Lazada 9th Birthday Sale 2021

Lazada 9th Birthday Sale 2021

Since the use of the internet has increased, companies are focusing to sell their products such as clothing, beauty products, electronic appliances, and much more on online platforms. They provide various offers and discounts during festivals and special occasions that let you buy your favorite products easily without getting a hole in your pocket.

​​​​Lazada is a Singapore-based multinational e-commerce technology company that was founded by Maximilian Bittner in the year 2012. In 2016, the company was owned by Alibaba Group. The company operated its websites in many developed and developing countries from the year 2014. With more than 50 million active buyers per year, Lazada is one of the top e-commerce platforms at present.

Lazada Online Store Vietnam

Lazada is a renowned leading e-commerce shopping store that offers a variety of products and services. It is a multi-brand and multi-variety online megastore that delivers the desired products at the doorstep. Its platform tailored for the region, making customers enhance their online shopping experience by providing easy, fast, and secure online payment options and fulfillment support. They have a vision of making online shopping accessible to everyone with utmost ease and enjoyment. 

It has a purpose to connect buyers and sellers within one community through the transformative power of technology. To summarize in whole, it has made it possible for the internet users in the region to make purchases through a one-stop online platform that provides a distinctive shopping experience by providing a wide selection of products, a social community for exploration, and seamless fulfillment services.

Lazada celebrates its birthday every year and gives special offers and discounts to its customers. Lazada is celebrating its 9th birthday this year and has brought 9th Birthday Surprise Sale from 27th March to 29th March for its customers with heavy discounts and eye-catching offers that they can't resist. To avail of the exciting offers, you can visit Lazada's website during this period and choose your desired product. They offer a wide category of products like Clothing, Electronic Appliances, Beauty products, and many more. 

When Is Lazada Celebrating Its Birthday In 2021? cake

Lazada is celebrating its birthday in March and bringing you its 9th Birthday Surprise Sale from 27th March to 29th March 2021. Lazada is offering heavy discounts on their products during this period along with Free Shipping and Easy Payment Options.

Types of deals that you can find during the Lazada Birthday Sale 2021

The Lazada Birthday sale brings you different types of discounts and offers, before you head out for shopping during the sale event, you might want to know what kinds of deals will be available during the sale:

  • Flash Sales: During the sale period, you will find limited-time deals such as 1-hour flash sales-12-hour flash sales which will be exclusively discounted products only available for a limited amount of time, with the highest discounted prices offered to you, every day you will see different products from different categories and brands on the flash sale section.
  • Promotional Codes: The promotional codes are special codes provided by the store itself on its website to provide customers with the best deals. You can simply find these codes on the website itself in different sections, or you can register with the website to receive the codes in your mailbox. While checking out and making a purchase you can apply these codes and get great price slashes and additional offers.
  • Daily Discounts: Apart from promotional codes and flash sales you can get discounts on different products constantly during the sale period and take the advantage of the discounts to save more on your purchase.

What does Lazada Offers You This 9th Birthday?

Lazada is offering you the best deals with up to 60% discount on the products. Lazada is offering discounts on products such as clothes for men and women, beauty products, electronic appliances, fashion accessories, and auto parts. So why wait? Just click on the website, order your favorite product, and avail exciting offers.

9th Surprise Birthday Sale On Top Categories:

Lazada Birthday sale brings you the best offers and the lowest prices guaranteed online, during the sale period. You can get the greatest deals on numerous categories online, as Lazada is a multi-variety store it offers discounts, promo codes, and flash sales on multiple categories such as: 

  • Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are devices that run on electricity and use modern technology to operate. These devices make our day-to-day life easy and save our time by doing the work faster and in a smarter way. Lazada is offering Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Audio devices, Security cameras & systems, Cameras & Drones, Video recorders & players, Monitors, Printers, Smartwatches and Gaming Consoles in this category.

  • Electronic Accessories

Electronic accessories are used as accessories or additional extensions to enhance the performance and productivity of electronic devices. Lazada is offering Mobile Accessories, Smart Devices, Gadgets, Camera Accessories, Drone Accessories, Data Storage, Computer Accessories, Computer Components, Lens Accessories, Network Components, and Gaming Console Accessories. 

  • Health and Beauty

Health is the main priority of every person's life. A healthy person is always active physically and mentally. Good health increases the physical capabilities of a person. Lazada is providing exciting discounts and offers on Health and Beauty products. The company is offering products such as Skincare, Make-Up, Beauty Tools, Bath & Body, Hair Care, Personal Care, Men's Care, Fragrances, Food Supplements, Beauty Supplements, Sexual Wellness, and Medical Supplies under this category.

  • Babies and Toys

Babies are the most beautiful creatures created by God. Babies need the most care and protection because they are very sensitive and they need the utmost care. The products that are on discount under this category are Diapering & Potty, Milk Formula & Baby Food, Baby fashion & Accessories, Feeding Essentials, Baby Gear, Nursery, Baby Personal Care, Toys & Games, Electronic & Remote Control Toys, Sports Toys & Outdoor Play, Baby & Toddler Toys, Learning, and Education. 

  • Groceries and Pets

We need groceries in day-to-day life for every household work. We use hundreds of grocery items from the morning we wake up till we sleep in the night. Lazada is offering many discounts in this category. The products in this category are UHT, Milk, Milk Powder, Beverages, Beer, Wine, Spirits, Canned & Dried Goods, Candy, Chocolate, Snacks, Food Staples, Cooking Essentials, Cleaning Supplies, Dishwashing & Kitchen Supplies, Laundry Supplies, Pet Accessories, Pet Food & Pet Healthcare, and Fruit & Vegetables.

  • Home and Lifestyle

Home is the place where finally we get peace after a stressful working day or after returning from a vacation. The joy and happiness of home can be found nowhere. The house looks even more attractive with decorations and a little touch-up. Here are the projects under this category that Lazada is offering discounts on Kitchen, Dining, Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Bedding, Bath, Lighting, Home Decor, Furniture, Stationery, Craft, Media, Music, Books, Laundry, and Cleaning.

  • Women's Fashion

Women are always trendy and keep their style level at the top. To help them to achieve this, the company has huge discounts and offers during the Surprise Birthday Sale for Women. The products under this category are Women's Dresses, Women Bottoms, Women Tops, Jumpsuits, Playsuits, Couple Sets, Lingerie, Women Accessories, Women Shoes, Girl's Clothing, and Girl's Shoes.

  • Men's Fashion 

The clothes you wear define your style and class. It is necessary to always follow the fashion and keep your style up to a notch. There are new trends of clothing arriving every now and then and the company always updates its collection to meet the new trends. The products under this category are Men Clothing, Men Shoes, Underwear, Accessories, Boy's Clothing, and Boy's Shoes.

  • Fashion Accessories

Just clothes are not enough to enhance your style game, Fashion Accessories are important as well to increase your game of style and fashion. The fashion accessories are small wearable accessories along with fashionable clothes. The accessories help you to look apart from the crowd. The products on discount under this category are Women's Watches, Women's Jewellery, Sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Women Bags, Backpacks, Men's Watches, Men's Jewellery, Men Bags, Crossbody Bags, Travel and Kid's Bags.

  • Sports and Travel

Sports keep your body fit. It also refreshes your body and mind, keeps you active. Travelling gives peace to your soul. To do both of these, you need proper wearables and types of equipment, hence the company is providing attractive offers to let you achieve your fit body.

The products offered by the company under this category are Men's Sports Shoes, Men's Apparel, Women's Sports Shoes, Women's Apparel, Travel, Outdoor Recreation, Exercise & Fitness, Racket Sports, Team Sports, Boxing & Martial Arts, Water Sports, and Sports Accessories.

  • Automotive and Motorcycles

Vehicles help us to reach our destinations on time. They help us to cope up with the speed of the world. In return, we have to keep them fit and fine so that they don't break in the middle of the way and cause us uncomfortably.

The company has various products under discount to keep them fit and away from breakdowns. The products are Motorcycles, Scooters, Car Care, Interior Accessories, Exterior Accessories, Parts, Spares, Electronics, Oils, Fluids, Moto Parts, Spares, Riding Gear, Moto Accessories, Moto Oils, Fluids, Moto Tires, and Wheels.  

Convenient to use mobile app and website

Customers can easily operate the well-curated website and application of Lazada, it has a very friendly user interface and well-defined categories in order to make a hassle-free purchase from their website. You can easily locate products you desire to locate on the store from the categories provided or you can simply search using the search tab on the website and the mobile app. You can easily locate products you desire to locate on the store from the categories provided or you can simply search using the search tab on the website and the mobile app.

Simple payment methods:

It is one such destination where you need not worry about the hassle of payments, you can pay using any of the credit/debit cards from any of the authorized banks in Malaysia it accepts cards such as Visa, MasterCard. Moreover, you can also pay using cash on delivery services while shopping from the store.

Easy returns:

The store provides its customers with 24/7 access to the top brands and over 10 million products. It has special access for some of the competitive sellers at their website, ranging from small groups to large brands, providing customers to choose from much more diversified options.

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By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal VN