15 Ways To Wear Floral Shirt This Summer Like A Pro

15 Ways To Wear Floral Shirt This Summer Like A Pro

Elevate your summer style with our guide on mastering the art of wearing floral shirts like a pro! Explore 15 versatile ways to rock this timeless wardrobe staple, from casual outings to formal occasions. Learn how to effortlessly pair floral shirts with different bottoms, outerwear, and accessories to create chic and fashion-forward looks that exude confidence and flair. Whether you prefer a laid-back beach vibe or a polished urban aesthetic, we've got you covered with expert tips and inspiration. Embrace the season's blooming trends and make a statement with your summer wardrobe as we decode the secrets to mastering floral shirt fashion with finesse.

Flowers and floral printed clothing have been labeled as being “feminine” for a very long time. But the times have changed, aren’t they? We’re getting the newest fashion updates almost every 6 months. The floral prints look great on men too, but one needs to be cautious about styling floral apparel. If you too are skeptical about trying on a floral shirt men, we have got some tips you can rely on. It is a territory that can be tough to visit, but you never shy away from trying these styles. It takes a gentleman to rock a floral print shirt.

We’ll start off with some rules which can help you be on the positive side of fashion, and so that you don’t make a fashion blunder. So here you go:

How To Wear Floral Shirts?


  • NEVER pair two floral print pieces at the same time. The contrast might be looking appealing to the eyes, but if you don’t wanna look like something out of a flower valley, don’t do it. 
  • Pair a floral printed shirt with a plain bottom.
  • Rule of the thumb- floral prints are not meant for all occasions. Keep in mind where you are heading out before choosing your outfit.
  • Wear lighter shades in summers. Leave the darker tones for winters. It gives you an airy personality.
  • Being a man and wearing flowers all over you requires a lot of guts, especially if you’re trying it for the first time. You are like the white elephant in the room, you’re bound to grab attention and turn a lot of heads! There is a wide range of choices already available, with new designs and prints updating daily. You can explore and experiment with your outfits by mix-matching prints and patterns.

What To Wear With Floral Shirts?


Take it Casually

floral button-down shirt paired with black shorts is one way to wear it. It is as comfortable as it sounds. What else do we need on a hot summer day-off than to chill in the backyard with a couple of Breezers. To complete the look, you can put on a pair of white sneakers, a black way-farer. Try this outfit when you’re in a hurry to look effortlessly stylish.

The Front-open look

If you’re planning to have switched from your basic casual look to something playful, try wearing a floral shirt over a white tank top and keep it unbuttoned. This can be a great substitute for a tee-shirt on hot humid days. You can throw on a pair of shorts and flip-flops to go with it. There are a number of luxury fashion brands and retail stores online where you can also find the top 10 step checklist for choosing right pair of shoes.

The Travel friendly

Are you planning on going out of town for a holiday or for a road trip and wondering how to fit your handsome floral shirt in your look-book, we've got you covered. Wear your florals with ripped jeans. Suitable for the hot weather outside, a cotton Dior flower shirt gives a feeling of lightness, absorbs sweat and the ripped portion of your jeans offers you the much-needed ventilation when it gets too hot. A pair of loafers or canvas shoes will be a good addition to enhance your overall look.

The evergreen Sandals

Try to give your work shoes and sneakers a rest and attain the ultimate comfort by going for sandals this time. Everyone loves a floral shirt and sandals combo.

The Age-friendly

Over 40 and skeptical over styling that floral shirt your wife gifted you for your 39th birthday? Men who are in their 40s should wear a slim-fitting floral shirt as they’ll look better than the baggy and oversized ones. The latter will make you look older than your actual age. Not only that, a slim-fit shirt boosts up your confidence but showing off your wicked shape and posture. You can put on a pair of white chinos and black leather boots to amp up your look. What’s more, your wife will be happy that you’ve decided to wear the shirt she got you! Also, there are many 70s floral shirts that your grandpa will love it. 

Weekend Casual style

Going out for a getaway or a random gig with your gang, then you should definitely try a floral shirt over a bomber jacket. It adds more style to your outfit and the shirt pops out even more prominently. The jackets add to your fashion statement. Throw it over a pair of contrasting chinos and white sneakers and you’re set for your weekend parties.

Bloom like the Spring

Florals are best suited to the spring season, it has a matching vibe with the weather. A floral shirt looks great with a red pair of shorts. To stand out in the crowd, match the color of your floral print to your bottom-wear, preferably shorts. This look is ideal for sunbathing, but if it gets too hot to do that, you can wear carry this look for backyard camping, picnics, and pool parties. Put on a pair of cool shades to level up your ensemble.

Keep it the way it is

A floral shirt can be worn as a stand-alone garment. Since it’s summer and it can be very irritating to layer up pieces of clothing, you should be confident enough to wear a floral shirt without any extra layering to your apparel. When shopping for your next outfit, use the Farfetch Promo Code to avail of great discounts.

Shorts are a floral’s bestfriend

When heading out for a eat- n- greet session with your boys and bros, dare to be different. Don on a blue floral small-print shirt with a pair of loose khaki Bermudas or cropped jeans. You can switch the bottoms with white jeans. This outfit is ideal to

give you a chilled (no puns intended) look. Don’t forget your aviators and a sleek black watch to rev up your fashion statement.

Short-sleeved shirts

Floral shirts are available in shirt-sleeves too which are summer-appropriate. You can grab a floral tee-shirt, a casual short-sleeved shirt or even a dress shirt for your next jam session. For a contemporary look, pair a half-sleeve floral tee with plain shorts. As far as accessories are concerned, you can wear a cap snapback-style or even a beanie, though you need to keep your hairstyle in check for this particular look.

Floral shirts with Suits

We know you’re wondering if you can slip in a floral Polo shirt into your formal look. Well, the answer is YES! You can pair a floral shirt with your suit. The catch is that you should choose small prints on your shirt so that it goes with the formality of the suit. This combination looks actively unique and voguish. We can’t leave a tie out of a formal outfit, so go for a sleek geometric print tie to match the color of your suit.

Pair it with Jeans

In case you are going out on a movie date, try wearing a floral shirt with dark-colored jeans. It carries an air of looking more manly, somehow, even with the flowers all over you. It gives you strong appeal, of a man who knows his fashion sense. we know you’re tempted, so why not buy a piece using the Zalora Promo Code.

Flowers and pants

For a semi-formal look, a plain pair of pants would look great with a floral shirt. A classy contrast will enhance the overall look of your shirt. You can experiment with colors on this one and try pastel green pants with a matching blazer and brown floral shirt. Keep your footwear casual, loafers would be a great pair if you’re trying out this look. Keep the shirt tucked in and secure your pants with a brown leather belt.

Denim and sneakers for an updated look

Your floral shirt can be worn under a denim jacket too! Did you know that? If not, then now you do. If you fear you can’t do justice to a floral shirt, try wearing it underneath a denim jacket. It also tones down the summery vibrancy of the floral shirt. A neat pair of sneakers can be done with this combo to get that ideal look you’ve been wanting all summer. Chelsea boots can be replaced with sneakers if you’ve had enough of them. 

The Monochrome

You can definitely rock a black and white floral shirt if you’re unsure about trying on brighter colors. It’s a perfect match for those men who don’t like sporting too many colors and are a class apart. The black and white shirt looks as classy as you want it to be. You can wear it on various occasions, like wear it with a black pair of pants and black tie to get a formal look, pair it with white or khaki chinos for a casual look.

Before you step out for your next shopping spree, do consider these tips for getting your ideal floral shirt:

4 Style Tips For Wearing Floral Shirts - 

Fabric - Since we talking about summer trends, the best fabric options would be cotton and linen. These are breathable fabrics and do not cause excessive sweating. Nobody wants a clingy wet shirt sticking to their backs!

Size and Fit - The shoulder seams should line up with your shoulders. It should not be dropping forward or backward. The right size and fit give you a neat and smart appeal, whereas even the most perfect piece can turn into a fashion disaster if it looks bulky and unfitted.

Styling - If you’re planning on wearing a floral print shirt for a vacation at the beach, you’re on the right track! Consider keeping it front-opened for a relaxed look. For running some errands you can keep it tucked in.

Prints and Patterns - Choose the design which suits your body type. You won’t know which print or floral pattern shirt looks the best on you if you haven’t tried it.

Thank us later, and once you make sure which floral print fits your personality in the best way, you’re all set to steal hearts.


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