Where To Visit During June Holidays 2021: Top Places In Singapore

Where To Visit During June Holidays 2021: Top Places In Singapore

The year 2020 was like a nightmare for entire humanity the COVID-19 pandemic went global and most of the countries were forced to impose lockdown and other restrictions to reduce the cases and keep everyone safe. People were forced to stay inside their houses for a long while, this caused them to get depressed and stressed. But as the year 2021 came close, the pandemic slowly started to cool down and slowly the restrictions were being lifted in most of the countries. This allowed people to travel and this made them break free of the stress which was caused during the lockdown.

Why Must You Travel?

Travelling is one of the positive things which helps people to break out of their routine and it is a great remedy against stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, travelling has a great number of benefits, it helps you to have fun and escape out of your boredom and celebrate your freedom in whatever ways you want. With travelling you also explore new things causes you to make new neural connections, learning new things brings more insight to your brain and triggers original thoughts.

Travelling is something which temporarily cuts you off from whatever lifestyle you were occupied with, and gives you a break from all the usual activities. This helps you appreciate the other things which exist in the world and also gives you peace of mind. Moreover, travelling can give a great boost to your communicational skills and make you talk efficiently as when you travel to different far-off places you interact with people who use different languages, this forces you to learn new languages and ways of communication.

June - Best Month To Visit In Singapore For Holidays 2021

Singapore is one of the greatest spots for tourism is although a small city but it has some of the greatest spots for tourism. It consists of some of the greatest architectural buildings and skyscrapers, the city boasts great pre-war buildings, beautiful spots to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature, some of the best shopping spots including some of the best malls and the most luxurious stores of the world. Also, you can enjoy the great food at different restaurants and some of the authentic food bites on the hawker stalls in Singapore.

Most of us live in the city, and by traveling to different places we can achieve a sense of peace of mind. One can even enhance their creativity as travelling pushes one out of their comfort zone, improves communication skills, and broaden mental horizons. Travelling teaches you many things about real life, boosts confidence, and allows you to make beautiful memories and understand yourself. Travel is means of freedom, which allows one to find themselves in the most amazing ways, it a new way to re-discover oneself.

Best Places To Visit In Singapore :

Singapore although still has restrictions for international tourists but the place is open for domestic travel, moreover we have made a list of some of the most popular spots where you can travel anytime you visit in Singapore which are:

Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is the best example of one of the sites where science meets the art, the huge 55 storey structure consists of a shopping complex, a luxury resort, and great restaurants. You can shop from the most luxurious brands and designers, you can take a Sampan (a flat bottomed boat) and ride between the shopping complex which is the best in class and unique experience of shopping.

Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel provides a mesmerizing view of the city as it has the world's highest rooftop pool and the most expensive casino in the world. The best vantage point to soak in the views of not only the iconic Singapore skyline but also of Sentosa Island up to Hong Kong on a clear day is available at the 57th floor of the hotel houses Sands SkyPark. It also has the world-famous Spectra Light & Sound Show and Fountain of Wealth, which is the largest fountain in the world.

Sentosa Merlion Tower:

It is among the most iconic tourist places of Singapore which is a 121 feet tall statue of Merlion that is erected on the island of Sentosa. This is the tallest statue of Merlion in the country and is also the only one on which you can climb onto.

The statue symbolizes the rich heritage culture of Singapore with the head of a lion and the body of the fish. If you are interested in cultural exploration then this place is a must-visit and you can even reach the highest point of the tower that is the mouth of Merlion to enjoy an unobstructed view of around. The tower is designed in the shape of the official mascot of Singapore that is provided with an observation deck as well.

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is one of the most popular spots to enjoy the architecture of the city and absorb the mix of nature and glitz of the light show, you can observe the tree-like state of the art structures which light up daily at 7:45 pm and you can enjoy the wide array of lighting and the fauna in the Garden, moreover, you can also find some of the most awesome street food near the garden.

Gardens by the way

The Gardens by the Bay is a green space which is in the center of the city and occupies almost 101 hectares of land, it is divided into three major sections which are the Bay Central Garden, Bay South Garden, and the Bay East Garden. The garden has an advanced concept that is perfectly combined with nature and modern technology that creates an awe-inspiring futuristic wonderland.

Night Safari Nocturnal Wildlife Park:

This place is best when visited post dusk as that is the time when it comes alive in the real sense of jungle. It is among the world's first-night safari parks of the world and is regarded as a must-visit tourist place of Singapore. Just like an original safari, the night safari offers the chance to view the magnificent nightlife in the jungle with 2,500 resident animals from a family that is home to more than 130 species of animals. It has magnificent creatures like the Malayan Tiger and Malayan Tapir.

Orchard Road

Orchard street is a shopping strip that extends in a distance of 2.2 kilometers and it consists of the greatest spots for shopping such as shopping complexes, stores, luxury malls, and restaurants. Orchard Street has some of the greatest shops and malls which are decorated with great lighting specifically to provide the visitors with the most glamorous feel of the city.

Orchard Road

Some of the greatest shopping spots on the Orchard Street where you can shop for a variety of items are:

  • Lucky Plaza: This is one of the most well-known places in Singapore where you can bargain before making a purchase. You can find great products such as souvenirs, mobile phones, gadgets, accessories, and other electronics. This is the most affordable shopping spot in the whole of Singapore.
  • ION Orchard: If you want to shop for luxury products and flagship items then ION Orchard is one of the most glamorous shopping malls in Singapore. You can shop from more than 300 stores which are in the complex. Moreover, it is a glamorous destination to explore in Singapore.
  • Ngee Ann City: This is another mall which is a great place to spend time, have a meal and shop. The mall consists of great shopping stores and it has Singapore’s largest bookstore inside it. Multiple famous Asian restaurants are also a part of the Ngee Ann City mall.

Universal Studios Singapore:

It is a park that is full of fun and adventures with rides that offers a supreme amount of adrenaline rush and themes that are famous all around the globe. Tourists visit here from all over the world as it has 24 major rides with 7 zones based on different themes. This place offers fun activities to all age groups whether they are children, youth or aged people, it has some or other things for everyone, it is not possible that you visit this place and this place disappoints you in any way.

It has beautifully themed parks that are based around Hollywood movies and is regarded as a paradise for people who are movie buffs. The park is themed so that it has crafted themed zones along with mesmerizing city skyline views that will for sure take you in the world as depicted in movies.

This place has a whole lot of rides that includes roller coaster and that too is based on a theme. It takes you to back to the ancient Egypt filled with mummies and rushing riverboat is among the top water-sport available.

China Town

Singapore is a diverse land which is composed of a mix of culture from people of different origins like Malaysian, Asian and even Indian. You can find a touch of every culture in different parts of Singapore.

The Chinatown part of Singapore is a complete goldmine of the Chinese culture, you can find everything from ancient Chinese-style temples, markets, restaurants, boutique hotels, and teahouses. You can see a smaller version of China in the narrow alleyways, typical Chinese architecture, shophouses, and the area’s famous night street flee market.

China Town

The place is a wonder in itself as it totally recreates the experience of China and it especially offers the best mouth-watering authentic Chinese cuisine.

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People Also Ask

Is Singapore a good spot for tourism?

Singapore is known for its cleanliness and glamour around the world, it is quite popular among the tourists as it provides some of the most modern experiences of cityscapes to the tourists. It has the best shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cultural centers, art galleries, bars, pubs, and much more.

What is the best month for travelling to Singapore?

If you want to travel to Singapore and want to have the most wholesome experience of the place then you can visit the place between December to June. In case you want to get the best shopping experience then you can visit the place between May to July as you can shop during the GSS period during which you can get the greatest discounts of all time.

What are some of the most famous dishes of Singapore?

Singapore is mostly known for its seafood, some of the most famous dishes of the city are Chilli crab, the black pepper crab, and the Sambal Stingray. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the Hainanese Chicken Rice which is also quite popular in Singapore.


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