A Complete Backpacking Travel Guide To Vietnam

A Complete Backpacking Travel Guide To Vietnam

Traveling alone lets us step up and tackle problems head-on, using experience and creativity gathered while traveling solo. It makes people more employable, as the demand of the present generation is not based on the curriculum of an individual which he/she studied or the list of their workplace assignments, but the search is for the individuals who have focused on learning, polishing their skills and learning new skills, candidates who have these abilities with the ability to adapt and conquer new challenges are among the ones which corporate demands for and traveling solo really helps you in attaining the right skills and experiences. Make your trip more affordable with verified Mã Giảm Giá KKDay.

Travel là gì?

Traveling lets people face many different situations which ultimately helps individuals to become a great problem solver in their life, as life is the real journey which everyone has to master at the end.

Although, the whole world is open to tourism and travels it all depends on you to pack your bags and head out on a new adventure. Sometimes, our lifestyle choices stop us from making the decision of stepping outside to experience something so great, thus, below are certain benefits which might motivate you and force you to think of traveling during your next holiday:

1. Creates lifelong memories

Travelling can be considered a cluster of totally unique and uncertain experiences, you literally no idea what might happen next, finding a great scenic view, breaking a laugh along with your partner during a totally special and unique moment, learning something new from a stranger, these are certain moments which occur once in the whole life and can be so important sometimes that can become lifelong memories.

2. Improves communication skills

When you travel to different far-off places you interact with people who use different languages, this forces you to learn new languages and ways of communication, this is quite great if you don’t socialize much or consider yourself to be an introvert. Travelling can give a great boost to your communicational skills and make you talk efficiently.

3. Boosts creativity

Sometimes, while you are in a limited horizon or a comfort zone, this causes your mind to get more creative, and exploring new things causes you to make new neural connections, learning new things brings more insight to your brain and triggers original thoughts. Creative minds have proved this theory from time to time, even The Beatles got inspired after traveling to a certain place in India.

4. Traveling helps you have fun

What fun does one have working in an office, sitting throughout the day in a small cubicle, and going out to a nearby club or a restaurant to relax a little on the weekend at max? This particular lifestyle, and staying limited to one single city creates utter boredom after a certain point in time. If you head out to travel, you step out of your routine and boredom, you have the liberty to have fun in whatever ways you want to, whether you are old or a child you can enjoy in multiple ways.

5. Gives you peace of mind

Most of us are often occupied with stressed put lives and are committed to a routine so repetitive that it often becomes unbearable for us. Traveling is something which temporarily cuts you off from whatever lifestyle you were occupied with, and gives you a break from all the usual activities. This helps you appreciate the other things which exist in the world and also gives you peace of mind.

Top Places To Visit in Vietnam

It is quite important for one to know all the places which are best for tourism before visiting an unknown country, for this you need to read reviews, research a lot about each location, food and accommodation facilities and transportation too. If you don’t research properly then there is a great chance that you might miss some of the most remarkable and significant tourism sports, which might feel regrettable later on.

Finding the right data online is also quite difficult as there are mixed reviews and distributed information making it a very tough job. But we have saved you the trouble and compiled the list of the topmost places with the best sites to see in Vietnam and make your trip more fruitful and enjoyable. Avial the verified Mã Giảm Giá Klook to enjoy more savings on every tour and activity bookings.

The world is full of remarkable landscapes, breathtaking views, great architectural cities and towns, historic monuments, and hundreds of destinations where you can enjoy your holiday and make it memorable. We here at Vouchers Portal have analyzed the data provided by different travel bloggers, reviews, and each and every detail about different locations and specially assorted a list of top places to visit throughout Vietnam, where you can visit during your holiday break this upcoming year. Make your luxurious hotel stay booking with verified Mã Giảm Giá Trip.com.

Ho Chi Minh City

Visit one of the largest cities of Vietnam which has hundreds of destinations such as war memorials, museums, parks, war remnants, and some of the greatest shopping spots in entire Vietnam. The country is a great place to spend your holidays as it has great history because of the Vietnam War, you can visit tunnels and headquarters which were used during the military operations.

The city offers a bit of everything such as temples, museums, parks and shopping centers for tourists. The city is a special treat for all the history buffs as it offers great war remains, sites such as the Cu Chi tunnels, the Reunification Palace which is also known as the independence palace, and many other historic memorials from Vietnam war.

Vietnam is also a very good place to shop, it is a very cheap place to spend your holiday at. Ho Chi Minh City also has different historic religious sites and temples. You can also enjoy Vietnamese cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City.

Halong Bay

If you are looking for the best scenic views in the country then Halong bay is one of the natural landscapes which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place has beautiful emerald waters, with treetop mountains, multiple waterside caves, and gigantic limestone karsts. The place also offers multiple adventure sports such as scuba diving, rock climbing, and kayaking.

You can also choose between the multiple Halong bay cruise services, to enjoy the scenery along with the utmost level of luxury. There are different caves which can be entered and you can visit them by cruise and boats. You need to book at least a one-day tour to explore all of Halong Bay.

Hoi An

Hoi An is a city that has its own charm and is charismatic and quite laidback, the city is a highlight of every Vietnam itinerary. The place is located south of Danang and the place is quite close to some of the most excellent warm-water beaches, this atmospheric old town is a feast of color, vintage-styled houses glow up with bright and cheerful lanterns during the evening.

The narrow, lanes of the old town are full of ancient styled Vietnamese architecture and consist of beautiful historic buildings, Chinese temples, and wooden-fronted shops. A stroll in Hoi An might feel like walking through the city where the time has paused for a while.

You can also browse the market, wrangle a tempting spa deal, and get a nice dress that could be handmade from any of the town’s many illustrious tailors. You can also plan a visit to the gorgeous Japanese Covered Bridge and the glaze-roofed Chinese merchant houses that date back hundreds of years.


Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and is one of the places which can give you the taste of real Vietnamese lifestyle, the great crowd, and traffic consisting of mopeds and motorbikes, tuk-tuks and filled with street vendors everywhere, that’s how everyday life in the urban regions of Vietnam feels like.

The travelers although can find great destinations to explore the art and culture of Vietnam from the different famous museums located in the city, moreover you can explore the great Vietnamese cuisine in some of the most famous restaurants of Vietnam located in the city. You can go to the Pu Luong nature reserve which is pretty close to the city.


The city of Hue which was formerly known as Panduranga is one of Vietnam's most historic cities. The place is filled with great historic structures which date back all the way from the 19th century during the reign of Nguyen emperors. You can sit by the beautiful Perfume River, which divides the city into two halves,

While touring the grounds you can visit the prime attractions of the city such as the Ngo Mon Gate, The Citadel, which is one of the most famous structures, The Thai Hoa Palace which has a great display of fine detailing inside, another famous landmark is the Thien Mu Pagoda. The city of Hue has many other famous historic structures in the ancient part of the town which you can explore.

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People Also Ask

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A travel agency is a particular business unit that works in providing you with all the travel-related services such as bookings of transport, travel packages, and services related to travel documentation.

Travel document là gì?

Travel documents are necessary documents which one requires to travel in foreign countries such as passport, visa, etc.

What must you avoid while traveling in Vietnam?

There are multiple things that you need to take care of in Vietnam, some of the most important ones are, avoiding drinking tap water and avoiding eating any different kinds of strange meats.


By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal VN