10 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Smartwatches

10 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Smartwatches

We have come a long way in the technological field. With the recent developments, it can be well- agreed that it is the golden age of technology to date. The world we live in has become very hi-tech. With the introduction of smartphones in our day-to-day lives, we are practically carrying the world in our pockets. It has become compact and easily accessible.

This compactness has reduced our dependency on other big and complicated devices, as many features are available in a single device.

One such device that can be strapped to our wrists is a watch. Not just any regular watch, a smartwatch to be exact. Smartwatches are the latest invention in the techno-verse that has taken the world by storm. A smartwatch is the only thing missing from your style statement as well as an easy method of keeping track of your fitness and health.

What are the top 10 Reasons to Buy Smartwatches?

Here are 10 reasons you should fall in love with smartwatches - 

1. It is a watch, just a lot smarter

The very first reason why you should buy a smartwatch is that it has all the features of a watch and is more than being limited to that. It will show you time, day, and date just as any other regular watch will. So if you are a big fan of watches, or watches are a big part of your style statement, then investing in smartwatches is simply an added perk.

A lot of brands put up smartwatches sales where you can buy the watches of your choice without burning a hole in your pockets.

2. You get instant notifications

If you are too busy to check your phone, and often miss important notifications, a smartwatch is your rescue call. Smartwatch works on Bluetooth connectivity and therefore whenever you receive any notification on your smartphone, it directs it to your smartwatch strapped to your wrist. The smartwatch alerts you by producing a vibration.

Although some smartwatches may not allow you to read or respond to the notifications, at least you will not miss anything important.

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Hit the gym when a smartwatch is recording your health stats. Don’t forget to check out how to choose the perfect Nike running shoe.

3. Carry your music everywhere

Another perk of having a smartwatch is that you can store your music and listen on the go. For instance, Garmin smartwatches like Garmin Venu SQ Music Edition may store up to 500 songs synced with your Spotify account. All you need to do is connect your watch with a Bluetooth music device and take your music anywhere with you.

Different smartwatches have different song storage limits and if you want a high storage capacity, you need to spend a bit extra.

4. Works with your phone

Connecting your smartwatch with your phone via Bluetooth lets you access some of the features of your phone, without using your phone. Firstly it works as a watch so that you don’t need to whip out your phone now and then to check the time and date. Secondly, you can check important mails and play music on the go, it alerts you of incoming calls.

Some top-shelf smartwatches also act as a remote to take pictures if you happen to keep your phone on a stand. 

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5. Smartwatches are stylish

If you are worried that you might lose your stylish side by putting on a simple belt-type thing on your wrist, you need to re-think.

Smartwatches are not just smart, they can add a sophisticated touch to your entire ensemble. The market is full of such smartwatches which not only do justice to their name but also make you look stylish. They are available in different shapes and sizes, you can go for either chain bracelet-type watches or the regular leather strap ones.

There are several dial shapes and colors; you can also apply customized watch faces according to your choice of background.

If you are set on buying one, you should do a little research and get the best smartwatch deals from many brands which offer some of the best-in-class smartwatches. Before you buy, you should be well aware of the specifications and functions of each and decide if they will be up to your demands.

6. Can be used for navigation

Looking at your phone for directions while driving to any new place can be distracting. Smartwatches can help you with navigation.

Smartwatches are fitted with an in-built GPS which helps you keep a track of where you are headed. Most of the modern versions of smartwatches will send you a notification on the watch's face where you need to turn and what way to choose. Navigating to a new place has never been so convenient than now. Some watches connect to your phone for directions while some have pre-loaded maps within.

Series 6 Apple smartwatches and Fitbit Versa Lite are smartwatches with pre-loaded maps and an efficient GPS.

7. Tracks your fitness

One of the main reasons why smartwatches are such hype these days is that they keep a track of your fitness. The need to stay fit and fine is the prime concern of everyone, and knowing their progress helps with motivation. A smartwatch is hardwired to keep a track of how many steps you’ve walked in a day, how many calories you’ve burned, alerts you of the high or low blood pressure and oxygen levels.

The fitness functions of a smartwatch are not limited to just that, some of them also help you check your blood sugar level too.

These watches come with multiple sports modes which you can choose from while you indulge in any sports or physical activity. Now, your regular watch might be ruined if you swim with wearing it, but is a smartwatch waterproof? You can bet your money, it is 100% waterproof. It is specially designed in such a manner to endure harsh training, whether underwater or on mountain tops!

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8. Taking calls if you don’t have your phone around

Syncing your smartphone with your smartwatch will allow you to pick up important calls even if you don’t have your phone in hand. Using the same method of responding to notifications, you can answer phone calls you get on your smartphone. A lot of smartwatches generally vibrate and inform you of an incoming call, but a few of them allow you to talk using a speaker and microphone fitted in them.

Imagine you are running on a treadmill and you get a call. With a Xiaomi smartwatch on you, you can attend the call without getting off.

9. Helpful in case of emergencies

Sounds pretty next-gen, but it is true in the case of some top-shelf smartwatches. Since they are “smart” they can detect if the wearer has met with any kind of accident and make a call to the emergency services. In some other cases, the smartwatch may inform the people listed under the emergency contact by sending a message along with the wearer’s location.

It is especially useful in those times when the sufferer cannot use their phones to call for help.

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10. Facilitate contactless payments

Contactless payments are the technology of tomorrow made available for today.

Almost everyone has a smartphone or a credit card with the NFC- chip that allows them to make contactless payments. But what is more impressive, is having a smartwatch fitted with an NFC- chip to make payments without a card or smartphone. Modern smartwatches these days allow the user to select a credit card synced with them to pay anywhere, anytime.

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Smartwatches for Men

Men tend to focus more on technical features over stylish features. Here are some of the best smartwatches for men.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3- One of the best budget smartwatches that is excellent in both features and looks. Coming at its technical features, the watch has an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, built-in oximeter, 14 sport modes, weather updates, music controls, and also a stress monitor. Non- technical features of this watch are that it is available in various colors and offers a premium fit.

Suunto 7 Gps Sport- Specially designed for sports lovers and outdoor activity fans, this watch is one of the best.

The future of smartwatches is in good hands when we have such versatile products in the market. This watch is enabled with Wear OS by Google, has a handsome 50 mm display and 12 hours of battery life. In it, you get everything top-notch, from activity and workout tracking to contactless payments and offline route navigation. Connect with Android devices to enjoy a seamless experience.

Technology has gone too far to suffice the needs of humankind. Technology is kept up-to-date to help us in every step and ensures that we get the best facilities to lead a hassle-free life. Smartwatches are the appropriate examples of having the world on our hands. With that being said, Stay Stylish And Stay Fit!


By: Vouchers Portal ZA