Women’s Lingerie Shopping: Different Styles For Different Women

Women’s Lingerie Shopping: Different Styles For Different Women

Women find it really difficult to find their perfect lingerie styles and those which fit them the best. The one- size- fits- all policy cannot be applied when it comes to women’s innerwear owing to the basic biological fact that all bodies are different in terms of shapes and every individual has their own requirements. Therefore having a reliable and adaptable brand that caters to their requirements is a must.

Quick Guide For Most Common Body Shapes

Here is a quick guide to the most common body shapes which women generally have:

Rectangle - Also known as the “straight” or “banana” shape, the rectangle body shape is characterized by equal measurements of waist, bust, and hip in equal proportion to your shoulders. Women having a rectangular body shape are generally advised to wear belted waist outfits, off- shoulders tops, and tube dresses.

Top Hourglass - Similar to the contemporary hourglass shape, but with a slightly bigger bust than the hip area.

Hourglass - Resembling the term, the hourglass figure means that the person has equal shoulder, bust, and hip measurements and a considerably slimmer waist. Legs and the upper part of the body are equally proportionate with rounded shoulders and a well-defined round bottom. Tailored and form-fitting outfits look the best on this body type.

Bottom Hourglass - It is the same type as the hourglass figure, but with hips slightly larger than the bust.

Triangle - Commonly goes by the name “pear”, this body shape can be defined as having smaller shoulders and bust when compared to your hips. Other eye-catching features of this body type are slimmer arms and a well-defined waistline. Outfits that accentuate the waist go best with this type.

Inverted Triangle - Or rather the “apple” shape which has a board shoulder, larger bust, and narrower hips.

DIAMOND - The body shape which is defined by shoulders narrower than the hips, narrow bust, fuller midsection, and comparatively larger hips can be considered as a diamond body type. In such a body type, most of the body’s weight is on the upper part of the legs. Generally, women of this body type have slender arms and would rock a flowy off-shoulder dress or a boat-neck top.

Round - Sometimes known as an oval shape, is characterized by a bust larger rest of the body, narrow hips, and a fuller waistline. 

Athletic - An athletic body is muscular and not very curvy, the body shape can be defined as the one having an almost equal shoulder to hip proportions, a waist which is comparatively narrower than shoulder and hips—isn’t too well defined and looks a bit straight up and down. Stylists recommend outfits that are strapless, halter, or racerback style.

Spoon - Quite similar to the “pear”—has a shelf-like appearance, but has slightly muscular arms than its counterpart.

If anyone thinks that all these different body types can fit into a handful of lingerie options that fulfill limited utilities, they’d be left bewildered by the variety which is available in the market. This variety though cannot be availed by every woman either because of limited access to physical stores which stock up according to their needs or because of the expensive options available.

Where Can Buy Women's Lingerie Clothing?

Some the stores in South Africa care about women have affordable and trendiest lingerie suitable to every body- type and age group are:

Desir Online Store

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Zasttra Online Shopping Store

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Cotton On Fashion Destination

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Jumia South Africa 

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Mr. Price Sports

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Best Types Of Lingrie


  1. T-shirt bra comes with a molded protection, can or cannot be underwired, and is not always padded; worn to add firmness and offer a minimized look.
  2. Sport bra-It provides maximum support to the bust area at the time of physical training; varies from low to high impact depending on the type of physical activity you indulge in.
  3. The push-up bra is worn to lift and accentuate the bust, it makes them appear full and adds symmetry; they are often available in padded variants up to various extents and have an underwire.
  4. The strapless bra is to be worn with low or no shoulder outfits so that the bra- straps aren’t visible; come in padded or non-padded variants and can or cannot be underwired.
  5. The stick-on bra goes best with outfits that are backless when you want your bra straps to remain invisible; gel silicon sticks to the side of the bust and offers support and modesty.


  1. Classic briefs are your regular undies, they usually come in packs of two or three and can be worn with almost any outfit as long as it is not form-fitting so as to avoid panty lines.
  2. Boy shorts were inspired by men’s boxer briefs these are super comfy; they can be worn on any occasion; these multitasking and versatile short-styled underwear can be worn with skirts and flared dresses.
  3. Hipsters are another category of comfy wear, usually have a low rise and provide maximum coverage on the side and rear. Make sure to stock up your closet with a lot of these super comfortable undies.
  4. Thongs are for those who want to have an appealing and sexy feel, it is an ideal undergarment that is perfect to be worn with form-fitting dresses like a gown or body-con dress.
  5. Control briefs-help you in tucking in that excess tummy fat under a tight elastic band to give you a snug fit and clean look; these briefs are super comfortable-- control briefs speak of functionality.

Shop online with confidence from a number of trendiest styles and designs which cover all your utilities and give the maximum comfort and a fitted form. Lingerie is one of those essential commodities which women can never compromise on. Unleash the unlimited possibilities of shopping online from different brands under one roof and save more. Along with this complete guide, know about top style trends for men and women in South Africa.


By: Vouchers Portal ZA