9.9 Sale: How To Get The Best Deals in Stores

9.9 Sale: How To Get The Best Deals in Stores

Hello shoppers, looking for some stress-free retail therapy? The wait is about to get over because this year 9.9 sale is about to start in September and you can get everything you need at the lowest prices. Vouchers Portal is offering amazing deals, promo offers, discount vouchers, and cashback offers on some of the top brands. Prepare your list for the upcoming shopping season. Indulge yourself in some guilt-free shopping because everything will be available at the highest discounts. Shop while saving lots of cash in your pocket.

It is possible with the brand new 9.9 Sale 2024.This time shop all that you want without the need to think twice because of the skyrocketing prices. You will be shocked to see the great deals and offers on your favorite products and brands. Get ready for the 9.9 Big Sale 2024 from 9th September 2024 but before this big sale, enjoy Mother's Day Celebration. Make some space in your home and closet because you are going to shop a lot, considering the prices you can’t say a no to.

A lot of stores come out with several deals but it's important to grab the best one for maximizing your savings. We don’t want you to miss any such mega-deals. So, always keep in mind these 10 ways to maximize your savings and fill your shopping cart with the best offers and deals.

Best 7 Ways To Save Huge From Online Stores

1) Keep checking the sites which offer discounts and coupons

The market is saturated with offers and specials, but most individuals miss them, forcing them to make purchases at typical high costs. Always check for discounts and coupons before making a purchase. It will take some of your valuable time, but it will greatly assist you in maximising your savings. They are widely available on the internet. On our website, you can also find the finest offers and coupons. A quick Google search can also be beneficial. You can also try several coupon apps that are freely accessible online. These minor efforts save you enough money to acquire another thing in the future.

2) When window shopping online, keep adding the items to your cart

When window shopping, always add the items you want to purchase to your shopping basket. It is even better to window shop, especially if you intend to add items to your cart. The main reason for this is that most shopping applications and websites provide you reminders to complete your purchases in the form of push alerts. They also provide huge discounts and deals to entice you. Many times, you will also receive notifications when the price of the things you have added to your cart reduces. They may also send you an email with discount coupons and promo codes to use while making a purchase from them. This way, you can acquire your preferred things at the pricing you like.

3) Always be updated about the products you like through social media

Follow the social media pages of your favourite stores and brands. Like, share, and engage with them. These brands and stores keep coming up with seasonal sales, fashion sales, and other special sales for their online followers. You can take the advantage of being in their community by grabbing the deals and coupons. You can also take part in the lucky draws and lottery contests to check your luck.

4) Compare the prices and set price alerts

Several sites help you to compare the prices of different products from different brands. They also give you price alerts about when the prices go down. You can keep looking for them and make your purchase when you find the prices most appropriate for your budget. This is a site that you should add to your homepage as it keeps you updated with the latest price drops and also helps you compare them. Just like PriceBlink, you can also use Google Shopping for the same purpose. Setting price alerts are a must for an aware customer.

5) Shop on the right day

Most top brands and stores launch their seasonal mega sales on particular days of the week. So keep an eye for such days to make the most out of your purchase. You might have heard sales tags like Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday sale, etc. Some stores are very frequent with such sales while others are not. I would recommend you to mark such days on calendars, especially the weekends(stores and brands love these days for some reason) so that you don’t have to regret missing these glorious sales. Although always make sure you don’t overspend. It’s always better to remain within the limits of your budget.

6) Incognito mode

It has been observed that most brands and stores raise product pricing based on your location and search history. Prices are also determined by whether you are using a laptop or a mobile phone. So, to address this problem, you only need to execute one simple step: switch to Incognito mode. This is a personal browsing method. You should also erase your search history and disable any site cookies. This allows you to view the exact prices and make your purchase accordingly.

7) Look for free shipping deals

Even after getting the best deals, your savings might go out for paying the high shipping charges. This is unfair. To avoid this, either try to look for products that provide free shipping or find free shipping coupons. Easily find such coupons online for additional savings. To make your work easier, below are the best stores where you can find the best deals for the best products.

Where can Find the Best 9.9 Discount Codes & Offers?


Lazada is a one-stop destination for all your product needs. It is a leading online store in Thailand. It offers an extensive range of electronic appliances, men's and women's fashion, baby products, automobiles, lifestyle products, and much more. It comes up with Lazada Credit Card Promo codes and coupons that will help you save a little more. To sum up, shop all that you need with Lazada and claim the great ส่วนลด Lazada and deals this sale season.

Big C

Big C is one of the largest retail chains spread worldwide which is efficient in looking after your needs for the latest and advanced mobile phones and accessories. They are known for their high quality and pocket-friendly products. Shop with Big C this season to the ส่วนลด Big C and deals and get benefits like free shipping, online support,money-back guarantee, and no-cost EMI purchases.

Power Buy

Power Buy is an eminent retailer of electronic goods like gadgets, smart devices, cameras, mobile phones, home appliances, gadgets, and other supporting accessories. They offer products of both international and local brands. They never compromise with the products’ quality. Free shipping, fast delivery, no charge returns, money-back guarantees, and free installation Power Buy is a must store to purchase from.

Also, don't forget to check the ส่วนลด Power Buy deals to reap the best benefits.


Shopee is a Singapore-based e-commerce platform known for providing high levels of customer satisfaction. It offers a wide range of products covering almost every kind of niche. Shoes, bags. home and kitchen appliances, toys, clothes, electronics to name a few categories. It provides seamless payment options and gateways with high security.

Get the most out of Shopee during the 9.9 sale and availing the of great ส่วนลด Shopee. Shopping with Shopee is a wonderful experience every customer should definitely have.

Central Online

If you want to shop everything under one roof Central online is your answer. At central online, you can find products in categories like men’s fashion, women’s fashion, kid’s fashion, home and kitchen, TVs, appliances, electronics & accessories, and mobiles, and other smart devices. They serve you with supreme quality products and make sure you experience 100% satisfaction. The ส่วนลด Central Online is going to become even more exciting and worth it during the 9.9 sales.

Super Sports

As the name speaks loud, Super Sports is your one-stop destination for all your sports-related needs. You can get sports accessories, sports apparel, and nutritional supplements. It has retail outlets both online and offline and deals with top brands like Nike, Adidas, Skechers, etc. You can surely trust Super Sports for your Sports equipment needs. Enjoy free delivery, secure payment facilities, and satisfaction that will surely bring you back to Super Sports.

They already offer shockingly low prices and with 9.9 sale you can almost double your savings using the ส่วนลด Super Sports.


If you want to get groomed, go to Konvy.com and make a purchase.It provides a diverse selection of cosmetics, makeup, personal care goods, home, and living products. It is linked to nearly every good cosmetic and personal care brand. You can expect 100% customer happiness, secure payment channels, and superior product quality with free shipping.

You also get heavy days which Konvy.Com and get to save even more with ส่วนลด Konvy.Com.


Gowabi is an online portal of Thailand that offers an extensive range of services under the categories of leisure and personal care services. Skincare, eyecare, beauty clinic, spa, and salon. They offer a seamless experience with a user-friendly website and secure payment gateway. You will be amazed to see the surprisingly low prices and a chance to save with the ส่วนลด Gowabi at the vouchers portal.

Shoppers, now you know exactly how to make the most out of this 9.9 sale in 2024 and grab the best deals to maximize your savings. Be organized and prepared this sale season and bring in the best products. Don’t forget to use the discount coupons of various stores available on the voucher’s portal.

Happy 9.9 sale season!


By: Vouchers Portal TH