The 2021 Travel Bucket List: What Are Top Places To Visit In The USA?

The 2021 Travel Bucket List: What Are Top Places To Visit In The USA?

Do you often find yourself struck by a strong temptation of traveling to different places with a great variety of attractions with natural landscapes, fun spots, great people and endless possibilities? Then you might want to visit the United States of America. The land of bold and free is one of the world’s most popular spots to travel and has everything to offer which you seek. From marvelous cityscapes to mesmerizing natural wonders, from the most diverse food cuisine to the best holiday relaxation spots, from great beaches to adventurous peaks, from historic sites to modern nightlife destinations the city can offer you almost everything which you desire.

What Advantages You Might Get By Travelling To New Places?

Although, the whole world is open to tourism and travels it all depends on you to pack your bags and head out on a new adventure. Sometimes, our lifestyle choices stop us from making the decision of stepping outside to experience something so great, thus, below are certain benefits which might motivate you and force you to think of traveling during your next holiday:

  • Traveling helps you have fun

What fun does one have working in an office, sitting throughout the day in a small cubicle, and going out to a nearby club or a restaurant to relax a little on the weekend at max? This particular lifestyle, and staying limited to one single city creates utter boredom after a certain point in time.

If you head out to travel, you step out of your routine and boredom, you have the liberty to have fun in whatever ways you want to, whether you are old or a child you can enjoy in multiple ways.

  • Creates lifelong memories

Travelling can be considered a cluster of totally unique and uncertain experiences, you literally no idea what might happen next, finding a great scenic view, breaking a laugh along with your partner during a totally special and unique moment, learning something new from a stranger, these are certain moments which occur once in the whole life and can be so important sometimes that can become lifelong memories.

  • Boosts creativity

Sometimes, while you are in a limited horizon or a comfort zone, this causes your mind to get more creative, and exploring new things causes you to make new neural connections, learning new things brings more insight to your brain and triggers original thoughts. Creative minds have proved this theory from time to time, even The Beatles got inspired after traveling to a certain place in India.

  • Gives You peace of mind

Most of us are often occupied with stressed put lives and are committed to a routine so repetitive that it often becomes unbearable for us. Traveling is something which temporarily cuts you off from whatever lifestyle you were occupied with, and gives you a break from all the usual activities. This helps you appreciate the other things which exist in the world and also gives you peace of mind.

  • Improves communication skills

When you travel to different far-off places you interact with people who use different languages, this forces you to learn new languages and ways of communication, this is quite great if you don’t socialize much or consider yourself to be an introvert. Travelling can give a great boost to your communicational skills and make you talk efficiently.

Top Places To Explore In The U.S.A.

The world is full of remarkable landscapes, breathtaking views, great architectural cities and towns, historic monuments, and hundreds of destinations where you can enjoy your holiday and make it memorable. We here have analyzed the data provided by different travel bloggers, reviews, and each and every detail about different locations in the USA and specially assorted a list of top places to visit throughout the country, where you can visit during your holiday break this year. 

  • Las Vegas

Whenever the name of this place pops up, anything which arises in someone’s mind first and foremost is gambling, as the place is one of the largest hot spots for enjoying the sport of gambling. It offers the biggest variety of gambling clubs, casinos, gaming clubs, and much more associated with gambling. But that’s not just the only activity which the place has to offer, it can be considered the greatest party spots for enjoying the nightlife, the city has some of the greatest pubs, bars, strip-clubs, music concerts, hotels, restaurants, and destinations which provide you with other fun activities.

The city initially was a settlement near the oasis which lied in the great Mojave Desert, since the initial stage the city has now taken the form of the most modern cities ever in the USA. The city can offer you the most exquisite delights such as the great cuisine and exotic supercars which you can find casually drooling throughout the city. You can enjoy various fun activities such as indoor skydiving, go-carting, and zip-lining.

  • San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the cities which can offer you everything from beautiful views to modern sites, from cozy cafes to great clubs, bars and pubs to enjoy the nightlife. You can visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge or take a view of the city from the infamous Twin Peaks. You can enjoy the great cuisine which different types of restaurants in the city have to offer, you can visit the famous China Town which is quite a popular place for enjoying their own version of Chinese cuisine and a close enough experience of streets which resemble the markets of China itself.

The other great attractions of the city include The Fisherman Wharf, The Golden Gate Park, The Palace of Fine Arts, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and multiple other sites.

  • Washington, DC

The capital city of the USA is also one of the most beautiful cities of the states as it has some of the places which are truly majestic. You can visit the most epic and the most important buildings of the United States such as the Capitol and the Lincoln memorial. You can also learn about the history of the States at one of the most famous Smithsonian Museums. Besides that, you can explore the Wharf and enjoy the great food places such as Officina or head southeast to enjoy the baseball games.

  • Chicago

The city is one of the most visited places in the United States this is because the city has almost every type of experience to offer you such as the Lincoln Park Zoo and many different museums for an exclusive trip to the cultural side of the city. You can also enjoy the great cuisine of the United States simply in Chicago also you can enjoy the great jazz performances in different clubs and at the Green Mill. The city also has great pubs and bars which are pretty famous such as the Beer Temple.

No matter what your interests are you can always find some new adventure in the city of Chicago, therefore the city is popular among tourists.

  • Hawaii

Hawaii is a place which is a cluster of more than 100 islands, however, 8 major islands are most important and are known as the Hawaiian Islands, the place is one of the largest destinations with a great number of beaches. The place has elegant seashores, fun and thrilling activities such as water sports, distinct Hawaiian cuisine and heritage to explore and great sites such as great rock formations, divine islands, and you can literally have a great party at night at a different number of bars by the beachside.

The Big Island in Hawaii is also a great place that has three active volcanoes and you can pretty much explore multiple such landscapes which are almost in multiple parts of Hawaii.

  • New York

The city which often gains all the glory in the USA is a place with a mix of different cultures, you can explore a lot while traveling in New York. The place is quite modern but has a great history to tell, you can find a diverse culinary landscape, great places to shop from, awesome nightlife, great shows of creativity, historic buildings, and museums in New York.

The place has awesome neighborhoods, with people from different origins and co-existing together, the place has placed such as Manhattan, Central Park, and Hudson Yards where you can explore the great heritage and architecture of the city.

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People Also Ask

1 - Which is the best time to visit the USA?

If you are looking to travel to the southern states then you can travel in the months of November to March. The months of April to July are the months of Spring and are great if you want to explore the natural beauty of the States such as the national parks, Yellowstone and the Rockies. July to August are the months of summer and are great in case you want to visit Grand Canyon.

2 - What is the impact of Covid-19 in the USA?

The covid-19 pandemic had the worst effect in the USA, but now the pandemic has started to cool down. You can find travel restrictions in some of the parts of the states, and it is compulsory in multiple states to get tested for Covid-19 within 72 hours of arrival and getting quarantined for almost 10 days.

3 - How long is a USA tourist visa valid for?

The USA tourist Visa is a type of non-immigrant Visa that has validity from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years which allows multiple entries in the States and the maximum period of stay in the country is 6 months.


By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal USA