The 39th Sinai Liberation Day 2021: What Is Its Significance In Egypt?

The 39th Sinai Liberation Day 2021: What Is Its Significance In Egypt?

Egypt is a Middle Eastern country that is a great Islamic nation; the country is pretty unique and despite being an Islamic nation is quite modern. The land has great sights such as historic architecture, such as the Pyramids and Pharaohs. Moreover, the people in Egypt celebrate a different number of festivals, each unique and auspicious. The country of Egypt celebrates not only Islamic festivals but the Christian festivals are also public holidays in the country, thus it has multiple holidays and celebrations as compared to other countries. The country also has a great history as a nation, and it also celebrates various events which are of national importance to the country such as the Sinai Liberation Day which lies on the 25th of April every year.

The History of Sinai Liberation Day

On the Sinai Liberation Day, the whole of Egypt celebrates the anniversary of the liberation of the Sinai region from the Israeli military forces back in 1982. The day since then is of great importance to the nation, it commemorates the struggle of the Egyptian army which kept on attempting to regain the region since 1967 when the Sinai Peninsula was captured, and the day is also important as this led to everlasting peace between Israel and Egypt.

Sinai Liberation Day

The exact history of this day dates back to the year 1956 when Egypt prohibited Israel from using the4 Suez Canal which is one of the most important trade routes for most Asian countries and African countries including Israel, this caused them to take much longer route to reach Europe. Against this action of Egypt, Israel occupied the Sinai Peninsula back in 1957; this caused a great conflict between the two countries which lasted for a long period until 1982 when a peace treaty was signed between the two countries and this led Israel to withdraw its forces from the Sinai region.

While visiting Sinai a entry visa is required that can be acquired at the Sharm el-Sheikh airport and the visa is valid for a period of 14 days, it allows the visitors to explore South Sinai. To explore the whole of Sinai you need to have a regular Visa that is available on the airport on arrival and not only this visa lets you travel whole of the Sinai but also makes it possible to explore and travel across Egypt.

Weather at Sinai:

The climate over this place is generally extremely hot and the temperature at day time can reach up to 50°C (120°F) in summer seasons. At night time the temperature cools down but is still dependent completely on the wind speed. The mountain present in the area receives slight snowfall and rainstorms during the spring season, the nights tend to be cooler during these periods.


If you are visiting this place during summer seasons it is advised to carry sun protection regimes and plenty of bottled water bottles to stay hydrated. One should protect them from heatstroke, exhaustion due to heat and sunburns, the best places to visit in this season to visit is around places where water is found and one should avoid camel riding and trekking as the climate is extremely hot.

Sinai: The Land Of Godly Wonders And Scenic Views

The Sinai region is one of the most beautiful parts of Egypt, it is known for its great landscape which includes a turquoise sea, lofty mountains, and golden sands. Furthermore, Sinai is a great place where olives of the most supreme quality grow, it is also well known for medical tourism as the water from the coral reefs is known to be quite beneficial for skin diseases like psoriasis. The beautiful and charming land has great natural scenery and has been a symbol of peace for both countries. This year Egypt will be celebrating 39th Sinai Liberation Day, which marks the completion of 39 years to the liberation of Sinai and people pay tribute to all the brave soldiers and their battle for the liberation of the region.

Nice Places For Travelling In Sinai Region

Sinai and the Taba regions include some of the most scenic locations and blissful natural landscapes to be visited by tourists. Some of the spots to visit in the region are:

  • Mount Sinai: If you want to take scenic trails through the mountain then Mount Sinai is a breathtaking mountain top great for hiking, and it is surrounded by beautiful shrines, ruins, mosques, and many other great sights.
  • Desert Landscape: The desert of Sinai is as mesmerizing as any other landscape, the beautiful and golden sands along with blue skies and other beautiful gems like many of the oasis’ springs and great Pharaonic ruins are like an addition to the treasure.
  • Turquoise waters: The Red Sea has excellent snorkeling, free diving, and scuba diving for all levels of experience: it's a great place to learn. The reefs have colorful coral and marine life, while further out are shipwrecks such as Thistlegorm. All the resort towns have dive centers, which may be able to pick you up from outlying accommodation.

Other Important Festivals of Egypt


Egypt also celebrates other numbers of festivals and occasions with great zeal and zest, which include the festivals of cultural importance to all the communities in Egypt. It also celebrates other traditional festivals which were being followed by the ancient Egyptians and are related to being grateful to the various forces of nature which have allowed civilizations to survive and flourish in such a dry region. Some of the important festivals are:

1. Sun Festival

The sun festival is celebrated in the months of February and October to commemorate the Sun God who was one of the most important deities of the ancient Egyptians. The festival is celebrated in the Abu Simbel temple which is one of the largest temples. During this time the sun rays reach the innermost parts of the temple to the deities like Ra, Amun, and Ramses which is a spectacular natural phenomenon, and only the statue of Ptah the goddess of darkness remains in the dark.

2. Wafaa Al Nil

Another important festival which is celebrated for centuries and was once practiced by the ancient Egyptians is Wafaa Al Nil. The river Nile is the only reason for the existence of the civilizations and modern-day Egypt and thus, the river is considered sacred, this is celebrated to appreciate the good harvest which the Egyptians were able to cultivate after the Aswan Dam was built which prevented them from floods that used to occur previously.

This festival is now celebrated with great dance, music, poetry, and different educational events which take place all over Egypt in the month of August.

3. Ramadan

The well-renowned festival of purity Ramadan is celebrated in all the Arab countries and Muslims all over the world practice fasting from dawn to dusk. They avoid all kinds of foods and drinks until the sun sets, this is done to show respect to the almighty Allah. In Egypt, during Ramadan, it is a great sight all over the country as the shops in the markets are all decorated with lightings and colorful ribbons, and they sell all the food items such as nuts and dates which are usually eaten after the fast is over in the evening.

4. Eid Al Fitr

Followed by the holy month of Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr is the holiest day for each and every Muslim around the world and the festival is celebrated by offering prayers in the mosques, followed by wearing new clothes and meet and greet with friends, relatives, and other people in the society, people make sizzling homecooked dishes, and eat it together and thank Allah for whatever he has blessed them with. Many people do charity and distribute, food, clothing, and money to the poor and needy. Elders give good luck money or gifts to the children and many employees also get bonuses from their employers.

5. Coptic Christmas

Egypt although is an Arab country, it also has people of Coptic Orthodox faith and the Coptic Christmas and Easter are public holidays. The Coptics celebrate the birth of Christ 13 days after the Catholic Christmas, this is the greatest festival for the Coptic Christians like their other counterparts around the world. Thus, it lies every year on January 7th and the Coptic families visit the church especially to pray and light candles together, the festival is celebrated with grandeur in cities with an abundance of Coptics such as Cairo and Alexandria which is the greatest center for all the Copts.

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People Also Ask

1. Where is Mt. Sinai today?

Mount Sinai is a mountain which has great importance in both Arab and Christian cultures and it is also known as the Mountain of Moses the peak of the south-central Sinai Peninsula, Janūb Sīnāʾ (South Sinai) muḥāfaẓah (governorate), Egypt.

2. Is the top of Mount Sinai burnt?

Mount Sinai has a darkened top which has quite a stunning view when seen from below, it is considered that the mountain top was covered with smoke as the Lord himself descended it in the fire.

3. Did Egypt win the October war?

The treaty brought peace between Israel and Egypt, and Israel retreated from the whole Sinai and returned it to Egypt. The treaty still holds to this day. There was no real military victory ever; it was a military "stalemate" (where no one won and no one lost).

4. What part of Sinai is safe to travel to?

Many parts of the Sinai Peninsula are quite unsafe to travel to as many of the terrorist attacks keep on occurring from the local terrorist groups. Although, the Sharm el-Sheikh region is quite safe for tourism and holidays.


By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal EG