What Are Greatest Festivals Of Egypt 2021?

What Are Greatest Festivals Of Egypt 2021?

Festivals exist in each and every country, among the people of all faiths, beliefs, cultures, and origins. The festivals are special occasions which mark a significant event special to a certain group of people, people follow various traditions, perform festivities and celebrate together during their festivals. The festivals are certain times, which are mostly associated with positive themes like, peace, togetherness, love, kindness, faith, and more.

Egypt is a middle eastern country that is a great Islamic nation, the country is pretty unique and despite being an Islamic nation is quite modern. The land has great sights such as historic architecture, such as the Pyramids and Pharaohs. Moreover, the people in Egypt celebrate a different number of festivals, each unique and auspicious. The country of Egypt celebrates not only Islamic festivals but the Christian festivals are also public holidays in the country, thus it has multiple holidays and celebrations as compared to other countries. Avail of the best travel deals with Klook Promo Code to enjoy the biggest savings on every trip.

History Of The Festivals In Egypt :

The festivals which are celebrated in Egypt are enriched with ancient tradition, great festivities, religious practices, and delicious meals which are specially prepared during some of the festivals. Therefore, it can be a great experience of the rich cultural heritage of Egypt if you visit the country during the festivals to observe how they prepare and celebrate these occasions. The country of Egypt is an ancient land which was ruled by some of the greatest rulers of all time from various origins such as the Persian, Nubians, Romans, and Greeks and it still has an impact of the same in its culture, the place first started to cultivate centuries ago, when people started to settle by the banks of Nile. The Egyptians have carefully preserved their precious heritage, and they haven’t forgotten the gods from the past nor their ancestral traditions, they celebrate and pray to the almightly gods to thank them for successful harvests and many other cultural celebrations occur which are linked with the same.

What are the festivals which are celebrated in Egypt?

We here have researched in detail about all the festivals which are celebrated in Egypt and you can learn all about each and every festival and know the dates of the festival in case you are planning to visit Egypt:

  • Coptic Christmas

Egypt although is an Arab country, it also has people of Coptic Orthodox faith and the Coptic Christmas and Easter are public holidays. The Coptics celebrate the birth of Christ 13 days after the Catholic Christmas, this is the greatest festival for the Coptic Christians like their other counterparts around the world. Thus, it lies every year on January 7th and the Coptic families visit the church especially to pray and light candles together, the festival is celebrated with grandeur in cities with an abundance of Coptics such as Cairo and Alexandria which is the greatest centre for all the Copts.

Coptic Christmas

After praying at the church the families gather together in the evening and eat home-prepared, mouthwatering meals consisting of rice, garlic, and meat-based exquisite dishes.

  • Eid Al Ghetass

This is one such festival that is celebrated by every community in Egypt, it is celebrated to pay homage to the baptism of Jesus Christ which is also mentioned in the Quran. This festival is a great display of secularism and communal harmony in the country.

On Eid Al Ghetass the Egyptians eat Colocasia and Sugar Cane which are harvest during the time of the festival and have a sacred significance and relation to Holy water which is used during the Baptism.

  • Sun Festival

The sun festival is celebrated in the months of February and October to commemorate the Sun God who was one of the most important deities of the ancient Egyptians. The festival is celebrated in the Abu Simbel temple which is one of the largest temples. During this time the sun rays reach the innermost parts of the temple to the deities like Ra, Amun, and Ramses which is a spectacular natural phenomenon, and only the statue of Ptah the goddess of darkness remains in the dark.

This is one of the most unique things to experience if you visit Egypt during the period and is a display of how advanced was the ancient civilization which existed during the period.

  • Sphinx Festival

Despite being a Muslim dominated country the people of the county celebrate the ancient traditions which were followed during the old times by the ancient Egyptians, like the Sun Festival the Sphinx Festival of El Gouna is a festival that aims to celebrate the rich and grand heritage of the country, this festival is celebrated for 5-days in the place called El Gouna, a red sea town and during the festival different artists, musicians, performers from all over the country and the even from countries abroad gather and celebrate it with a great display of art, dance, and music.

  • Wafaa Al Nil

Another important festival which is celebrated for centuries and was once practiced by the ancient Egyptians is Wafaa Al Nil. The river Nile is the only reason for the existence of the civilizations and modern-day Egypt and thus, the river is considered sacred, this is celebrated to appreciate the good harvest which the Egyptians were able to cultivate after the Aswan Dam was built which prevented them from floods that used to occur previously.

This festival is now celebrated with great dance, music, poetry, and different educational events which take place all over Egypt in the month of August.

  • Leylet En Nuktah

This is another festival celebrated to pay homage to the river Nile, this is too a traditional festival that was celebrated in the ancient era. The Egyptians consider the river Nile a deity as their lives have still thrived only because of the river, they have considered that it’s the motherly love of the river that brings them a livelihood. In old times people used to sacrifice beautiful women to please the old gods, but that practice no longer exists in this era.

Modern Egyptians visit the banks of the Nile along with their families and perform traditional festivities and celebrate by spending time together on a picnic on the banks of the river Nile.

  • Sham Al Naseem

The forces of nature play a very important role in our lives, different seasons, currents, the arrival of rain, and other important occurrences of different phenomenons are important to humans around the world. The season of Spring is considered auspicious in most countries, the season of Spring brings along great weather with a pleasant breeze blowing and a great sight to see in the evenings. The Egyptians celebrate the ancient festival of Sham Al Naseem to welcome the spring.

Families on this day go to different parks, beaches, and different sites to have a picnic together and different vendors, musicians, and dancers come on the streets to entertain the people. The festival is celebrated all across Egypt and this year it's lying on 3rd May 2021.

  • Ramadan

The well-renowned festival of purity Ramadan is celebrated in all the Arab countries and Muslims all over the world practice fasting from dawn to dusk. They avoid all kinds of foods and drinks until the sun sets, this is done to show respect to the almighty Allah. In Egypt, during Ramadan, it is a great sight all over the country as the shops in the markets are all decorated with lightings and colorful ribbons, and they sell all the food items such as nuts and dates which are usually eaten after the fast is over in the evening.

Ramadan Egypt

This is the best time to travel to Egypt if you want to get the sight of one of the biggest festivals of Egypt which will occur from 13th April to 13th May.

  • Eid Al Fitr

Followed by the holy month of Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr is the holiest day for each and every Muslim around the world and the festival is celebrated by offering prayers in the mosques, followed by wearing new clothes and meet and greet with friends, relatives, and other people in the society, people make sizzling homecooked dishes, and eat it together and thank Allah for whatever he has blessed them with. Many people do charity and distribute, food, clothing, and money to the poor and needy. Elders give good luck money or gifts to the children and many employees also get bonuses from their employers. This year Eid Al Fitr can lie between 13th May and 15th May.

  • Eid Al Adha

This is a great festival which is celebrated by sacrificing lambs and goats, this is another important Islamic festival which is also celebrated all over the world and in Egypt. It is thus known as the sacrifice feast or “Bakr Eid”. It originated when Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his own son as an offering to Allah but before he could kill him Allah replaced him with a lamb. Since then people all over sacrifice lambs and goats and enjoy the feast along with friends, family, and relatives. Also, distributing it to poor and needy people is also quite common on this day. This year Eid Al Adha can lie between 20th to 23rd of July.

  • Mawlid An-Nabi

This is another great festival which is a great time to spend in Egypt, on this day people celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad and on this special day you can find great feasts and food on the streets of Egypt, as families go out to celebrate and they year traditional foods such as hummus, people exchange it with their relatives and friends and great parades are carried out all over the country, this year Mawlib An-Nabi is on 19th of October.

  • Islamic New Year

The Islamic new year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, this day is a nationwide holiday in Egypt and people go to mosques to offer prayers. New Year brings new beginnings and people all over the country celebrate it with utmost joy with good food and spending a good time along with their families.

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People Also Ask

1. Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

In the year 2021, Egypt has become quite modern despite being an Islamic nation, it is completely safe for tourists, some little things which you should keep in mind are, wearing clothes with minimal exposure for women, and taking care of them your belongings in crowded places.

2. What are the best months to travel to Egypt?

The best months to travel in Egypt are during fall which lies from September to November and in Spring which occurs from February to April. It is not recommended to visit the place in summers which are quite harsh and extreme.

3. What are some of the most famous sites in Egypt?

Egypt is a land of great history and culture, it has world heritage sites such as the Pyramid of Giza, The Great Sphinx, Abu Simbel Temple, the ancient temple of Luxor, and many other pyramids, tombs, and temples.

By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal EG