Foodpanda Thailand: The Easiest Way To Oder Food From Your Favourite Restaurants

Foodpanda Thailand: The Easiest Way To Oder Food From Your Favourite Restaurants

Being an Asian relates to seeing food as one of those things which makes your spirit soar. Hailing from Asian culture and saying No to food can never go hand in hand. Regarded as one of the most popular forms of cuisine around the world and resulting from a multitude of ethnicities, Asian cuisine culture is extremely diversified, and is savoured by people from all around the world.

Many factors have contributed to the rise of online food platforms such as Foodpanda Thailand.

These platforms collaborate with the local restaurants and food joints to establish a medium of exchange between the customers and the restaurants. Here is one such platform which rose to prominence in Asia known as foodpanda. If you are a big fan of the services offered by foodpanda, then scroll below to know everything about your favourite food delivery service. 

Who is the owner of foodpanda?

foodpanda office has its headquarters based in Berlin, Germany. The company is currently owned by Delivery Hero, sold by one of its biggest investors, Rocket Internet to the former. Jakob Angele is the CEO of the company at present. 

How does foodpanda function? 

foodpanda facilitates a platform that allows its customers to be in direct contact with the restaurants operating in their areas. The customers can browse through the wide range of menus made available by these restaurants and order the meals of their choice by entering their postal codes on the site so that they may view the restaurants closer to their place.

Before order confirmation, customers have to fill in the delivery address.

foodpanda then proceeds to these orders to the restaurants, which prepare the ordered meals. The customers also receive an SMS on their phones about the confirmation of their order and the approximate delivery time. A delivery partner is allotted who takes the order to their respective customers within the given time, discount can be availed on food pickup using the ส่วนลด foodpanda pickup.

Food trends in Thailand

The Thai food culture is so diversified that one cannot vote out just one best dish among them.

A plethora of choices are available for people who wish to indulge in scrumptious culinary experiences, be it fish balls, pineapple buns, egg waffles, or even Chinese barbeque. Food is one thing that unites the people of Thailand and they love nothing more than treating their taste buds to extraordinary dishes.

Here are some of the must-try Thai cuisines liked by locals and visitors alike. While you are at it, you might also want to check out these top 10 most popular Thai dishes.

  1. Sweet And Sour Pork

Probably one of the most famous cuisine in Thai food culture, sweet and sour pork is locally known as “gu lo yuk”. This comfort food is extremely popular among the locals and is also loved equally by the tourists visiting the country. The dish is traditionally made with vinegar, preserved plums, and hawthorn candy, giving it a beautiful orange colour and a sweet sour tang.

Owing to the popularity and dish and fewer long waiting lines, it is nowadays mostly made with ketchup and food colouring. You can order your share of sweet and sour pork from the restaurant of your choice and apply the foodpanda voucher to get amazing discounts on your purchase.

  1. Wontons

Locally called by the name of chaoshou, translating to “crossed hands” in English, wontons are thin-skinned dumplings made with assorted meat fillings, made to float in a bowl of clear soup with other ingredients. The soup is either made of chicken, duck or pork broth, simmered on low flame for a long time. The popular wontons are Sichuan- style Wontons.

Perfect for a small get-together party with your friends, order a hearty meal of wontons from foodpanda and apply ส่วนลด foodpanda to get discounts on your order.

  1. Wind Sand Chicken

  Originating from the Chinese province of Guangdong, wind sand chicken is one of the most popular Thai dishes.

While preparation this cuisine, the process involves putting a whole chicken, flavoured and slathered with secret local spices and sauces into the oven for an approximate time of 20 minutes, or until the chicken’s skin turns brown. The reason why this dish gets its unique name is because of the garlic pieces, which are added to look like wind-blown sand when cooked.

The roasted chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Order yours now from a foodpanda restaurant and enjoy. 

  1. Shrimp And Chicken Balls

  Popularly known as “dragon and phoenix balls” in Chinese, it is one of the best delicacies you’ll ever come across in Thailand.

Finely chopped chicken and shrimp are kneaded into balls mixed with secret spices, rolled onto the bread crumbs and lastly, they are deep-fried. The balls have a crispy texture on the outside because the bread crumbs and the insides are soft and tender. The names dragon and phoenix relate to the Chinese royalty, where shrimps represent the king and chicken as the queen.

If you are a frequent foodpanda customer then you can avail huge savings by applying the ส่วนลด foodpanda ลูกค้าเก่า.

  1. Phoenix Talons (Chicken Feet)

Take our word for it, it is not at all appealing to the eyes, but once you get over with the visual imagery, you’ll come to know why these fried chicken feet are favoured by foodies all over Thailand.

With the chicken cut off and their nails clipped, they are deep-fried and later slathered in copious amounts of spiced sauces and topped with a dash of sesame seeds and spring onions. Even though the overseas visitors might feel a bit turned off with this dish, it is a local delicacy and consumed with extreme satisfaction among the older generations.

  1. Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

  Hargow or steamed shrimp dumpling is a kind of dim sum that is generally considered to be the top-shelf cuisine.

You will be served three to four dumplings in a bamboo steamer, each dumpling will be stuffed with one or two small shrimps with a little amount of pork wrapped together in a thin, translucent flatbread wrapper. When plated, the outer wrapper shines like a crystal. It comes in bite-size portions, so you can gulp it in one single swallow and tastes best if the shrimp is a little juicy.

How can I get a foodpanda voucher? 

foodpanda offers exclusive discounts and offers on its platform which the customers can avail themselves of while ordering food. Vouchers Portal is another website besides foodpanda which is offering exclusive discounts on food delivery. To avail of exciting discounts on your next meal order, apply the foodpanda voucher Thailand offered by us.  

foodpanda promotion for AIS Customers

foodpanda has promotional offers for its AIS users. New users who order from foodpanda for the first time are offered a discount of 150B on their first order. The users are required to purchase items at minimum orders value of 350THB. Although this discount is not applicable with the delivery fee the users may apply the ส่วนลด foodpanda AIS to get some amazing promotional offers applicable for AIS users only.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts or coupons and is applicable with only those restaurants that accept foodpanda vouchers.

foodpanda vs. Grabfood

The delicious rivalry between foodpanda and Grabfood is a result of the amazing services offered by both these food delivery platforms. GrabFood is an extension of Grab services which allows people to order food online through their portal, just as foodpanda does. The mode of the functionality of these two top-notch brands is on an equivalent pedestal.

This sweet competition is backed up by the vouchers and discounts offered by both. While you can bag huge discounts on your order from foodpanda app using the above-mentioned coupons, you can get discounts on your order from Grabfood using the ส่วนลด GrabFood. Apart from food delivery, here are some services that GrabFood Thailand can provide.

Foodpanda Customer Service

“To err is human”-- making mistakes is a human tendency, and no one is spared from it. Even though foodpanda offers the best services and takes care of your requirements in the best possible way, there might be some situations when the customers feel dissatisfied or unhappy with the services provided. If such a condition arises they can freely contact the foodpanda customer service and get their queries resolved in a hassle-free manner. foodpanda offers its customers the option for “Contact” through which any customer can get their questions answered, register a complaint, or even check vouchers and discount offers available on the website. 

Reliability of foodpanda food delivery service?

Since foodpanda is one of the first and best online food delivery services in Thailand, they cover a much wider market area. They offer a variety of cuisines to choose from because they are partners with various restaurants and eating joints all over the country. If you wish to pick- up your food from the restaurant on the way to wherever you’re headed, you can order food and opt for a self-pickup without having to in line to get your order. 

If you are tempted to indulge in the best culinary experience Thailand has to offer but do not want to wait in line for getting your favourite food, order food through foodpanda and avail of great discounts on a variety of products and cuisines, all from the comfort of your home.


By: Vouchers Portal TH