10 Healthy and Affordable Frozen Foods

10 Healthy and Affordable Frozen Foods

We are living in a time where life gets busier and busier every day. Most of the days we are ready to juggle up our work and cooking but some days we don’t feel like cooking and sweating in the kitchen but we also don’t want to order from restaurants as a home-cooked meal is preferred by all. 

Luckily now we have a new option for lazy cooking nights healthy frozen foods.

Frozen food

Frozen food or frozen meal is a packet of meals that are precooked then frozen to sell out in the market in small packets. It is a perception that frozen foods are not healthy and they contain high sodium and low nutrients. But with time things evolve and that’s exactly what happened with frozen foods. The now available frozen are much healthier, hygienic, and low priced as compared to before.

Benefits of Frozen food

  1. Frozen Food Is Free from the unfriendly items

Frozen food doesn’t have any materials that can be harmful to your health, contrary they help you increase your veggie intake and be a great alternative for home-cooked food. You can make Spaghetti easily with Frozen food.

  1. Frozen Food is Still Fresh

Frozen food items and packed within an hour so all the necessary items are still present in them when consumed. While on the other hand supermarket vegetables can be stale as not every supermarket keeps data of their stocked veggies.

  1.  Convenience

Preparing a meal has various steps. From visiting the market every week to get fresh items to cutting/chopping and maintaining the items, all this is very time consuming however frozen foods can be stored in your freezer and they can be prepared quickly.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

The most important benefit of frozen food is cost-effectiveness, they come not only at a cheaper rate but frozen foods do not get wasted just like any fresh item from your local supermarket. The shelf life of frozen food is way more than normal food items and therefore their wastage is less or nearly zero.

Here are 10 healthy and affordable frozen foods for you:

  1. Chicken or fish patties chicken 

Chicken or fish patties are the easiest way to make your kids happy without sweating much in the kitchen. They are easy to make and costs way less than the burgers you get at restaurants. Arrange the slice of patty along with some onion and lettuce top it up with cheese and side it with lots of veggies. Voila, your easy-to-make and healthy meal are ready in less than 5 minutes.

Both chicken and fish are very healthy for both adults and kids. They are rich in protein. Chicken is a good source of B vitamins and iron. Fish patties have their benefits. Both salmon and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are available at a low price in the market.

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  1. Veggie pizza crust

Veggie pizza crusts and frozen pizza are two different items. Frozen pizzas are highly processed and can harm the health of any person. On the other hand, veggie crust pizza is a great option to make yourself and your family eat veggies and greens  

Having a veggie crust pizza not only helps in increasing veggies intake but also gives us a variety of topping options. No child will say no to pizza so why not make a healthy veg pizza for them instead of processed meat pizza which can be harmful to their health.

  1. Turkey meatballs

Turkey meatballs are the best way to have meat but without harming your health. Turkey is very similar to white meats. It has a very low-fat content and is high in protein. Turkey meatballs are not only healthy but they are super easy to cook. Put your meatballs in the microwave, roast them in a pan or air fry them, they are the perfect option for a lazy cooking day.

When you are not in the mood to cook but also don’t want to compromise with a full meal then turkey meatballs are for you. Turkey meatballs are a full meal in itself and can be made easily without much effort.

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  1. Cauliflower rice

Who doesn’t know the benefits of cauliflower? But getting them from the market, then washing out all the mud and cutting them, all this gets very hectic for any person. but we can’t avoid or skip cauliflowers from our meal. Therefore have cauliflower rice, “cauliflower rice” this name may confuse a lot of people but cauliflower rice is nothing just frozen pieces of shredded cauliflower that you can have any time as a side dish or cook as your main course.

Cauliflower is high in vitamins and minerals which not only gives you a healthy bonus but is also easy to cook. You can make cauliflower rice in many ways. Use them as a simple stuffing for your rolls or add them to your soup. You can have it in any way you love.

  1. Tater tots

Tater tots are deep-fried mashed potatoes. They are cylindrical shaped and can be a good easy and quick snack or side dish.

  1. Chicken stock and wine for sauces

Keeping frozen chicken stock and wine for sauces can do magic to your cooking. Having pre-made items will not only reduce your preparation time but also help you in skipping an entire restaurant meal which can be heavy on your pocket and is very unhygienic.

  1. Organic and All-Natural

Everyone is focused on health and fitness these days. And now we are all aware of the harm that we get by eating synthetic items. With the growing awareness towards the need of eating healthy food people are shifting towards organic and all-natural items. 

When it comes to frozen food, there are various options available for organic frozen items. In simple words, you are not getting a quick meal but a quick meal that is loaded with nutrients. Frozen food items consist of a pack of frozen meals but organic vegetables. And lucky for us not all organic frozen foods have preservatives. So basically you are getting a meal that is easy t make but has more nutrients than any regular market food.

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  1. Desserts

No meal is completed without having desserts at the end. Sometimes we have a meal in the excitement of the sweet and tasty dessert that we will get after a meal. But in the end, if there is something that stops us from having a huge bowl of dessert is nothing other than SUGAR. But we have a piece of good news for you, not all frozen desserts are high in sugar content. E.g. frozen yogurt, frozen yogurt are delicious and they do not harm you as much as any other sugary item but contrary they are ideal to eat after the meal as curd helps indigestion.  

Switch your high sugar content dessert with frozen fruits, as they give you a healthy touch in your day and are good not only for your health but they are good for your skin too. So try frozen fruits instead of your sugary desserts and get tons of benefits along with it.

  1. Corn

Corn goes well with every dish, whether garnish them in soup or have them with salads, they also taste amazing as a pizza topping but sadly corn is not available all year, so the solution for this is frozen corn. You can have cans of frozen corn in your refrigerator and enjoy them anytime with any dish. Corns are ready-to-eat frozen food you can simply eat them with some salt and pepper on the top.

  1.  Indian Food

When you will go shopping for a frozen meal you will get a number of options, some traditional Thai foods, and some different country items. so why not try something different? While opting for the best-frozen foods you can go for Indian frozen food items. Airfreight frozen food is available in the market which means some of them are originally from that country. The Indian food items are healthy and delicious.

Most of the dishes have veggies in them which not makes them healthy but also gives you a new way to increase your veggie intake. And don’t worry Indian people also use a blend of various spices and chutneys so the taste is never going to be a problem.

In the end, we have two bonus frozen foods for you that you can easily store at your home and later enjoy with your family:

  1. Falafel

Falafel is a very popular Middle Eastern dish and it’s an amazing option for all the vegans out there. Falafel is not just a tasty frozen food but it is also very healthy since it is made out of chickpeas. It is said that falafel can help in the management of blood sugar levels and that is enough to tell the healthy properties of falafel.

You can have falafel as a side dish or simply add them to your salad or soup. They also go well with noodles and what can be better than falafel and hummus dip. Get delicious delicacies delivered to your home with big savings by using the code ส่วนลด foodpanda.

  1. Ice cream

Talking about frozen items and not mentioning ice cream is impossible. We usually love to keep ice cream stocked up but always feel like it's losing its taste after every service, well that is true so the best way to tear ice cream is by reducing its time in the air. As the ice cream melts it loses its taste, now stock up your ice cream in as much quantity you want but don’t forget to save it from melting. 

Being a first-time user or even if you use frozen foods there are a few questions that we all get, at the end of the blog we have some answers that can clear your doubts regarding frozen foods. Order online now your favorite flavored ice creams through foodpanda for less.

How long can you store a frozen meal?

Frozen foods are made to be stored for a long time and to work as a partner in your kitchen, they can be stored for a good time of 3-6 months. 

How do you store frozen meals?

Frozen foods can be easily stored in their original packaging but if opened then they need to be stored in air-tight containers or bags. Wrap them in foil and freeze them in your freezer. Don’t forget to write the expiry date before throwing the original packaging.

What is the safest container to freeze food in?

Plastic containers and flexible bags are the best way to store your frozen food in the freezer as these packets can be easily stored in the freezer.

What should I look for in a frozen meal?

While purchasing don’t forget to look at its serving number. Also, check that they must contain vegetables. Grain and fish or chicken these items are rich in nutrients and make a perfect meal altogether.


By: Vouchers Portal TH