Women's Plus Size Clothing: Get Best Deals And Offers

Women's Plus Size Clothing: Get Best Deals And Offers

Fashion is for everybody. People have limited the possibilities of fashion to certain societal norms, but the truth, in fact, is that it does not discriminate on the grounds of color, gender, ethnicity, body types, and body size. Everyone has got the right to dress as they like and nobody else has gotten the right to question their choices. With the recent trends breaking the fashion stereotypes in Women's Plus Size Clothing, it has become more accessible and inclusive.

There have been a lot of experiments and controversies going on regarding the re-establishment of style standards. Scroll below to have a look at two of the latest and the most significant fashion trends which have taken the industry by storm and have established a certain dominion in this ever-changing fashion world. Along with this perfect plus clothing guide, you have know about best women's lingerie shopping.

Women's Plus Size Clothing Guide

Breaking The Gender-Isation

Cross-dressing has always been a popular way of dressing since medieval times. Earlier men dressed for the roles of women characters during a theatre performance, commonly Shakespearean drama because women were not allowed to participate in stage- plays. Similarly, women dressing as men to get certain concessions and allowances has been a common social phenomenon. This breaking the gender norms has taken a modern avatar and has emerged as one of the major styling trends of the 21st century.

From famous musicians to movie actors to fashion influencers, everyone is embracing is seen wearing clothes which were earlier thought of belonging to the opposite gender, from men wearing dresses, nail colours and makeup to women rocking the neat pantsuit, ties and boots. These people are setting the standards high for the upcoming fashion generation which will go beyond the meagre gender roles.

Plus Size Clothing

Earlier only such women who were slim and slender were considered the epitome of beauty. This biasedness has recently been shattered by the introduction of plus size clothing for men and women. Plus size clothing has set the bar high for people who even though are visible bigger but tend to hide in the background. People who never have had the ideal size body shape, have begun to enjoy their new-found confidence with this major fashion shift.

Fashion designers have also started considering creating styles to enhance and accentuate this particular body type. Personalized outfits which hide unwanted fat and chubbiness and reveal the most appealing parts of the body have taken over the industry trends.  This drastic change can be seen as a giant step in breaking the societal stereotypes and celebrates being plus-sized. This article focuses on this trend and tries to do its part in bringing about a positive influence in the fashion world.

What Colours Look Best On Plus Sizes?

  1. It is time to break the old rule that a plus-size woman should avoid wearing whites. The key to ace a look is not avoiding certain colours but to style your outfits according to your body type. According to celebrity stylist Susan Moses, “White does not make you look larger if you find the right pieces, just as black will not make you smaller if it doesn’t fit properly”. Moses suggests avoiding shopping for flimsy fabrics as they tend to highlight any bump on your body. While shopping for white outfits as a plus-sized woman, one should always consider having white jeans in their closet for times of doubt, and white ruched dresses are always a welcome option for such body types. The idea is to highlight the curves rather than dumping a shapeless baggy outfit. The fabric should have substance and structure so that you get ample support and proper coverage.
  2. Adding a pop of colour to your attire will bring out the best in you. Amy Spivok- Richman says that colours don’t matter much until the time they don’t go well with your complexion. You can choose any colour of your OOTD, just keep in mind that it compliments your colour complexion. Even the boldest and brightest shade of red will count towards a slimming effort if it is a good fit and enhances your curves in just the right places. If you are unsure about experimenting with vibrant coloured clothing, start with small details like jewellery, bags and shoes.
  3. When you opt for coloured prints, the most important tip to be borne in mind is that the prints should be complimenting the base colour so that prints pop out without looking tacky, and the print should be in a proper proportionate scale to the body. According to Moses, if a larger woman tends to wear smaller prints, the prints are more likely to go unnoticed. For those who want to tread carefully into the print world, the best option is watercolour prints— where colours blend into each other.
  4. Monochrome does not always make you appear slimmer. The trick to look slim in a monochrome outfit is to avoid pairing random same shade pieces together. You should work on following a certain pattern while putting on monochromes, like creating a long and continual line. To avoid falling in the same shade trap, work with different fabrics, like pairing a monochrome chiffon piece with a colourful accessory.

If you are planning to layer a monochrome outfit, one of the pieces should be having a hint of colour. Nude shades look extremely gorgeous on every body type, but while choosing a nude fit, the colour of the clothing should not be the same as your own skin tone, it is advised to do so because then there would be no delineation between your skin and your outfit. Cotton On is your one-stop shopping site that offers stylish, trendy and exclusive designs for both men and women.

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What Clothes Look Best On Plus Size?

Oversized Prints

Prints are never going out of style. You’ve already read how to style your prints to get the best look, also while shopping for printed button-downs, check out the men’s clothing for some of the cool oversized shirts which you can add to your wardrobe. Wear your printed apparel with tailored neutral tone bottoms. Put on a pair of heeled thong sandals and hit the streets. Compact and cute, these round cross-body bags have stolen our hearts. Perfect for a summer look, these go with almost every outfit.

Silky Fabrics

Amp up your silk game this spring because silk is the latest trend these days. Experiment with silk fabrics for a date night. You can go for an asymmetrical midi dress with a deep neck and tie-up shoulder straps. Another outfit option would be solid silk shirt with a pencil skirt. Accessorize it with a big handbag and a black leather choker necklace. A pair of matching open toes block heel sandals, and long-chain earrings would be the perfect pair.

Light And Breezy Pieces

In order to avoid looking heavy and larger than your size, you should definitely opt for wearing a flowy dress. This is an extremely lightweight and breezy outfit that can be worn either inside the house or for running small errands around the town. Since the size of earrings is getting bigger with time, huge statement earrings are the best way to liven up even the basic outfit.

White Knot - Hem Tee Shirt And Distressed Jeans

Put on the basic white tee with a twist (no puns intended). Look for a white tee- shirt that is knotted at the hem, giving it a cropped look. Let’s pair with blanched grieve jeans and clear block heel sandals while heading out of a brunch with your girl gang. Complete the look with transparent round sunglasses and a multi-coloured statement purse. If you don’t happen to find such a shirt, take your regular white oversized tee- shirt and knot it.

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Which Brand Is The Best For Plus Size?

With the growing popularity of plus-size clothing, a lot of brands are coming forward to deliver comfortable and trendy styles for plus-sized women. Here are some of the top brands and clothing stores that have the most stylish and fashion-forward plus- size clothing in all of Africa:

  1. Leebex
  2. Mango Voileta
  3. Isabel de Villiers
  4. Plus Fab
  5. Forever New Curve
  6. Roze Collection
  7. Get This
  8. Maya Prass
  9. Body Positive +
  10. Jumia

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Does Zara Have Plus Sizes?

Although the brand has recently started stocking up on the XXL and sometimes an XXXL size range, you are most likely to not find your perfect plus sized outfit at a Zara store, mainly because they pay more attention to the S and L sizes. So if you are going to a Zara retail store, be prepared for disappointment. You may find some plus sizes readily available online though.

Styling your outfits is a fun activity and not something which should be a subject or worry. The way to look your best is to be confident in whatever you wear the whole day. Everybody is beautiful and the acceptance of the way you are gives that that much-needed confidence and automatically make you even more beautiful. Carry yourself with confidence and don’t forget to smile, for it is the key to instant beauty.


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