What to wear with Blue Jeans? - 10 Ideas for Men

What to wear with Blue Jeans? - 10 Ideas for Men

When a person thinks of a men’s wardrobe essentials, the first thing that comes to mind is a pair of blue jeans. A pair of blue jeans can be styled with anything and everything. It is one of the most common things in a man’s wardrobe. A person can also be bored of it and go out of ideas to step up their style game. The Vouchers Portal is here to provide you with amazing styling tips for men. You can easily step up your fashion game by following this small fashion advice for men.

Whether it’s a classic white shirt or a denim jacket, you can rock all of these with an amazing pair of blue jeans. Check out all the fashion ideas and styling tips for men that you can consider to pair with your blue jeans.

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10 Blue Jeans Styling Ideas for Men

If you are getting late for a party after work and you have no time to change. All you have to do is put on a charming black denim jacket with your blue jeans and you are ready to rock the party. Visit Vouchers Portal website and get amazing discount coupons to make your shopping budget-friendly. We have plenty of such ideas that you can use to style with your blue jeans.

1. Blue Jeans with Black Shirt- If you are looking to style your classic black shirt with a pair of blue jeans, then the light blue color of blue jeans will do the task for you. The combination of light and dark has been adorned by everyone for ages and it never disappoints. While styling with a pair of light blue jeans, you can also go for a blue turtle neck t-shirt and brown shoes to add a unique and classic touch to your outfit.

2. Blue Jeans with Flannel Shirt- If you also want to step up your styling game and stand out in the crowd, then a pair of blue jeans and a flannel shirt will do the job for you. Pair the jeans with dark boots and a flannel shirt for an extra unique look. Blue jeans for men are something that can be paired with everything whether formal or casual. This comfortable look can be the worn whole day.

3. Blue Jeans with White Shirt- The most basic and loved combination is blue and white. A combination that never fails. A white button-down shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a classic black belt. This classic combination will make you look stylish at any event or social gathering. You can also give it a formal touch by adding a tie to your look. This is one of the most preferred interview outfit ideas for men. Buy your favorite blue jeans online on FARFETCH and elevate your fashion game.

4. Blue Jeans with Denim Jacket- A denim jacket is something that is always in fashion. One of the most preferred fashion looks for men is a combination of blue jeans and a denim jacket. To elevate this look, you can put on a pair of sneakers and stand out. You can find your perfect pair of blue jeans and a denim jacket at Levi’s or visit men’s wear outlets near you.

5. Blue Jeans with White T-shirts- This combination is not only common but also very stylish. A pair of classic Judy blue Crossover jeans and a white collared t-shirt with a funky pair of sneakers will help you rock your fashion game. Complete the look with some accessories like a watch, sunglasses, and a classic belt, and elevate your fashion game.

6. Blue Jeans with Green T-shirt- A not-so-common combination that can make you look exceptional. A full-sleeved olive-green t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans can be the perfect semi-winter look. Green is always in trend and pairing it with blue can be an amazing combination. If you are planning to go out with your friends on a Sunday night then you can definitely give this combination a try. Buy a pair of favorite blue jeans from Denim Tears and get great deals on your purchase.

7. Blue Jeans with Blazers- Why always pair a blazer with formal pants? If you are looking for a semi-formal or casual look, then a black or blue blazer with a pair of blue jeans can help you achieve it. You can make your look exceptional by adding small details to it like a red pocket-square and broach. Elevate your fashion game by following these small styling tips.

8. Blue Jeans with Royal Blue Shirt- A classic combination for formal wear, a royal blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans are a top game for all men. This look is one of the most preferred by all men and it is suitable for all occasions. If you are struggling to find something in your wardrobe and running out of time, then all you have to do is pull out a pair of blue jeans and a blue shirt. Pair it with different shoes and sneakers depending on the occasion.

9. Blue Jeans with Brown Jacket- One of the best winterwear combinations is a brown jacket and a pair of blue jeans. Find your favorite pair of blue jeans on Aeropostale and get amazing deals and discounts on your purchase. This combination is suitable for all occasions. Whether it’s an after-office party or a dinner date with your partner. You are ready to rock every occasion with this amazing look.

10. Blue Jeans with a Long Overcoat- It’s the peak winter and you are planning a New Year’s bonfire party at your house. This look is stylish but also comfortable. Get yourself an amazing pair of blue jeans from a Judy Blue store near you or you can also shop it online from the Judy Blue website and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Grab all the deals and discounts on your purchase and rock your stylish look with this amazing combination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What color shirt goes with light blue jeans?

Usually, a pair of light blue jeans is paired with light or neutral color shirts and t-shirts. One of the classic combinations is a pair of light blue jeans and a white t-shirt NYT. The most basic and love combination by all. You can also go for dark color shirts with a pair of light blue jeans. For example, a black, navy blue, or dark grey shirt can elevate your fashion game. On the other hand, light-colored t-shirts and shirts like grey, sky blue, and white will give a more sophisticated and subtle look.

Do black shoes go with blue jeans?

Yes, black shoes go with blue jeans. Black shoes are something that goes with any outfit. To top it all, a combination of blue and black can never fail. If you are someone, who wants to play it safe with your outfit, then this combination is widely recommended. It is not only a safe combination but also one of the best combinations loved by all. You can wear a pair of Judy Blue tummy control bootcut jeans and combine them with black sneakers and go in style with the most comfortable and photogenic look ever. Judy Blue jeans are highly recommended as they are available at amazing prices. Their different fits for all body types make them a suitable pick for everyone.

How should men dress in jeans?

There are a hundred blue jeans outfits for men that can be styled with various t-shirts, shirts, blazers, denims, etc. One of the greatest men’s wardrobe essentials for men is jeans. It can be styled with almost everything. Depending on the occasion men style their jeans. The jeans and shirt combination is a universal combination that can be worn to an office party, an in-house celebration, or a casual outing with friends. Men can dress formally, casually, or even semi-casually depending on the occasion. Anything that is worn with confidence and is comfortable should be the motive. The fabric of the jeans should be comfortable if you are looking to wear them for long hours. Also, it is recommended to combine the jeans with the right color shirt to bring out the best for every occasion.

What kind of shirts go with jeans?

Selecting the right shirt can be a task. It depends on the occasion for which you are selecting your outfit. If you are planning to wear it to the office, then a formal look is recommended. For example, you can combine your pair of blue jeans with a formal shirt in shades of white, grey, black, and blue. If you are planning to go for an outing with your friends and family, then you can pair your jeans with a casual collared or round-neck white t-shirt. To add an exceptional look to it, layer it with a black or blue denim jacket. For winter you can combine your pair of blue jeans with a smart leather jacket or a blazer to complete the look. Add a few accessories like a classic belt, watch, and tie depending on the occasion. A flyer on the hat will be an amazing pair of sneakers that will help you elevate your fashion game.


In conclusion, we can say that jeans are highly versatile and can be paired with almost everything. It depends on the occasion or event that you are styling for. The 10 ideas presented will be the perfect guide for you to style your pair of blue jeans for every occasion. You have a wide range of options to select from and pair your blue jeans. Whether it’s a formal meeting or a casual outing, you can combine your pair of blue jeans with plenty of options like shirts, t-shirts, blazers, coats, and jackets. A classic white T-shirt or a button-down T-shirt never fails. No matter what you wear with your blue pair of jeans, make sure to wear it with confidence. Own your look. You have nothing to worry about as the styling options listed in the article are highly versatile and go for every occasion. Go ahead, and experiment with your look. Try out your favorite blue pair of jeans with whatever you find suitable. Complete your look with a comfortable pair of shoes that are also stylish.


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