Where Can Shop During Christmas And New Year In Malaysia?

Where Can Shop During Christmas And New Year In Malaysia?

Discover the ultimate shopping destinations for the festive season in Malaysia! Explore a myriad of vibrant markets, bustling malls, and quaint boutiques as we unveil the top spots to shop during Christmas and New Year. From the iconic Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to the cultural charm of Central Market, immerse yourself in a shopping extravaganza like no other. Indulge in festive decorations, seasonal promotions, and a wide array of gifts for your loved ones. Whether you're seeking luxury brands or unique local treasures, Malaysia offers a shopping experience that caters to every taste and budget. Let's embark on a merry shopping adventure!

Festivals exist in each and every country, among the people of all faiths, beliefs, cultures, and origins. The festivals are special occasions that mark a significant event special to a certain group of people. They follow various traditions, perform festivities and celebrate together during their festivals. The festivals are certain times, which are mostly associated with positive themes like, peace, togetherness, love, kindness, faith, and more.

Religious festivals are festivals that are of great value to different religions across the world. These are important occasions that mark important events from the history of different religions. People celebrate these festivals according to their traditional values and have varying types of festivities. People who are away from their houses travel home to celebrate these festivals along with their families and friends.

Celebrate this Christmas with Greatest Savings

Christmas is one such festival which of great importance to Christians, this is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Christ. Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world and thus, it is celebrated in most of the countries around the world. People celebrate it with their families; they decorate houses and Christmas trees and exchange gifts with each other.

Brace yourself as the holiday season is here. With upcoming festivals of delight, Christmas and New Year get ready for lots and lots of gifts, happiness, and blessings. The festival not only brings you a lot of rejoicing but also provides you with precious gifts which you get from your loved ones. You also make their festival memorable in return by giving them gifts from your side and find the joy of giving along with it.

If you are wondering how and where to get these gifts from, then you need not worry as Vouchers Portal Malaysia has got you covered. We have specially assorted a list of the best online store which provides Christmas and New Year Sale offers on hundreds of categories to shop from. We here, are on a mission of providing you with the best deals, offers, discount codes, promo codes, exclusive access to sales so that you can get memorable gifts for everyone precious to you and you can save more along with that.

The season which lies from Christmas to New Year consists of different sale events so don’t worry about missing anything and fasten your seatbelts as we take are taking you on step by step tour of the sale events which lie during the season and the best shops with great offers which they provide during the festive period.

Types Of Sales Which Run During The Festive Season :

1 - Christmas Sale

Christmas, which is the most auspicious occasion for all the people of Christian faith is a festival of happiness and is based on the theme of  "The Joy of Giving" people have gifting activities like "Secret Santa" and people exchange gifts with everyone, you can find a great number of discounted products during this season online. The Christmas sale pretty much starts from the arrival of December in a different number of online and offline stores, you can pretty much see a section of Christmas-related gifts, Christmas trees, Christmas-themed clothing, merchandise, and much more. You can get tons of offers in every store during this sale as this occurs especially to make your Christmas shopping experience fulfilling.

Christmas Sale 2021

During the mid of the month, just before the arrival of Christmas, the deals get even hotter, prices get slashed to half or more on products, some of the websites also offer free shipping along with it and that is the time when you can get the maximum saving on most of the categories. Especially, if you check the Vouchers Portal offers page and subscribe to the newsletter, through which we will keep you updated about all the offers, discounts, promo codes, and much more.

2 - Boxing Day

Missed the Christmas sale? Worry not, as the boxing day sale just on the day next to Christmas. The boxing day was traditionally celebrated as an off for workers and employees and they received a “Christmas box” filled with gifts for themselves and their families. You can get the best offers and discounts during the festive season, particularly during the Boxing Day sale. Most of the websites offer up to 84% off discounts on most of the categories.

Boxing Day Sale

Although now it is just another opportunity for you to get great offers and deals on different products. Boxing day is observed as the highest traffic day on the internet as online stores take advantage of the excitement spread through the Christmas gifting so they continue with the sale and the people also get back on the shopping spree.

3 - New Year Sale

New Year is all about new beginnings and starting it with utmost positivity, it is the time when people get over their bad habits and negative thoughts which they had for the previous year and commence with a fresh start, the online merchants understand this and thus provide great sales to give your New Year period an optimistic gift by providing extra savings on multiple categories. The new year sale brings back to you a fresh variety of offers and discounts, with brand new products and deals to give you a fresh start with the new year. Make good resolutions and purchases of great products with great offers and deals.

New Year Sale

You can get a variety of superb offers such as buy one get one free on thousands of products in various stores, discount and cashback codes, of different products related to health, personal development, organization, and money management.

Top Online Gifting Stores in Malaysia

Shopping is always a mandatory job during the festive season. It is obvious that you need to buy different products for the loved ones in your family, relatives and for your friends. Finding the right products with a great variety of options can be a tough job at times, but we have got you covered as we bring you a list of top stores from Malaysia, providing a great variety of products from all the different categories available online. Moreover, if you shop through us in these stores you can get immense savings on every purchase you make.

  • Lazada Malaysia

Lazada offers pre-Christmas sales starting from the 16th of December and Christmas sale followed by it, where it offers flash sales with great discounts, with new products every day. You can get offers on a great range of categories on Lazada store such as electronic devices, accessories, TV and home appliances, health and beauty, babies and toys, groceries, pet supplies, home improvement and lifestyle, women and men fashion apparel, accessories, sports, biking gear, parts, accessories, and equipment.

To getting access the best Lazada promo code, hot deals, special promotions, exclusive sales, and Voucher code, check out our website.

  • Shopee

The Shopee store offers the best budget deals especially on mobile devices, gadgets, tech accessories, audio devices, and much more with great discounts during its flash gadgets sale from the 16th of December. It also runs other different number sales on hundreds of different categories. Shopee is a store that has products from hundreds of brands and varieties to choose from, and you can get unbelievable discounts on the product you want to purchase. Shopee also has an assorted category of Christmas gift stores from where you can find all the Christmas-themed gifts easily with the best offer prices.

You can get a Shopee promo code, coupon code, special access to exclusive discounts, regular updates about upcoming deals, and flash sales from our website's offer section.

  • Sephora

If you were waiting for the sale on beauty products your wait is over, as Sephora offers one of the biggest sales on its website during this season, you can get different makeup products, beauty tools, nail paints, skincare products, body care products, hair care products with biggest discounts of all time. Sephora offers up to 40% on its holiday collection during the festive season. To get the best deals on its cosmetics and other products you just need to check out the Sephora My store page on the Vouchers Portal website and get  Sephora Promo Codes and Sephora Discounts.

  • Zalora

Shop fashion apparel for men, women, and kids from internationally popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Aldo, Levi’s, Mango, Dorothy Perkins, Sprit, CK, and many more. You can get the best discounts on fashion products, accessories, beauty products during this season only on Zalora.

Zalora offers up to 50% on its holiday store and you can get all the trendy and modern styles with great designs. Flaunt your colors by purchasing apparel from Zalora and save more through us by checking our Zalora store page where you can get Zalora fashion & beauty offers, Promo Codes, Discountsand more.

  • AliExpress

Get offers on hundreds of different categories like electronic appliances and accessories, fashion apparel, office essentials, home improvement, baby and kids, automobile accessories, bags and luggage, and much more during the festive season on the AliExpress website and app. You can get flash sales, lightning deals, and limited-time discounts on new products every day. If you need to stay updated about the offers on different products Promo Code, Discounts you need to subscribe to our newsletter by registering on the Vouchers Portal website so that we can keep you informed about the daily deals and flash deals on AliExpress MY.

  • Charles & Keith

During the period of Christmas to New Year people love shopping and offline stores in the local markets in order to take advantage of this often sell products at higher prices but people can purchase the same products from online stores which offer great discounts and sales during the festive season. Charles and Keith's online brand store offers a wide range of footwear and accessories, especially for women. It is an authentic and internationally recognized brand that provides fashion accessories and footwear with the best designs and supreme quality.

Buy the best fashion apparel online for gifting your loved ones, Charles & Keith has the most premium collection of clothing, accessories, footwear, and jewelry online.

  • Yoox

You can shop for great fashion from numerous great brands during this festive season and get great offers on the YOOX online store through our website. YOOX's philosophy has been always based on encouraging conscious and responsible shopping, helping customers to be kinder to the planet by investing in fashion with longevity.

Yoox sells clothing lines such as dresses, coats, jackets, jeans, denim, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, shoes, swimwear, and many more. It also sells accessories like belts, eyewear, beauty products, handbags, wallets, watches, hats, etc. Gift your loved ones with the best fashion apparel and shop from the biggest collection to get a great variety of world-renowned brands for men, women, and kids and make this festive season worthwhile.

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