What Are Exciting Christmas & New Year Deals From Top Stores In UK

What Are Exciting Christmas & New Year Deals From Top Stores In UK

After a long wait, the festive season is here. Although 2020 has been a rough year because of the Covid-19 pandemic like always the arrival of Christmas brings festive vibes, lots and lots of joy, celebrations, and lots of gifts from loved ones. The rejoice of celebrating the season along with your loved ones is one of the most fulfilling feelings ever, and along with that we also exchange gifts and understand the real joy of giving.

We here at Vouchers Portal understand how important it is to exchange gifts during the Christmas and the New Year to make it more memorable therefore we have specially assorted a list of the best online store which provides Christmas and New Year Sale offers on hundreds of categories to shop from.

In order to provide you with the max savings for your shopping experience during the festive season, we have made a list of stores with the best deals, offers, discount codes, promo codes, exclusive access to sales so that you can get memorable gifts for everyone precious to you and you can save more along with that. Also, we can keep you updated on all the upcoming deals, Christmas sales, New Year Discounts, and much more if you register with us and subscribe to our newsletter and we will deliver it all directly into your mailbox.

What is the significance of festivals and why is Christmas celebrated?


Festivals play an important role for the entire humanity; these mark some of the very special events which are of great importance to a specific group of people following a specific faith, culture, or tradition. Each and every country and culture has its own significant festivals, as these festivals mark a great cultural significance and bring celebration, happiness, and family reunions. During the festivals, people perform all the festivities according to the traditions bring up themes of the festivals of why they are celebrated.

Festivals are also very significant for businesses, as people use hundreds of different items which are required during the festivals, such as food essentials, decoration items, gifts, and much more, therefore businesses start working rigorously to produce more and more to fulfill customers demand and earn great profits during the season. It is well known that Christmas is the greatest festival for the entire Christian faith and it marks the birth of Christ. This is celebrated every year on the 25th of December and Christians around the world celebrate it with great delight.

The season which lies from Christmas to New Year consists of different sale events so don’t worry about missing anything and fasten your seatbelts as we take are taking you on step by step tour of the sale events which lie during the season and the best shops with great offers which they provide during the festive period.

Types of sales that run during the festive season

Some of the sale events during which you can the best brands deals are:

1. Christmas Sale

The Christmas sale pretty much starts from the arrival of December in a different number of online and offline stores, you can pretty much see a section of Christmas-related gifts, Christmas trees, Christmas-themed clothing, merchandise, and much more. You can get tons of offers in every store during this sale as this occurs especially to make your Christmas shopping experience fulfilling.

During the mid of the month, just before the arrival of Christmas, the deals get even hotter, prices get slashed to half or more on products, some of the websites also offer free shipping along with it and that is the time when you can get the maximum saving on most of the categories. Especially, if you check the Vouchers Portal offers page and subscribe to the newsletter, through which we will keep you updated about all the offers, discounts, promo codes, and much more.

2. Boxing Day

Missed the Christmas sale? Worry not, as the Boxing Day sale just on the day next to Christmas. Boxing Day was traditionally celebrated as an off for workers and employees and they received a “Christmas box” filled with gifts for themselves and their families.

Although now it is just another opportunity for you to get great offers and deals on different products. Boxing day is observed as the highest traffic day on the internet as online stores take advantage of the excitement spread through the Christmas gifting so they continue with the sale and the people also get back on the shopping spree.

3. Kwanza Sale

Kwanza festival is celebrated by many of the African origin and community, from 26th December to the 1st of January. Shops offer Kwanza-themed products such as bright-colored clothing, mugs, candles, decorations, and much more, also many shops offer some gifting products with budget offers during the Kwanza sale.

4. New Year Sale

The New Year sale brings back to you a fresh variety of offers and discounts, with brand new products and deals to give you a fresh start with the New Year. Make good resolutions and purchases of great products with great offers and deals.

You can get a variety of superb offers such as buy one get one free on thousands on products in various stores, discount and cashback codes, of different products related to health, personal development, organization, and money management.

Top Stores Which Are Offering Christmas Sales, Discounts, and New Year Offers :


Planning to buy some tech which really comes to a great aid, provides security, automation of work and brings some quality to day to day life then you can make a purchase from hundreds of Gadgets from the EufyLife store.


EufyLife is one such brand in the market that manufactures and sells smart home products such as robotic vacuum cleaners, smart surveillance cameras, baby monitors, floodlights, and much more. EufyLife is offering great discounts on its Christmas store pretty much on everything. Get the best EufyLife Promo Codes, Discounts & Coupon Codes only at Vouchers Portal UK EufyLife Section.


Shop for all the Christmas essentials, home decorations, Christmas-themed merchandise, tree lights, New year calendars, and much more at great prices from the HEMA store.



HEMA is a budget range departmental store that operates in the UK and has all the products ranging from food, clothing, household supplies, office supplies, and much more at a very affordable price. You can get the best HEMA offers & discount codes, only at the Vouchers Portal UK, HEMA offers section.

Acotis Jewelry

Jewelry is the best gift for every occasion, you can buy from a wide range of jewels and gems, Christmas themed designs at great offers from the Acotis Diamonds store.

Acotis Diamonds and Jewelry is a Luxury jewelry site that offers all kinds of trendy and traditional styles of jewelry and ornaments. It is a very famous brand that has a wide range of collections of gold, silver, platinum jewels, and diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and many more. For getting offers like free delivery and Acotis Jewelry discount codes & coupon codes and more you can visit the Vouchers Portal UK section.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little thing is offering 60% off on everything on fashion apparel for women, shop from 1000s of styles of premium fashion, and get the end-of-season deal from the Vouchers Portal UK website.

Pretty Little Thing is a special online women's clothing and accessories store that provides luxury clothing, accessories, footwear, and jewelry for women. The Pretty Little Thing provides world-class fashion delivered for women. The brand offers thousands of trendy styles for different occasions. To get Pretty LittleThings promo codes, & discounts offer to visit the Vouchers Portal UK offer section.


FARFETCH is an online retail store for luxury fashion apparel and accessories which brings to you tens of thousands of products from luxury designers like Versace, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Thom Browne, Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga, Blueberry, Balmain, Amiri, Off-White, Palm Angels, Saint Laurent, and many more.

FARFETCH provides an option of sorting products from a particular designer or a label from the home page of its website, just choose the brand you want to purchase from. You can buy clothing for men and women, footwear, bags, purses, and wallets, jewelry, homeware, and other accessories from the FARFETCH shop from the world’s most high-end labels with a 100% guarantee of authenticity.


If you are willing to gift something to newly blessed mothers and fathers for their little ones then you need to check out the Cosatto store, which is currently offering discounts on its Kids and toddler store.


Buy from the largest collection of prams, baby car seats, strollers, pushchairs, high chairs, and other accessories for babies. Get Cosatto discounts, exclusive access to the sale, and Cosatto promo code on the Vouchers Portal UK website.


How do they celebrate New Year in England?

Lots of cities and countries celebrating New Year with their own styles in the world. Many cities and towns of the UK, celebrate the New Year with firework displays. The cIty of London has one of the best New Year attractions in the world as on this day a New year parade is carried out which is considered to be the biggest as well as largest parade in the world and it is followed by the amazing fireworks.

Does England celebrate Christmas 25th December?

Traditionally, it celebrates on the day of Jesus Christ's birth but lots of aspects of this celebration have pagan origins that's why Christmas celebrated in the United Kingdom on 25th December. At this celebration, people give and receive gifts with the loved ones and prepare special festive meals.

What traditions does England have for Christmas?

After a deep look, we found some best Britsh Traditions:

  • Boxing Day
  • Giving gifts on the Christmas
  • Putting silver coins in the Christmas Pudding
  • Watching the Queen's Speech
  • Going to the pantomime
  • Eating mince pies
  • Pulling Christmas crackers and many more

Why does the UK celebrate Christmas on the 25th?

In the 4rth century, the precise date of Jesus Christ's birth decided on 25th December by Pope Julius. That's why peoples celebrating Christmas on 25th December in the United Kingdom.

Why do our British cousins say “happy Christmas” while we say “Merry Christmas”?

You can find Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas in both the UK and the US. Through Christmas is more often Happy in British English and Merry in American English.

By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal UK