Plus Size Clothing Trends For Women In Malaysia

Plus Size Clothing Trends For Women In Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most lively and vibrant places to be on earth. Once you’re out on the streets of Malaysia, you are welcomed by the most trendiest and fashionable women, who know how to make an impression with their way of self-presentation. After being listed in the most stylish countries, the Malaysian fashion industry has seen some drastic changes over the years.

All bodies are different, and in order to look effortlessly beautiful, the key is to wear what suits our body types the best.

With the rapid and ever-changing fashion trends, where on the one hand, women are confused between what to choose and what to let go of, there are also women who feel intimidated by these changes. If you’re wondering who such women are, they are those who fall in the plus-size category, ranging from sizes UK12 and above. They are finding it quite difficult to stay with the trend without losing their style quotient. This is the reason why the plus-size clothing industry trends are on a rise. Don’t miss exploring these Plus Size Clothing Trends For Women!

To those women who think it is hard to keep up with the trend, the simplest trick is to accept and flaunt your curves.

It is sheer irony that plus-size women, instead of standing out in the crowd, tend to hide in the background. The reason being they aren’t very comfortable with their bodies and find it better to hide, rather than embracing them. It takes a lot of courage and time to accept yourself and come out of the shadows. For a good start in embracing your identity, appropriate clothing would definitely make a difference.

What are Best Plus Size Outfit Ideas?

Here is a collection of some plus-size outfit ideas preferred by plus-size women themselves, have a look for yourself:

  • Even though wearing monotones would put you on the safe side of fashion, adding a hint of color to your outfit will make you stand out. While wearing an all-black attire—skinny black jeans, oversized blacktop, and black wedge sneakers throw a red or maroon patterned shawl or scarf into the mix and smear your lips with a matte red lip color.

  • Never make an attempt to hide your belly. You are beautiful and if whatever you’re wearing shows off your belly, let it show. Own it.

  • Plus- size women should avoid wearing free-size clothing. The reason being that clothes tend to boil down to fit on your body. One size- fits- all types of clothes make you look either too big or are uncomfortable by being too tight. Before purchasing, it is advised to know your body type and shape and choose what enhances your curves just in the right places.

  • There are many ways to hide the parts which you don’t like, but drowning yourself in oversized clothes will look sloppy and hefty.

Latest Plus Size Fashion Trends

Here find the best outfit ideas that would be perfect for you. Look out below - 


Oversized Prints

Prints are something that never goes out of style. While looking for your summer outfits, don’t forget to check out the men’s section for some of the cool oversized shirts which you can add to your wardrobe. Shop with Shopee to get your hands on some amazing printed outfits, use Shopee Promo Code MY to avail of exciting discounts.

Wear your printed apparel with tailored trousers/ pencil skirts in neutral tones. Match a pair of heeled thong sandals and hit the streets.


Jumpsuits enhance every body type in the perfect way. You can wear a solid pastel jumpsuit with a fitted blazer for a formal and office look, while to achieve a more playful stance, try putting on a printed wide-leg jumpsuit. Put on a wide solid headband and carry a small box-shaped sling bag. If you’re uncomfortable in high heels, go for strappy kitten heels sandals to complete the look.

Try experimenting with sleeve length while you’re opting for jumpsuits, frilled and ruffled sleeves are in trend these days.

Floral Dresses

A fit and flare floral print dress is just what you are missing out on. It gives those spring and summery vibes and is comfortable as well. You don’t need to worry about the entire ensemble with a floral dress. Wear a contrasting pair of simple sneakers or Vans, put on some funky layered jewelry and round sunshades while heading out in the sun.

A smocked waistband offers just the right amount of fitting to accentuate your curves where they look the best.

Light And Breezy Pieces

To avoid the heavy and voluptuous look, you should definitely try wearing a flowy dress. This is an extremely lightweight and breezy outfit that can be worn either inside the house or for running small errands around the town. Lazada has a great collection of such dresses which you purchase at big discount offers, apply Lazada Promo Code MY to avail.

Silky Fabrics

Step up on your silk game this spring because silk is back in the race. Play with silk fabrics while out on a date night.

You can go for an asymmetrical midi dress with a deep neck and tie-up shoulder straps. Another outfit option would be a solid silk shirt with a pencil skirt. Accessorize it with a big handbag and a black leather choker necklace. A pair of matching open toes block heel sandals, and long-chain earrings would be the perfect pair.

Put On A Belt

If you are in a hurry and can’t decide on one OOTD, throw on a silted maxi dress and secure it with a sleek black or white belt.

You can wear a leather bomber jacket over it to have a classy look. Avoid wearing brighter color jackets; try to match the color of the belt with the color of your jacket. Ditch the conventional heels and go for a pair of calf-length boots in the same color as your jacket and belt. Complete the overall look with a bright-colored quilted sling bag with chain details.

Stick With The Classics

Nothing beats the good old little black dress. A simple plain black dress gives you a neat and classy look. 

While out on a date night, put on your best black dress, preferably a one-shoulder bodycon. If you don’t have a one-shoulder dress, the usual black dress works just fine. The main highlight of rocking a black dress is to keep things as simple as possible. A knee-length black dress will look much better than the maxi length.

Floral Maxi Dresses

A staple floral maxi dress never goes out of style. Perfect for any casual event, a floral maxi is going to make heads turn your way.

Ditch the usual monochrome and experiment with colors this season. Taking white as the base color, look for sharply contrasting prints, like orange and magenta. White heeled boots and a solid scarf headband will do wonders to your basic floral print dress. Shop online with Aliexpress and get amazing discounts on your next purchase of a maxi dress, apply Aliexpress Promo Code to avail.

Citi Trends Plus Size Clothing

Whether you’re more of jeans and tee kind of woman or if you love the sophisticated vibe, CITI Trends has got you covered.


They are all about you loving your body and proudly showing off your curves. You don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on looking your best, CITI Trends offers the best quality and the widest range of clothing items at the most affordable prices. Scroll down to have a look at the best of CITI Trends plus-size clothing which the store offers.

White Knot - Hem Tee Shirt and Distressed Jeans

Put on the basic white tee with a twist (no puns intended). This white tee- shirt is knotted at the hem, giving it a cropped look. Pair with washed-out distressed jeans and clear block heel sandals while heading out of a brunch with your girl gang. Complete the look with transparent round sunglasses and a multi-colored statement purse.

Looney Tunes Tee - Shirt Dress

You can never have enough dresses. Bring out your playful side by donning this cute pastel pink dress printed with looney tunes characters. Carry a regular clutch and secure your feet in black sliders or chunky flatform sandals. Layering your necklaces and pendants will put you on the right side of fashion.

Butterfly Necklace Top

Feel light and airy like the butterfly on this top with short and flared statement sleeves. Eliminating the need to put on any accessory, this particular top comes with an attached funky necklace along the neckline. If you still want to put on any accessories, metallic bracelets would be a great pick. Pair it up with shorts and flats or sneakers.

Accessories To Match With Your Spring Plus - Size Fashion Trend

See which type of accessories suits you on the Plus Size Fashion during this Spring Season time and upcoming seasons. Look out below - 

Huge Statement Earrings

With necklaces getting slimmer and earrings getting bigger, huge statement earrings are the best way to liven up even the basic outfit.

Round Crossbody Bags 

Cute and compact, these round cross-body bags have stolen our hearts. Perfect for a summery look, these go with almost every outfit.

Tied Ankles

Want something more stylish and equally comfortable to a flip-flop, tied espadrille is your answer. Experiment with colors and patterns.

Collar Necklace

Hide that extra fat on your neck by putting on a collar or a choker necklace. Stick to the minimal styles to stray clear of the gothic look.

Clog Sandals

Switch your typical wedges with the trendiest summer footwear, the clog sandals-- comfortable and chic alternative to your usual shoes.


Replace your sunglasses with the new and stylish modern aviators with accentuated brow bars, cool shapes and kaleidoscopic colors.

Floppy Hat

Going out under the sun feels even better when you put on a nice and breezy floppy hat, pair them with aviators to keep up the style.

Best Makeup Essentials 

Heavy makeup in summer is a no- go, you should avoid doing so too. To keep your skin breathing and naturally glowing you should:

  • Start with a light moisturizer because the skin tends to go dry when you skip moisturizer out of your routine.
  • Put on your sun protection, If you don’t want funny tan lines on your face and other exposed parts of your body.
  • Invest in a good primer that will keep your makeup intact, even with excessive sweating and add a natural softness.
  • Rub on some bronzer as it will make your features pop and give you that glow all day long.
  • Top it OFF with a light lip color that will not feel heavy on your lips, skin tints are best for that matter.
  • Finish it with a setting spray to keep your makeup smudge free and in place even after a busy day.

Styling your outfits is supposed to be fun, not something which you should dread about. Always keep in mind that the trick to look your best is to be confident in whatever you wear. Every body is beautiful and accepting the way you are will give that you that confidence which will automatically make you beautiful even with the most basic outfits and minimum accessory. To look more beautiful with the floral colors, check out 15 ways to wear floral shirts this summer like a pro and add additional charm to your daily look. Smile is the best jewelry a person can wear. Carry yourself with confidence and don’t forget to smile, for it is the key to instant beauty. 

Keep Slaying, Keep Stylish!


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