The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of possibilities to light, such as things that were thought of as the future of the technological world, have become a part of our daily lives before it's time. We can now do every single thing without even leaving our homes, from shopping to studies and from office work to buying dinners, we have it all at the tips of our fingers.

Though people have been shopping from online shopping sites way before COVID hit, online shopping has reached its peak during this time. As a result, avid shoppers have witnessed and enjoyed some of the best shopping sales ever.

Thailand's leading shopping portal Shopee is a big name when it comes to hosting shopping sales on its online platform. The most famous of them being the Shopee 9.9 sale.

What is 9.9 sale?

To all those who might be wondering about the 9.9 Sale, the sale was conceptualized by Shopee. This sale was adapted from China's Single's Day Mega Sale held yearly on 11 November. The 9.9 sale is the first major one and is followed by a number of year-ending sales.

The name itself indicates the date of commencement, “9.9” means the 9th day of the 9th month, i.e. 9th September.

The 9.9 sale is one of the major online sale events where shopaholics can indulge in a quality shopping experience at the minimum prices possible. The sale also serves as a platform for retailers and brands to promote their products and services all over the APAC region. It is also commonly referred to as Southeast Asia’s ‘Super Shopping Day’- can be considered as a version of Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday but on a much wider scale and with many more brands participating.


With the arrival of the major e-commerce companies in Thailand, it was easily deduced that their popular shopping fests were not so far away.

The 9.9 Sale is run by its parent brand Shopee, which introduced the concept of this unique sale in the year 2016. If we go by the statistics, it is well proven how its popularity rose to prominence that in 2018, the sale by Shopee was recorded to be more than 5.8 million orders with over 15 million products sold. The products majorly dealt in the fields of health and beauty categories.

The increasing fame of this sale promises a lot more big brands to come on board in participating in the sale.

This year's 9.9 super shopping sale will host various special promotional campaigns, like daily 9-baht deals, 999-baht off vouchers, free shipping with zero minimum spend, and huge midnight deals.

For new customers holding the Shopee e-wallet and making payments via ShopeePay will receive a voucher code worth 200 baht with no minimum expenditure limit.

The event will also see a new feature in the form of Shopee Chuay Pay, a discount incentive for new users to support the cost of living and drive local consumption.

Shopping during the Shopee 9.9 sale from the parent company, Shopee itself requires a little insight on how you can get some of the best deals on your favorite and wishlist products. Here's how:


It goes without saying that the brand hosting this super sale, as well as other major brands, will be participating in the sale.

When you have Shopee, you don't have to seek any further for high-quality and long-lasting products at reasonable costs.

The e-commerce behemoth that gave birth to 9.9 Sale is a pioneer in organising special bargains on its online shopping platform. Shopee sells high-quality things in categories such as clothes, toys, groceries, appliances, gadgets, electronics, and so on. They guarantee customer satisfaction, safe and secure payment options, and simple returns and refunds, allowing you to shop from a diverse choice of products with confidence.

Shop more, spend less on shopping by applying the ส่วนลด Shopee, get exciting discounts and save more on your next purchase.


  • Fashion essentials

Shopee caters to all kinds of shopping needs for every cader of shoppers. In the fashion category, you can shop for clothing items, footwear, fashion accessories, jewelry, intimate wear, sportswear and kids collection. Shopee serves the needs of men and women of all ages. Browse through the expansive range of products from various categories and shop your favorite items at extremely discounted prices. Apply the Shopee ขายของ to avail discount coupons.

  • Gadgets

In this fast-paced world, one needs to be kept up- to- date with the latest and smartest gadgets they can afford. Shopee guarantees the best-in-class gadgets for that techno-savvy who never compromise on the quality of their products. On the Shopee site, you can shop for smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart wearables, gaming, and entertainment devices from the top brands such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. Free installation and demonstration is available for the products which require a professional setup. Shop for the latest technological gadgets and apply the Shopee สมัครงาน and code ส่วนลด shopee to get amazing offers and discounts.

  • Electronics

One cannot imagine a life without the aid of electronic items in their household. With Shopee, you can stay worry-free about the electronics you purchase online. You get the best, over- the-top and value-for-money products from Shopee online store. Shop for electronics such as ovens, fans, air conditioning units, and many more household essentials at prices lower than the market and apply the coupon codes available on the site to get some sweet discounts and promotional offers.

Shipping policy

Once you place the order via Shopee online shopping site, your products are delivered through the medium of the site's own logistics known as Shopee Express. If you have any queries regarding the delivery of your order, Shopee gives you the facility so that you can contact them via a Shopee Express เบอร์โทร. The shipping speed of Shopee express is relatively slow when compared to other logistic services and therefore you might experience a longer waiting time to get your product delivered.

Shopee Thailand is one of the leaders in online shopping and has a promising future in the online retail business. There are some drawbacks that need to be fixed so that it ensures smooth functioning and provides the best possible consumer satisfaction to its buyers.

Tricks to shop during Flash Sales

Before you begin this part of the article, you should know what exactly a flash sale is. A flash sale can be seen as a discount or promotional event held by any e-commerce online store for a much shorter period of time. The quantity of the products offered is limited, which often means stores will offer discounts that are higher and/or more significant than usual run-of-the-mill promotions. The ticking clock and limited availability of stocks fill the consumers with a sense of urgency and the need to buy on the spot - also known as impulse buying.

Before you start shopping during any flash sale, just like the Shopee 9.9 sale, here are some tricks that will help you bring only the best items to your home.

  • Keep checking the Shopee Daily Flash Deals

For keeping a record of all the daily flash deals and sales, simply click on the Flash Deals tab on the Shopee landing page and browse through the number of products to find the best deals for the day. You can also see the items scheduled for flash deals on this page. Tap on the “Remind Me” button to receive a notification once the flash deal you want to shop from goes live. You may also check out Mall Flash Deals for latest deals and offers offered by your favorite brands. As an alternative, you can check the 'sellers' or 'brands' pages to check which items will be up for the upcoming flash sales. The bigger and better flash deals drop daily from midnight to 2 a.m., so may want to set up an alarm if you don't want to miss out.

  • Put your favorites in cart in advance

Before any big sale starts, you should add the items you want to buy to your shopping cart in advance. The benefit of doing this saves your precious time and you can avoid the possibility of that item you’ve saved on your wishlist for weeks getting out of stock. At the stroke of midnight, you may begin your shopping spree

  • Check if the items are available for free shipping

We can all agree that free shipping makes internet buying so much more enjoyable. Always remember to claim your free shipping vouchers before proceeding with the checkout to get the most bang for your buck. To save even more money, see which items are eligible for free shipping with a code or voucher.

The 9.9 sale provides an excellent opportunity for customers to stock up for the upcoming festivals, as well as for merchants to build the name of their companies and showcase their items on a much larger scale. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Shop during the 9.9 sale to save even more money.



By: Vouchers Portal TH