Christmas & New Year 2022 In South Africa: Exclusive Coupon Code & Deals

Christmas & New Year 2022 In South Africa: Exclusive Coupon Code & Deals

We have always pictured the Christmas & New Year celebration amid beautiful snowflakes, glimmering lights, and glint of glee everywhere. However, this is not the case in South Africa, but that doesn't mean the Christmas and New Year celebrations are not as gleeful as we celebrate all covered in snow.

The month of December in South Africa is all about lots of glorious sunshine. The perfect blend of sun, heat, and mild sea waters in December will make you fall in love with the new kind of Christmas & New Year celebration in South Africa.

Are you stuck in a place where you have been celebrating your festivals in the same old way for decades and want this year of celebration something different? Or even if you are already in South Africa, well, this blog is going to be a time-saver for your upcoming Christmas & New Year 2022 vacation planning or a staycation as well.

So, with all the festival spirit, let us begin planning!

Where can I spend Christmas & New Year in South Africa?

Christmas celebration in South Africa is all about blooming flowers, shining sun, and everything golden around you. All of this vibrancy comes alive through the festive spirit of the people. Therefore, Decorations, markets, carols, and a Christmas dinner (which is why barbecue and Christmas in South Africa are outdoors) will help catch you the Christmas essence. Here are the top sites where you can make your Christmas merrier:

# An Evening - In CAPETOWN

There is no doubt that Cape Town is very popular during the Christmas grooving mood. So that you have a good time, it is worth making some preparations for your vacation before your arrival:

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  • Book as early as possible and for that, you can always go for Travelstart South Africa services with discount or voucher codes for pre-bookings so that your planning doesn't get hindered!
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  • Think carefully about which area you want to stay in.
  • Make reservations in advance, especially for major attractions and restaurants.
  • Have a flexible schedule.

Where in Cape Town?

1) V&A Waterfront

  • Massive selection of shops, bars, and restaurants
  • Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island
  • Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
  • Ferris wheel, harbour tours, and sunset cruises
  • Great views of Table Mountain

2) De Waterkant

  • Upscale boutique shopping amid funky Georgian architecture
  • LGBTQI-friendly bars, accommodation, restaurants, and nightclubs
  • Near to V&A Waterfront, city hub, and the multicoloured Bo-Kaap neighbourhood
  • A close-knit residential community

3) Camps Bay and Clifton

  • Relish the prettiest beaches in the world, sheltered from the wind
  • Laid-back beach bars beneath the height of Lion’s Head and the Twelve Apostles cliffs
  • Views of the sunset in Cape Town

4) Kirstenbosch Christmas

  • Wander among the treetops on the Boomslang Tree Canopy.
  • Fill your picnic basket or trek up Table Mountain – there is a pass to Skeleton Gorge and Nursery Ravine.
  • Enjoy the Christmas events at Cape Town- Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert.
  • Enjoy your Christmas lunch in Cape Town’s famous restaurants and cafés, like Moyo Restaurant Kirstenbosch and the Kirstenbosch Tea Room.
  • Pick up great souvenirs.

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# A Spiritual Retreat - In MCGREGOR

For those who want to reject the commercialization of Christmas; With Christmas stress and overspending, which inevitably affect a large part of society, there are many places in the country to retreat to: the Buddhist retreat in Ixopo, Bodhi Khaya in Overberg, and the Blue Butterfly Retreat Centre in the Nature Reserve. Welbedacht, some of them. You'll love getting lost in the greens and contemplation alcoves of McGregor's Temenos Retreat Centre.

# Backyard Braais And Plenty Of Comraderies - In The KAROO

In central South Africa, there is a huge space known as the Karoo. It has as many exponents as cities (and there are many cities). A long retreat for artists, poets and mystics from around the world, much of the Karoo, where the villages are known as "Dorps", has become fashionable. Other cities are still remote and quiet. Taking the back roads and driving from town to town is life-changing.

# Off-The-Beaten-Track - In Cederberg Wilderness

No other country in Africa has the same diversity of parks, reserves, and wilderness areas as South Africa. There are nine wilderness areas - in South Africa designated wilderness areas to enjoy the highest possible legal protection status - huge tracts of land that come as close as possible to their natural character; no evidence for humans. 

# A Town Known As - BETHLEHEM

South Africa's Bethlehem sits in a fertile valley on the Liebenbergs River on the other side of the Rooiberg Mountains. But aside from its name and a list of museums, monuments, and heritage sites, the city has little to offer for Christmas celebrations. Bring enough organic and eco-friendly sunscreens, order now with the Faithful to Nature discount code

# A Snowy Christmas - In TIFFENDELL

To travel to Tiffindell in December, you have to focus on the “White Christmas”. Because even though the snow was registered in October, the country's greatest ski area, elevated on the inclines of Ben McDhui Summit close to Rhodes in the Eastern Cape, does not deliver snowy slopes at Christmas. If you are looking for a white Christmas, you are in the wrong country.

# Life At A Sunshine Beach - THE SUNSHINE COAST

You're more likely to relish your Christmas in South Africa on the beach, and the Sunshine Coast, which starts where the Garden Route ends and runs to East London and wraps much of the Eastern Cape coastline, is as sound as it gets: 320 sunshine out of 365 days a year.

# Setup Party At - JOHANNESBURG

When it comes to vibrant nightlife, there is nothing like a city. Pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, live entertainment, and house parties mean you'll never be without a place for the festive season.

As the best city in the Rough Guide 2015 (ahead of Malaga, New Orleans, and Hamburg) and number 2 in the index of the 50 most inspiring cities in the world, Jo'burg greatly stimulates the imagination of visitors.

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How do they celebrate it or their traditions & customs of celebrating it?

Since Christmas in South Africa rolls in the summer, you get all the Christmas markets, decorations, food, and carols you're used to, but with lovely weather, and that is why people get all outdoorsy during Christmas. Summer in South Africa means a month off from school before the new school year. Shops and Institutions hang "CLOSED" signs on their doors during the holidays and, some even go for the entire month of December too.

While the country does not observe Christmas as conventionally as the United States or Europe, still the special and distinctive differences are striking here. Have you ever thought about experiencing an African Christmas? If this statement sparks your interest, you have come to the right place. Keep reading!

Africans share their earliest signs of Christianity which were found in Egypt in the 1st century AD. In many African countries, it symbolizes the birth of the African god Ra (Osiris). So, when Africans decorate trees at this time, they celebrate Christmas by merging their customs by sending greetings to the old days when God Ra's birthday was celebrated. It is also considered as the celebration of the winter solstice.

What are the 3 Christmas traditions in South Africa?

  • Churchgoing

Despite the small differences between the ceremonies, going to church at Christmas is a must. Church ceremonies consist of Christmas carols, nativity scenes, and dance performances. On Christmas Eve, religious services are held even on Christmas morning. Christmas Eve is marked in bigger platforms with carols by candlelight and special screen and floor shows.

  • Feast

South African Christmas dinners vary from family to family. There is no traditional Christmas menu, but South African Malva Pudding is a famous dessert, and the meat served on Christmas Day is commonly roast turkey, duck, or beef.

  • Decorations

Who needs snow for Christmas decorations? With the traditional touch, the African countries have their handmade decorative elements. They have brought some technological advances in recent years such as artificial snow at store entrances. Palm trees are also common and great to decorate with lanterns and bells.

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Let us dive into New Year 2022 in South Africa too!

Where should I go for New Year's Eve in South Africa?

The new year is the time to celebrate and start over. All over the world, people follow various indigenous ways of greeting the year and are often marked as a national day, giving everyone a chance to relax and have a good time. South Africans adore fine 'jol' (the informal Afrikaans term for a party) and, New Year’s Day is forever the perfect opportunity to blow off steam and celebrate.

How do they celebrate New Year in South Africa?

It's very unusual, but they throw old furniture or appliances out of the window. It is Hillbrow's (ZA) world-famous tradition that only dates back to the 1990s. When apartheid fell and, black citizens were allowed to move to the big cities, this neighborhood became a popular destination for those who wanted to assert themselves in society democratically.

In South Africa, the Festival of Lights is one of the most popular New Year's Eve activities. The event, which takes place in Nieu-Bethesda in Cape Town, is considered a powerful symbol of hope and beauty and brings people together despite their origins. They also hold big parties and fireworks while other cities and towns get in the mood to celebrate New Year Day.

They spend New Year's Day with many friends and families having a barbecue in the gardens, parks, and beaches of the country and taking advantage of the hot and sunny summers of the country.

Is table mountain open on Christmas day?

Yes, the Table Mountain in South Africa will remain open on Christmas & New Year's Day, of course undertaking the safety measures. You will also be able to enjoy the Table Mountain Cableway this year on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Day too, with ticket prices cut in half. 

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Where can I go on Christmas day?

Places, where you can spend a fantastic Christmas, are:

  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • New York, New York 
  • Beaver Creek, Colorado
  • Saint Lucia
  • Highlands, North Carolina
  • Solvang, California
  • Stowe, Vermont
  • The Maldives
  • The Bahamas
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Is Cape Point open on Christmas day?

Yes, Cape Point is open on Christmas Day. However, due to seasonal changes, there will be different opening hours throughout the year, which coincide with daylight hours. Generally, the Cape of Good Hope gate unlocks at dawn and locks at dusk, and vehicles that exit after this time will be charged fine accordingly.

What are the Christmas & New Year offers in South Africa?

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