15 Best Places To Spend Christmas & New Year In Egypt

15 Best Places To Spend Christmas & New Year In Egypt

The most beautiful, exciting, and hopeful time of the year, Christmas and New Year’s, which is celebrated very excitedly in every nook and corner of the world. With the brightest fireworks, amazing gifts, and delicious food, people often spend this Eve with their family and loved ones.

Egypt has its own way of celebrating the festival of the birth of Jesus. They do a lent fasting of about 43 days after which they hold a feast for their closed ones. This fasting takes place from 26th November to 6th January and the feast is held on 7th January. If you wanna witness this amazing way of celebrating Christmas, then we will guide you about the top Christmas Places In Egypt where you can enjoy an astounding evening.

In these places, you can enjoy the best food found in the country, the most amazing items for shopping, and the most exhilarating parties you will ever witness. So make your bookings from the official sites of Booking.com, Klook, etc., and enjoy huge discounts on your bookings. You can apply many of the offers and discount codes from the official site of Vouchers Portal EG.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your plans for spending Christmas and New Year’s at one of these popular places in Egypt mentioned below.

How Does Egypt Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a very mystical time of the year. Every country, continent, and city celebrate Christmas in their own way, but Egypt has a totally unique way of celebrating Christmas. Actually, Egyptians celebrate Christmas on 7th January instead of 25th December. You heard that right. They held a Christmas Party In Egypt after 43 days long fast, when they held a huge feast of vegan dishes. Isn’t it a unique way of celebrating the festival!

Fun Facts About Christmas In Egypt

Just like every country, the festival of Christmas is celebrated with pompous lights and smiles in Egypt as well. Some of the unique and fantastical elements during Christmas in Egypt are:

  • Christmas is actually celebrated on January 7th in Egypt.
  • Christmas is celebrated after 43 days long fast, which is commonly called “lent fasting” in Egypt.
  • Santa Claus is called “Baba Noel”, the term meaning Father Christmas.
  • Egyptian Christmas is actually Vegan Christmas, without the involvement of any meat or dairy products in their feast.

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Top 15 Places For New Year In Malaysia

1. Pyramid Of Giza

One of the eight wonders of the world, the Pyramids of Giza is present in Egypt. They are counted as one of the top attractions in the entire world, with their mysterious history and scientifically unique beauty. Covered in lots of sand, the actual Winter In Egypt can be felt here near the pyramids.

Egypt is recognized with these Pyramids as they are a core part of Egyptian culture and civilization. During Christmas and New Year’s, various special fireworks are done near the Sphinx and the Egyptian Christmas Food is like nothing you would have ever tasted. So, get ready to be amazed and mesmerized by the history and beauty of the Pyramids of Giza.

2. Egyptian Cruises

The cruises flown in the Nile River and the Red Sea are among the few which are so very famous in the entire world. You can book your rooms for one of these cruises and enjoy a week or so of exquisite traveling with a variety of people lavishly and excitingly. You can visit various destinations, taste the tastiest food, and dive into the clearest waters found in the country.

3. Luxor City

One of the most ancient cities in the country, Luxor is a place with the signature of the civilizations and cultures of many dynasties of the history of Egypt. Originally known as “Thebes”, Luxor is a must-see for all those tourists who are interested in knowing about the rich historical aspects of Egypt. It is also known as the world’s greatest open-air museum. So, make sure to involve this place in your itinerary and book your tickets to Luxor from TravelStart. You can enjoy discounts of about 40% OFF on your tickets by using Travelstart Promo Code. You can also enjoy other discounts and voucher codes.

4. Aswan

Another example of places with the richest architecture and stores of historical prospects, Aswan is also among the ancient cities of Egypt. Previously known as “Syene”, it is a city situated on the Nile River. On the occasion of various festivals, people can enjoy a Christmas Market In Egypt in Aswan. You can stay in luxurious places and hotels like Beit El Kerem, where various guides are provided for customers to know about various structures of the city.

5. Hurghada

One of the best destinations in Egypt for celebrations of year-end festivals like Christmas and New Year. With its beautiful ocean water and exotic beaches, you can have a blast on your vacation. You can enjoy various activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Dining in lavish hotels, and many more. You can also visit Grand Aquarium and Diving Center which are counted among the top Things To Do In Egypt In December. So, pack your bags, book your flights or train tickets, in case you are an Egyptian citizen, and visit this amazing haven in the world, Hurghada.

6. Sharm Al-Sheikh

Spend your vacation amazon the coral reefs and different species of fish in the clearest water you can imagine. Sharm Al-Sheikh gives you the opportunity of celebrating Christmas and welcome New Year by getting yourself involved in the coolest activities imaginable. From Snorkeling to Scuba Diving, get all your wishlist items checked at this exotic destination in Egypt. You can make your bookings for various events and activities from the official site of Klook. Use their offer codes like Klook Promo Code and get discounts of up to 60% OFF on your bookings. You can also get various other discount codes.

7. Cairo

The capital of Egypt, Cairo is the place to visit various of the famous Resorts, Shopping Destinations, architecture, and Casinos in the country. You can enjoy various kinds of cuisines and dishes courtesy of the Christmas Dinner Egypt 2021 in this city. So hurry up and make your reservations about visiting this city as soon as possible. You can visit the official site of Vouchers Portal EG to get discounts on your bookings for Flights and many other activities.

8. Egyptian Hotels & Restaurants

There are only a few locations where the actual staying place or Hotels are such a sight to behold that many times, you may not even want to leave the premises. Such examples are the Hotels and Resorts of Egypt, like The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, Jaz Makadina, El Gouna, Kempinski Hotels in Soma Bay, etc. They all can be hands down said as the Best Places To Stay In Egypt. With their ocean-side view, private pools, exquisite delicacies, and amazing services and the most delicious Christmas Food In Egypt these resorts and hotels are the exact locations for you to stay.

9. Khan El-Khalili

One of the most popular Shopping Centres in Cairo, Egypt, Khan El-Khalili is a people’s hub for celebrating and shopping for Merry Christmas In Egypt. You will find almost all kinds of products here from the Arabic tuned items in the Arabic Bazaars to the small things in the Street Vendors place. It's a unique place in its own way bringing various civilizations and Egyptians History together in a single place.

10. Heliopolis

Heliopolis is derived from The City of the Sun in ancient Egyptian. They are the places where the Egyptian Gods like God Ra used to hold their courts listening to the petitions of the people. Today, there are various famous Heliopolis around Egypt like Le Meridien, Radisson Blu, etc. where you can visit and enjoy a calmful and relaxing time with your loved ones. So, book your flights ticket from Booking.com and get information about all the necessary Egypt Travel Restrictions. It also allows you to enjoy huge discounts and offers on your reservations by using CharterClick Promo Code.

11. Marsa Alam

A resort town in the Red Sea of Egypt, Marsa Alam is counted as a top attraction among the various destinations in Egypt during Christmas. It is especially known for providing its tourists with the most exceptional Christmas Activities In Egypt. One of those activities is the most fun and super exciting activity of Scuba Diving.

To dive among the depths of the never-ending waters of the Red Sea and spend time among Corals and colorful fishes in the seas is a very thrilling experience. In Egypt In December, Weather is moderate with about 23°C in the morning and 15°C at the night, making it the best place for sports-loving crowds to enjoy spending time in the water.

12. Ras Abu Galum

Enjoy the coastal Christmas Decorations Egypt in Ras Abu Galum, a place little far from Dahab. It is the best place for people looking for a peaceful Christmas and New Year’s away from the city's crowd and loud music. Enjoy all the beach parties in the evenings and the calming breeze while sunbathing on the seaside. Enjoy living in one of the amazing and marvelous Beach Huts in the Ras Abu Galum beaches with activities like Snorkeling, Kitesurfing, etc.

13. Dahab

Considered as one of the most treasured Diving destinations of the country, Dahab is often said as the Heaven on Earth in Egypt. Just seeing the first glimpse of this place gives you a profound sense of rightness and charm that you would definitely want to visit here again. Here, you can enjoy all kinds of Diving and Windsurfing activities with your friends and family. Just make your reservations and join in the fun happening during Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Dahab. Use any of the Booking.com Promo Code and get discounts of about 60% OFF on your tickets.   

14. Egyptian Clubs & Casino

For all the people who are interested in the nightlife of the Christmas and New Year’s party, then the various casinos and clubs of Egypt are the perfect places for you. Providing the appropriate environment to get yourself lost in the pumping music and drinks throughout the night, these casinos and Clubs offer you a unique environment. So make reservations by using. Enjoy huge discounts on various activities like Yacht and cruise booking for the night or even a week.

15. Cathedral Of Saint Mark

Enjoy one of the world’s most unique Christmas Masses on Christmas Eve. Visit the most popular and most frequently visited churches of Egypt, the Cathedral of Saint Mark, and dive into the teachings of the religion and the sweetly sung carols throughout the evening. Make your reservations for visiting Egypt now at the lowest price possible by using the Get Your Guide Promo Code on your bookings. 

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What Is There To Do In Egypt At Christmas?

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Is Christmas A Big Thing In Egypt?

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