biryani

Egg Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

  • ApomBalik 46 in Penang 

Rating- 4.4/ 5 stars

Popular dishes-

LaksaJantan combo



  • Kobayashi Japanese Cuisine located in Penang  

Rating- 4.6/ 5 stars

Popular dishes-

Salmon Teriyaki

Tori Katsu Kare Chicken

SakanaTei Fish

Tori Teriyaki

  • Double Star 99 located in Subang 

Rating- 4.6/ 5 stars

Popular dishes-

Lui Cha

Lui Cha Rice

NasiKuynit + Curry Ayam

  • Wan Char KueyTeow in Subang

Rating- 4.5/ 5 stars

Popular dishes-

Char KueyTeow



Milo Ais

Extra Joss Mangga

  • Restaurant Mei Wei Xuan in Malaka

Rating- 4.5/ 5 stars

Popular dishes-

Cantonese Roasted Duck

Teo Chew Braised Duck

Roasted Duck Rice

Char Siew

Char Siu Noodle

How can I get a Foodpanda voucher? 

Foodpanda offers exclusive discounts and vouchers through its platform which the customers can avail while ordering food. Voucher Portal is another website besides Foodpanda which is offering exclusive discounts on food delivery. To avail of exciting discounts on your next meal while ordering with Foodpanda apply the Foodpanda promo code offered by Vouchers Portal.  

Other services offered by Foodpanda

Apart from being an online food delivery platform, Foodpanda also delivers groceries to your doorstep. You can follow the same procedure of going through the Foodpanda application and putting the products in the virtual cart, confirming the order, and checking out. 

Pandamart is an online grocery store that was started as an initiative to deliver everyday grocery essentials. It is one of the fastest ways to get your grocery when you are short on time and cannot visit the store. Pandamart has a wide range of products from your favorite international as well as local brands. It stocks essentials like toiletries, cosmetic products, snack items, fresh produce, pet food, perishable items, and much more, which will be delivered to you within 20 minutes of you placing your order through the Foodpanda app. 

Pandabox is a marketing tool designed for restaurants to attract more customers and earn more benefits. Pandabox targets customers to a restaurant through 3 limited-time deals where they have 15 minutes to place an order and avail themselves of its benefits. At the end of those 15 minutes, the Pandabox disappears. 

The Pandabox offer by Foodpanda runs on the cost per order technique where the restaurants are charged only when the customer uses the Pandabox to place an order. Foodpanda charges 50% of the order value on a Pandabox order after deducting the discount value. Commissions are charged from the remaining 50% and impressions are free of cost. 

This can be better understood by an example:- 

A restaurant is offering a $40 pandabox discount.

A customer orders a cart value of $160.

  • Customer pays $160 - 40 = $120
  • Restaurant pays for $40 discount
  • Pandabox fee = $160 x 50% = $80 - $40 discount = $40

Is Foodpanda a reliable food delivery service?

Since Foodpanda is one of the first online food delivery services in Malaysia, they cover a pretty large market. They offer a variety of choices to choose from because of their partnering with a lot of restaurants and eating hubs across the country. If you wish to pick- up your own food from the restaurant en- route to wherever you’re headed, this facility can also be availed by the customers- without waiting in line to get your order. 

Foodpanda Customer Service

“To err is to human”-- making mistakes is a human tendency, and no one is spared from it. Even though Foodpanda offers the best services and takes care of your requirements in the best possible way, if in any case, the customers feel dissatisfied with the services provided, they can contact the Foodpanda customer service and get their queries resolved. Foodpanda hosts the option for “Contact” through which any customer can get their questions answered, register a complaint, or even check vouchers and discount offers available throughout the website. 

Indulge in the best culinary experience Malaysia has to offer without having to wait in line for getting your favorite food. Order food and groceries through Foodpanda and avail of great discounts on a variety of products and cuisines, all from the comfort of your home. 

Order & Kill Your Hunger!


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