Desir South Africa: How To Get Best Deals And Offers?

Desir South Africa: How To Get Best Deals And Offers?

Love and intimacy are what make a relationship stronger. The bond which a couple shares together stems from the things they experience together in bed. The key to a healthier relationship is having a great sexual life. It is what spices up things and keeps the romance alive. Sex toys are the best way to experiment with new realms in your sexual life. To make your relationship more strong, you have to always stay fit with the daily exercise. So bring the perfect Nike running shoes to your home from Nike South Africa.

If you are looking for sex toys that will be the perfect addition to your romantic life, Desir South Africa offers some of the best and interesting sex toys for your partner and you. Adult toys are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and functions. This article deals with different types of sex toys you can purchase from Desir, according to your needs and budgets. This period should better be known as ‘the golden age of sexual exploration’ and all thanks go to technological advancement.

Sex toys have seen some major changes over the last 3 decades. Now, they are made with stronger materials, are safer, and are much more durable – and long battery life ensures that they won’t die on you every 3 seconds. If you haven’t yet explored the possibilities of having adult toys in your life, you haven’t explored the bright side of intimacy. This article brings you a complete guide on how to introduce toys into your sexual life.

What Should You Know Before Buying Sex Toys?

Sex toys are as various in number as the brands that manufacture them. Not all toys are tacky, cheap, and uncomfortable, similarly not all toys are soft, luxurious, over-the-range items. Think of the buying a sex toy experience like buying a fine bottle of wine. To discover which adult toy suits your taste, you might have to try a few before settling for your favorites.

Even though most South Africans love playing with toys in their bedrooms, talking of it openly or seen buying one was considered taboo for a very long time even during the 21st century. Apart from the pleasure and fun side of these toys, there are a lot of medical benefits to them too.

These toys help in improving sexual health:

  • Prostate massage with adult sex toys can help in prolonging and intensifying male orgasm and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Sex toys help in the reduction of stress and the symptoms of hemorrhoids, improving sleep quality and empowering sexual relationships.
  • Female sex toys can improve levels of endorphin, strengthen pelvic muscles, increase blood circulation, promote sex drive.

Decide Your Budget

There are no two brands that create identical pieces. The quality of the sex toy you choose is directly proportional to your budget. Some brands sell luxury toys while some resort to more economical options. The lower your budget, the poorer quality of material used. If you have a lower budget range, it is better to go for the best options falling in your budget, rather than opting for more premium-looking but cheap poor quality toys.

For example - Suppose you have a budget of R500, and you want to purchase a vibrator – it would be way better to buy high quality, smaller external clitoral vibrator rather than going for a cheap, poor quality Rabbit vibrator that tends to break easily and give you a horrible feeling.

Knowing What Turns You On

Knowing what turns you on is the next step in deciding your ideal adult toy. When choosing your adult sex toys for the first time, it is advised to either identify a sexual niche or kink that appeals to your sexual desires or considering the main reason as to why you are purchasing a specific kind of toy will help you in choosing the right toy.

There are two main types of categories that generally appeal to people's taste:

  • Niche Selection includes light bondage, role-playing, BDSM, anal play.
  • Performance Orientated focuses more on masturbation, foreplay enhancement.
  • Here is a brief introduction and fiction they perform regarding various niche options:
  • Vibrators, as the name suggests, are all those toys that vibrate to give internal & external vaginal pleasure and anal stimulation. Vibrators are great for powerful orgasms.
  • Bondage encapsulate all BDSM - centered toys for power play and includes whips, restraints, blindfolds, tickers, and clamps. Bondage toys are used for tease & denial.
  • Dildos include all the unmotorised realistic and non-realistic adult sex toys. Dildos are perfect for internal vaginal and anal pleasure.
  • Penis Rings can be fitted around the penis to keep it aroused for prolonged periods of time and are excellent for longer sex sessions.
  • Anal Sex Toys are items that are specifically customized for anal stimulation like plugs and beads. These are brilliant ways to enhanced arousal and orgasms during foreplay.
  • Sensual Massage can be considered as a type of romantic sex play with the inclusion of lubes, bath accompaniments, and waxes. They are the perfect way to create intimacy in your relationship.

Time To Choose the Perfect One

Once you have gotten your budget sorted, taken your niche and performance into account, you need to pick out the 3 toys online that you feel you will be comfortable with. Now, these final 3 toys need to be examined thoroughly.

These are certain criteria that should be the points of comparison while choosing:

  • The material or feel of the toy
  • The size-- height, width, girth, and circumference
  • The battery size for the length of use
  • The motor details for power and speed
  • Whether or not the toy is compatible with a harness.

Desir Adult Shop

If it is your first time choosing a sexual pleasure toy for you and your partner, Desir is the place for you. The website allows you to browse through the multitude of sex toys, sexual health products, appealing lingerie, and gift packs for your loved ones.

Shopping at the store might feel a little uncomfortable to a lot of people, but when no one is there to judge you, you can shop all you want to get that naughty side out on the bed. With Desir's online store, shop from a wide range of categories such as sex toys, light bondage, sex essentials, lubes, massage essentials, and lingerie. When you make a purchase with Desir, your package is delivered to your doorstep in discreet packaging, so that no one is aware of your fantasies.

Purchase your favorites from Desir and apply the Desir coupon code to get amazing discounts on your purchases.

What are the Best Desir intimates?

Some best selling products listed on the Desir online store are - 

Best Sex Toys

Désir has a wide range of sex toys that have been selected by experts. Desir imports only the best adult toy brands, collected from all over the world. You can be sure that all products are 100% body-safe to use; are quality checked and vetted; are medically sound, and are the most genuine, sophisticated products one could find in South Africa.

Some sex toys include:

  • Masturbator
  • Clitoral Stimulator
  • Spreader Bar
  • Wrist Cuffs
  • Vibrators
  • Grip Pumps
  • Anal Plugs
  • Penis Rings

Perfect Lubricants

Desir chooses only such lubricants designed to enhance your comfort and confidence during sexual intimacy.

Some of the best-selling lubricants are:

  • Clitoral Balm
  • Nipple Play Gel
  • Oral Sex Balm
  • Finger Play Gel
  • Anal Play Gel
  • Delay Cream
  • Water-Based Lubes
  • Anal Relaxing Gel
  • Masturbation Creams

Sex Essentials

Desir carefully selects sex essentials that are compatible with your sexual journey and aims to provide the utmost sexual satisfaction.

Some sex essentials sold by Desir are:

  • Oral Sex Edible Strips
  • Warming Massage Oil
  • Nipple Pump
  • Clitoral Pump
  • Potency Supplements
  • Libido Boosters

Purchase the best sexual wellness and pleasure products from Desir and apply the Desir discount code South Africa to get heavy discounts on your purchase.

How to Clean Your Adult Sex Toys Perfectly?

Caring for your toy collection is an essential part of having a sex toy. Uncleaned and unhygienic sex toys will either immediately or gradually harm your sensitive areas. Before using a particular toy, you must ensure its cleanliness so that you can continue using them without the risk of some infection. Scroll to the final part of this article to know the proper way to clean your sex toys.

  • Washing your sex toys immediately after use may interrupt the pleasure of orgasm, but it is essential to keep the bacteria from spreading and infecting your toy. The risk of infection gets higher as time passes.
  • Washing your toys in a warm soapy mix might irritate your parts on repeat use because of all the fragrance and chemicals, therefore is advised to use intimate care products specially made to rid your toy of bacterial, viral, and fungal elements.
  • Keep in mind the materials that your sex toy is made from. Some materials quickly tend to imbibe smells and bacteria, others are pretty easy to clean. Special attention must be paid to all rubbery toys as they often need to be soaked for a few minutes to get perfectly clean.
  • When you need to wash your electronic adult toys, use specialty cleaners as usual, but you should be particularly careful so that you do not submerge these in water. Water can damage the battery and ruin your experience.

Intimacy is something that has no boundaries and can be explored to any extent, so much so that you don't seriously injure each other. If you play safe, you'll unlock your sexual zen, and strengthen your relationship even more.


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