How To Buy And Apply Bronzer For Beginners (All Skin Types: Fair To Dark)?

How To Buy And Apply Bronzer For Beginners (All Skin Types: Fair To Dark)?

Unlock the secret to a sun-kissed glow with our beginner's guide to buying and applying bronzer for all skin types, from fair to dark! Navigate the world of bronzing products with confidence as we demystify formulas, shades, and application techniques. Discover how to choose the perfect bronzer tone to complement your skin tone, and learn foolproof methods for achieving a natural, radiant finish. Whether you're a makeup novice or seasoned enthusiast, this comprehensive handbook ensures flawless results every time. Say hello to a luminous complexion and goodbye to bronzing blunders as we embark on this journey to makeup mastery together!

What if I told you that it is possible to get cheekbones like Bella Hadid and Jawline like Bebo without going under the knife? Yes, the answer is no wonder Makeup, but there’s a particular product that gives your skin the depth and edges you want, and it is, (drumrolls) Bronzer. Yes, Bronzer adds a layer of warmth to your makeup and makes your face look life-defined. Don’t worry it’s not rocket science it just requires some effort. There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind before buying a bronzer because your skin deserves the right products. So let’s start with the quest!

What Is The Purpose of Bronzer?

When we have products like highlighters and contour, why do we need bronzers? Well, bronzers provide that natural tint and glow that gives dimensions to your face. Why change the color of your face when you can magnify your natural skin? Just know your skin type and let’s find the right bronzer for you!

Skin Types


Oily Skin: Oily skin is prone to acne and if you will apply a liquid bronzer it can become a problem for you. It is advisable to use a powder bronzer for this type of skin as it absorbs the access oil and doesn’t let your skin break out.

Dry Skin: Dry skin needs moisture and hence it is suggested by experts to use a creamy bronzer as it can help the skin moisturize.

Combination Skin: For combination skin, you need to figure out if your skin is more towards the oily side or is it more towards the dry side, and in that way, you can decide the type of Bronzer you want to get for yourself. For example, you would want to use a liquid bronzer for the skin that is oilier than it is dry.

Skin Color  

You must buy bronzer according to your skin color and shades. With different shades of beauty in India, there are a thousand types of products available in the market but you need to choose that one product that goes with your skin tone.

Fair Skin: While applying bronzer on fair skin, you would not want it to look like a fake tan. You should go with natural shades like pink and peach colors. You can opt for Sephora Bronzer Powder - 01 Caledonia Clair it works wonders on pale skin and makes it look defined and edgy. The texture is very smooth and blends well. Suitable for brides if looking for bling on their big day.

Try to opt for cool undertones that let your skin glow, don’t go for brown and darker shades as they might end up looking fake, and it can also ruin your whole look. You can band a sun-kissed look with the right bronzer. With that, your application needs to be perfect (but don’t you worry, we have some tips for that too (read below)). Look for a matte-like finish for daily use and shimmers for special days and you won’t regret it.

And one more important tip, do not listen to people, just go out and find the perfect shade by checking it on your skin. Try going with a darker shade than your complexion, to get that perfect edgy look. Experiment until you find that one bronzer that can make heads turn. Good luck!


Medium Tone Skin: This type of skin isn’t too fair and isn’t too dark and sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right type of products but don’t worry we are here to tell you how you can find your perfect bronzer and shine. Don’t choose light shades as it can it can make your face look washed out, no kidding! Imagine having beautiful skin and texture like shades of honey and ruining it with light shades of bronzer, Nope, not advisable.  Use powder bronzer for this skin type because it is more adaptable and flexible and it is smooth like butter.

Try from Shopee, Australia’s Sweet Like chocolate Scented bronzer for this particular skin tone, this particular bronzer is affordable first of all, and secondly, it is so smooth and blends perfectly. You can try matte and shimmery types of bronzers for this skin tone because matte gives this neutral glow with a matte finish that looks so beautiful. But if you like that little bit of bling then go for the shimmer one because it gives your face and cheeks a beautiful glow and defines them so symmetrically.

If you are a beginner and do not know your shade try getting a bronzer that matches your skin and experiment with that. If you think it’s too dark for your skin, get one or two shades lighter the next time and never stop experimenting until you find the one that is meant for you.

Dark Skin: This skin tone is the most beautiful one for makeup, ladies if you have dark skin, then experiment with makeup as much as you can because this is a rich tone and every shade and layer of makeup enhances its beauty. Bronzer on this type of skin looks like shining sand, so beautiful and so fresh. For this type of skin try using shades of bronzer that are like chocolate in color, be it matte or shimmer. Matte gives this skin tone dusky and enriched looks while shimmer gives it a runway look. For this type of skin tone it becomes easier to find the perfect bronzer, but make sure you do not get a very dark shade as it might end up looking muddy. You can with the same shade or a shade lighter for this type of skin tone. 

Brides with this skin one should go for a liquid shimmer bronzer to get that bling on your wedding day. Many people are under the impression that bronzer is not meant for people with dark skin and they could have not been more wrong. Yes, bronzer for dark skin is as normal as a bronzer for fair and medium skin it looks more beautiful on darker skin. It radiants the skin and adds a glow that looks like a tan under the sun. Do not believe these people and go find the right bronzer for yourself.

Try E.L.F Warm Bronzer from Lazada and see the results for yourself, you would not believe that you have been missing out for years. It is matte but not too dry; It leaves your skin looking plushy and gives that golden tint, and makes your skin glow as you have just come out of water. Must try for ladies with dark skin and you’d see the difference for yourself.

How To Apply Bronzer?

Now that we have talked about everything that you need to keep in mind while getting the best shade of bronzer for you based on your skin type and skin color, it is also important that you know how to use it on your face. Assuming that you are a beginner let’s start with the basics of how to apply makeup and with each step you will understand that makeup isn’t just makeup it a form of art. We will start step-wise so that it will be easier for you to understand and then we will finally discuss ‘how to apply bronzer’.


Moisturizer (Step 1): Start with moisturizing your face because makeup can sometimes be intense you’d feel the need to apply it. Do not care about what your skin type is, moisturizing is important for everyone, from dry to oily skin, everyone. It strengthens and nourishes your skin. 

Primer (Step-2): Pat the primer all over your face as it is an essential part of the makeup. Primer is necessary because it holds the makeup; it helps your makeup to be on, no matter how busy your day is, it will hold on your makeup together. The trick is to just pat it and rub it, we don’t want it to be absorbed totally by your skin. If you have excessively oily skin, try finding a primer that works as both moisturizer and primer because moisturizer can become overwhelming sometimes for this skin type.

Foundation (Step-3): Foundation is used to cover pores, pigmentation, and pimples. Foundations should be the same as your skin tone, not a shade lighter or darker. It is used to even out the complexion. It is the base for your makeup, products used after this defines your makeup. It can come in liquid or powder form, try using the powder one if you have oily skin and vice versa but do not settle until you find the one that matches your shade.

Concealer (Step-4): Concealer is used after foundation so that it can cover the blemishes or pigmentation that foundation couldn’t. It also covers or conceals dark circles and uneven skin tone. It provides a uniform and even finish to your makeup and should not be skipped. Makes you look flawless; It can brighten your face and can completely change the finished look. The best way to choose the concealer is to choose one or two shades lighter than your skin tone or your foundation, this makeup secret can make you stand out from others and you will get compliments.

Bronzer (Step-5): As we discussed earlier bronzer can change the game for you entirely. Try using bronzer the next time you do your makeup and you will be surprised to see how defined your face looks. Do not skip this step no matter what, because after the concealer your cheeks and jawline are left undefined, that’s when you need to add bronzer. Your jawline will look more defined and your cheeks will look shiny. Contour your hairline and jawline in a way that looks like rays of sun falling on your face. And for starting you can use bronzers from Althea and Watsons.

Blush (Step-6): Add blush to the apples of your cheeks, it makes you look vibrant and fresh. You can even apply blush according to the seasons like rose glow during winters, peachy tint during spring, and orange/pink for summers. It gives your face a beautiful glow and color.

Highlighter (Step-7): Highlighter isn’t important but it should be applied. It can be applied wherever you want the attention to be. You want your cheekbones to shine? Apply highlighter. You can apply it to the tip of your nose as it is very trendy these days.

Eye shadow and Eyeliner (step-8): For eye shadow try using a darker shade than the shade of blush you have used it defines the face.

Lipstick (Step-9): Lipsticks come in all forms from matte to shiny to glossy to satin. It is totally up to you just make sure it goes with your blush and eye shadow.

Setting Spray (Step-10): For your makeup to stay for a longer duration, you must set it with setting spray and setting powder. And with this last step done, you’re ready to rock.


1. How do you apply bronzer properly?

  1. Wash your face using lukewarm water and a cleanser
  2. Create a leather with warm water and and massage it into your face by usng your fingertips in circular motions
  3. Rinse your face off and then pat it dry with a clean washcloth.

2. Where should bronzer be applied?

Apply lightly to all of the spots where the sun naturally shines, including the temples, cheeks, nose, and chin.

3. For what purpose bronzer is used?

Bronzer is used in the areas where the sun would naturally hit to tan the skin. It removes the tan and give you smooth skin.

4. Do you put translucent powder before after bronzer?

Apply setting powder before bronzer, blush and highlighter is to ensure a smoother application.

5. Should I wear blush or bronzer?

Blush is ideal for adding a pinch of natural pink to the cheeks wheras Bronzer can be a great way for sun kissed glow.


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