13 Ways To Save Money While Buying Online From Best Buy

13 Ways To Save Money While Buying Online From Best Buy

Hello shoppers, looking for a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs? Vouchers Portal has the best solution for it. Best Buy is a go-to destination for shopping in the USA due to its extensive selection of electronics, appliances, and tech products. The store offers a wide variety of brands and products, along with expert staff members who can provide knowledgeable assistance and guidance to customers. Additionally, Best Buy frequently runs promotions and discounts, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking to purchase high-quality electronics and gadgets.

In today's market saturated with electronics options from big retailers like Walmart and Amazon, it is truly impressive that Best Buy not only remains in business but continues to prosper. As a significant contender in the tech industry, Best Buy offers a combination of top-notch electronic products, attractive deals and discounts, 24*7 customer service, and an attractive loyalty program.

Shop At Best Buy

Well-informed consumers are aware that there exist various methods to economize at the gadget hub, effectively counterbalancing the prevailing inflated economy. Customers of Best Buy are also well-informed about the unique services and support provided by the retailers. Use the Best Buy USA coupon code and get amazing deals and discounts on your purchase from Best Buy.

Here are some amazing ways to save big at Best Buy:

1. Get your Best Buy Membership by Signing up

Some of the best membership plans that Best Buy offers its customers are:

  • My Best Buy (Free Plan) -

Anyone and everyone can join this level without thinking twice as it’s free of cost.

Customers will get free shipping of products without any minimum base charges.

  • My Best Buy Plus($49.99 per year) –

Along with the benefits of the basic level plan, customers will also get benefits like fast two-day shipping, exclusive access to sales better pricing, and a bigger return window facility.

  • My Best Buy Total ($179.99 per year) -

This is the most premium plan provided by Best Buy.

Under this plan customers get everything included in other plans along with Protection plans, including AppleCare+, 24/7 tech support, VIP member support, and 20% off repairs.


2. Shop for Best Buy Open Box and Refurbished Products

For many years, Best Buy has been offering open-box (returned items) or refurbished items, providing consumers with irresistible deals. To enhance customer experience, Best Buy started keeping track of all open-box items available in their stores through the BestBuy.com website.

It’s about to get better. Now, these open-box options can also be accessed through the Best Buy app. When shoppers browse a specific item on the Best Buy website or app, they will be presented with available open-box options if they are located nearby.

Furthermore, shoppers have the convenience of searching Best Buy's website to explore the entire selection of open-box items in any category from a particular store. This eliminates the need to visit multiple stores, making the shopping experience much more convenient.

Return Policy of Open Box and Refurbished Products

Smart consumers are aware that opting for refurbished electronics such as iPads and laptops can lead to significant cost savings. Best Buy boasts an extensive range of refurbished products, now conveniently accessible for browsing through their website or app.

Nonetheless, there are risks involved - not all refurbished items may be in flawless working condition, and there is a chance of receiving a defective device. Nevertheless, the majority of Best Buy's open-box and refurbished products can be returned or exchanged within a 15-day window. It is worth mentioning that price matching can be a complex process for open-box or refurbished items.

Given that these products are typically sold at a discounted rate, it might not always be feasible for the store to match a new price. Furthermore, there are specific limitations on what can be returned and the condition it must be returned.

3. Shop from the Best Buy Outlet



Shop Now


Shop Now


Shop Now


Shop Now

Description New products discontinued by manufacturer or end-of-stock Products returned under Best Buy Return & Exchange Promise Products repaired and restored to a like-new state Used products restored and verified to work
Condition New Excellent-Certified, Excellent, Satisfactory, or Fair NA NA
Return & Exchange Promise Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty* Yes Yes Varies Varies
My Best Buy Points* Yes Yes Yes Yes


Outlets are an amazing way to get amazing deals and discounts on all your favorite products from Best Buy. You can get up to 40% discounts from 23 outlets across the country. The brand ensures a minimum of 5% discount on all its brand name inventory that you can avail of in stores as well as online. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite products at huge discounts today.

Best Buy Outlet Deals

4. Do not miss out on the Black Friday Sale

Black Friday sale is the best time to buy your favorite products from Best Buy. During Best Buy Black Friday, you will get significant discounts on 4K TVs, video games, and Best Buy appliances. Savvy shoppers often choose to wait until the holiday season to make substantial purchases, particularly on the aforementioned items. Best Buy has a well-established practice of providing substantial savings on such purchases, and recent years have demonstrated that these prices are available both online and in-store.

While some of the most exceptional deals are exclusive to physical outlets, there are still ample opportunities to enjoy substantial savings by shopping from the convenience of your own home. You can also avail of huge offers by applying the Best Buy coupon codes before payments and getting major discounts on your purchase.

5. Cyber Monday Sale can be your best friend

Cyber Monday, an online sale, along with the Best Buy app, offers shoppers the opportunity to enjoy huge discounts right after Black Friday. While Black Friday deals have increasingly emphasized technology in recent years, the Best Buy Cyber Monday sales may not be as remarkable. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to keep an eye on them. Cyber Monday sales traditionally revolve around computers, laptops, and Chromebooks.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Best Buy also offers sales on other major shopping holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. Therefore, it is beneficial to visit the site during those times if you are looking to make a significant purchase.

6. Get the best deals on the Best Buy Amazon Prime Day Alternative Sale

Even though Best Buy Amazon's Prime Day sale primarily features Amazon brand products, other big retailers also capitalize on the same days by offering huge sale events for their customers. While the names of these events vary each year, it's a safe bet that Best Buy will be competing with Amazon whenever Prime Day rolls around.

Shopping at Best Buy during these events can lead to significant savings, although historically, the discounts may not be as substantial as those offered on Black Friday. Prime Day usually takes place in the middle of July.

7. Explore the Best Buy Return Policies

Best Buy provides a specific timeframe for consumers to return, exchange, or price-match purchased items. This timeframe remains consistent regardless of the action needed: 15 days post-purchase. For activatable devices, the window is 14 days. Members enjoy an extended return period of 60 days, along with the same price match guarantee.

8. Avail the Best Buy Price Match Adjustment

Best Buy provides a Price Match Guarantee for both in-store and online purchases. If you are considering a post-purchase price match, remember that most products are eligible within a certain timeframe, depending on your membership status.

The higher your membership status, the more time you have to find a better price elsewhere. Opened items can still be price-matched as long as it is done within the specified time frame. If the lower price is found in another store, Best Buy will not match it, but you can return the item within the same time frame.

Some items can be opened and returned, but it is advisable to review their return policy beforehand. Certain categories, such as video games and movies, may experience significant price drops within 45 days of release.

Post-purchase price matching can also be done online through chat with customer service, under specific circumstances.

If online price matching is not applicable, customers will need to visit the store for a refund. Be sure to review Best Buy's Price Match Guarantee exclusions.

9. Education and Student discount offers at Best Buy

Students and educators who possess valid school credentials such as a school ID or school email address can enjoy significant savings by visiting the Best Buy Student Deals section on their website, inputting their information, and completing the purchase. When inputting your student details into your Best Buy account, the company will utilize a third party to confirm your student status. In cases where Best Buy is unable to verify your information through their third party, you may be asked to provide proof of enrollment. Typically, an official transcript bearing your school's letterhead will suffice if your initial application is not approved. While it may be easier to access student discounts at other retailers, Best Buy takes measures to ensure that only eligible students and educators can benefit from their discount programs.

Does Best Buy Have a Military Discount?

Select stores provide certain Military Discounts on some products.

10. Get a Best Buy Credit Card

Best Buy provides customers with two options for credit cards:

  • The My Best Buy Credit Card and the My Best Buy Visa Card. Both of these cards allow users to earn reward points on their purchases.
  • With the My Best Buy Credit Card, all account holders can enjoy a 5% cashback on their purchases, along with various financing options.
  • On the other hand, the My Best Buy Visa Card offers even more benefits. In addition to the 5% cashback, members can earn an extra 3% back in rewards for gas purchases, 2% back for dining and grocery purchases, and 1% back on all other purchases.

Aside from these rewards, there are also other incentives available to cardholders. These include exclusive deals, exclusive shopping events, and free shipping on all purchases. While credit cards may not be of interest to all shoppers, those who are looking to accumulate reward points effortlessly can find out more about the My Best Buy Credit Card options.

11. Best Buy Coupons and Cashback

You may also browse for active Best Buy coupons on the Vouchers Portal or check out the Best Buy Deal of the Day coupons available for certain items or categories on their website. Moreover, the Vouchers Portal often features cash-back deals for purchases made at Best Buy, allowing you to receive a portion of your spending back. Don't miss out on the newest cash-back promotion.

12. Best Buy Employee Discounts

It is common knowledge that, similar to other large retailers, employees at Best Buy are entitled to a discount (on specific items). The discount system at Best Buy is slightly complex as it requires you to pay the cost price of an item, plus an additional 5%. Therefore, it is not a standard percentage of the retail price, unlike other stores.

13. Saving Tips:

For instance, if an item is priced at $50 in retail and Best Buy purchased it for $30, your cost would be $31.50. You will only be eligible for the employee discount after completing at least 30 days of work at the store.

The discount does not cover Geek Squad services, Apple products, and a variety of computers, tablets, and smartphones. However, it is applicable for online purchases if you are registered on the Best Buy employee portal and use a store computer, according to insiders.

If you are interested in saving money on a purchase, you could consider taking on extra shifts throughout the week to benefit from the employee discount.

While it may not be the most convenient method of saving, it does provide a reasonable way to enjoy a few dollars off. Customers looking to make use of the discount should ensure they are aware of the discount amount and its applicability to the item they wish to buy before joining the workforce in the blue polo.


By: Vouchers Portal US