Traveling to Majorca: How To Get There, What To Do, Where To Eat?

Traveling to Majorca: How To Get There, What To Do, Where To Eat?

A true gem in the Mediterranean Sea, it is wildly popular among German and British tourists, as it offers a door to open paradise with open arms for travelers across the globe. The dreams of a tropical vacation always consider wildly clean waters and a serene atmosphere; you can find everything in Majorca. It has everything you need for a tropic – beaches, mesmerizing sights, and serene nature; Majorca is indeed the true natural paradise.

Best places in Majorca include beaches lined by architecture and history, offering great food, culture, and some family fun on the sides. Majorca tells us, there is more to Spain, and the love for Spain will not end soon in the hearts of travelers. Sunshine over the head, pristine waters, and some Sunday ice cream. Imagine the great food on top of everything, and dive in to travel Majorca.

It is one of the largest of Spain's beaches and is different than the mainland of Spain. Looking for a cheap party destination - Mallorca can be an option. But luckily, Mallorca has more to offer than the infamous neighborhoods of Magaluf and El Arenal. More to its location in the Mediterranean Sea, it draws beautiful weather and incredible beaches, but that is not it; there is more.

First Things First, Majorca or Mallorca

It is confusing, and widely, people coming here are confused, and some are in shock that they reached the wrong location; let's clear this hoax.

Majorca and Mallorca refer to the same Island, but correctly it is Mallorca. "Double l" in Spanish is pronounced like "y" in English, but in some Spanish accents, it's also pronounced a bit like "j," so maybe that's where it came from. . The British used the term with a J, and although it is not correct somehow it got stuck and became a popular name in saying; wait until someday it pops up in some advertising

The Luxury Spanish Escapes To Majorca or Mallorca


Mallorca - most considerable of the Spanish Balearic Islands, with a long and fascinating history. Its current population is around 900,000, most of whom live in and around the city of Palma. The number increases during the summer months when many seasonal workers and tourists flock to the Island and secure every room in hotels, increasing the prices. To overcome, you can use the Dream Place Hotels discount code to lessen the burden.

The enriched place has been famous and provides an escape for visiting across the Island with numerous luxury accommodations. The islands on the islands offer incredible experiences, but some are in historic buildings that provide every amenity for modern convenience. You could choose from comfortable villages and villas throughout the Island.

It is true that resorts already occupy part of Mallorca's coast, but these are very self-contained and are easily avoided if parties and crowds are not your things. There are stretches of beaches, especially in the south, which are undeveloped.

Best Time To Travel Mallorca


The best time to visit Mallorca - late spring (April-May) or autumn (September-October) as temperatures are warm, and beaches are much less crowded. Summer (July-August) is busy and very hot, so expect large crowds and high temperatures.

Average and warm summer temperatures reaching the 20s with negligible rainfall in the lowlands are the best and most popular beach vacations and traditional family getaways. If you're planning a vacation around land-based activities, also consider the more excellent spring or fall months, ideal for exploring the Island on foot or by bike; these months offer a great route to worldly pleasure; use Sykes Cottages discount code UK to stay in splendid cottages. It's a walker's and cyclist's paradise, with the heights of the Serra de Tramuntana offering challenging slopes and breathtaking views with great timeshare options for those planning to return in the future.

How To Spend A Weekend In Mallorca?


Public Transport - Decades of tourism have made Mallorca easy to go around with. Developed road and bus network, three train lines, and a metro service operating in Palma. I recommend renting a car with so much to see - check out our activities section for original ideas in this regard. If you idolize public Transport, your first stop would be Palma Intermodal Station, accessible by bus 1 and 21 from the airport. From there, the local EMT bus and metro services will take you around the city, the TIB bus will take you to further destinations, and the train will take you to the cities.

By Bike - Mallorca by bike is a great way to see the Island (Bradley Wiggins is a big fan), and there are plenty of places to rent bikes - your luxury villas even you can include them in your rent.

Taxi - There are many taxi companies in Mallorca to help you get where you want to go. For many destinations, it is advisable to book in advance (if possible) and negotiate a price with the driver in advance.

Car Rental - If you are inland or in one of the more remote coastal areas, renting a car is probably essential. There are several local businesses and multinationals, but once you have your own set of wheels, the whole Island is to be explored! Companies like Europcar, Hertz, and Avis all offer direct service from the airport

Secret Places In Mallorca


True adventurers - or anyone looking for the quietest beaches they can find - should explore the North Coast. Here you'll find beautiful sites that are only within walking distance, like Es Canyaret, a beach just outside the village of Llucalari, known for its waterfalls and refreshing mud pools; Port des Canonge, a remote location to the east of the old terraced village of Banyalbufar; and Coll Baix, a beautiful bay surrounded by cliffs with turquoise waters.

While in the area, take some time to visit Deia, a small seaside village known for its creative works. It has fascinated writers and musicians for decades. It's a captivating puzzle of traditional flat-roofed buildings and lush gardens and is home to a beautiful Michelin-starred restaurant in the shape of an Es Racó d'Es Teix. For another delicacy from the north of Mallorca, look for fresh shrimp from Port de Soller; they are delicious, and 2015 saw the city launch a festival just for them (early March).

On the other side of the Island, experience an underground adventure in the majestic Cave del Drach. The tour winds through crystal-clear lakes and intricate rock formations of just over a kilometer, leading you to Lake Martel, a 170-meter underground lake - your guide will take you on a boat ride through it, accompanied by live classical music. With good lighting and paths and temperatures above 20 ° C, you don't have to be a fan to enjoy it!

Make sure you take the breathtaking tram from Soller town to the port! If you're in the mood for sightseeing, try traveling from Valdemossa to Sa Calobra (via Deia village), or visit the charming town of Estellencs and go in search of its beautiful hidden objects - don't forget to bring a meal outside!

If you go on the long drive through the Tramuntana mountains running east to west, stop for lunch in Es Grau for delicious food and breathtaking views

Savor the Taste Buds

Tumbet - A side dish than a main dish, but this Balearic dish with ratatouille will improve the meal.

Sobrassada - Local spicy sausage cooked in so many ways.

Seafood - Any trip to Mallorca would be incomplete without tasting some seafood. A lobster stew called a caldera is one of the best ways to taste the ocean.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Mallorca?

While traveling may be restricted due to COVID, the world is opening, and make sure to check all the norms before traveling to Spain in COVID


Undoubtedly, the biggest city in Mallorca, Palma is a pretty cool place if you are looking for exciting bars, restaurants, and much history. Once here, be sure to explore the astonishing, majestic Cathedral of Mallorca. However, it is so immense that you can hardly miss it when walking around the city. Oh, and don't forget you can stroll and climb the steps of Mallorca Cathedral; the point of view is immense.

Alcudia Bay

Visiting Alcudia and its bay is easily one of the best things to do in Mallorca if you want a beautiful beach. Yes, it can be a bit busier than the coves, but it is an absolutely beautiful area and worth visiting if you are already in the northeast of the Island. It's a great way to see both places, especially if you've traveled far to visit Mallorca.


Now one of the best places to see in Pollença has to be the beautiful 365 Steps Calvari. Alternatively, the small, intimate Pollenca Museum is worth a visit if you want to learn more about the village's history. It's pretty small so don't expect a huge resort but it is a lovely little place if you like museums.


This hilltop village is a hundred years old and is one of the most picturesque places in the north of the Island. Now, like most villages, it's a small but lovely little place where you can stretch your legs as part of a winding road trip. Despite the warnings, parking can be tricky!

Hike on Tramuntana Mountains

There are many incredible hiking trails in Mallorca these days; Ruta de Pedra en Sec (dry rock track) is terrific.  Now the whole length of the hike is almost 100 km through the mountains of Tramuntana, which is very beautiful. We had the impression of having set foot in the fjords of Norway; it was impressive.

Now there are some breathtaking trails with Lake Cuber in the distance. For example, see the routes Coll de L'Ofre and Puig de SA Rate. It's one of the best things to do in Mallorca. However, as with all hiking, prepare safely, drink enough water, listen to local safety advice, and go through the guidelines; to get comfortable stays, Corinthia Hotels discount code.

Popular Beaches

Mallorca's beaches aren't always the most accessible and often require steep rock formations on a winding road, but what usually awaits you is a rugged cove with pebble beaches and sapphire seas. Here are some northern beaches worth seeing:

Cala Boquer:  beautiful secluded beach with crystal clear waters and very few people in sight. However, it is not easy to achieve; it involves a long hike over part of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range before you can catch a glimpse of the sea, but the beautiful beach that awaits you is well worth the hike.

Cala Figuera: it's an idyllic cove where turquoise waters lapping against the pebbly shore. You will descend to a steep, rocky path to get there, but the captivating sea below will keep you motivated on the way down. Flat rocks with stunning sea views and a few boats anchored a little further away.

Cala Sant Vicenç - Cala Cabro: This area north of Mallorca is a haven of secluded coves. Each beach is a few minutes from the next, but my favorite is Cala Cabro, the furthest beach. It is the calmest and by far the most beautiful with clear blue waters, which is probably why it is the most popular spot for divers and kayakers.

While the place may be beautiful and amazing to visit but as per the current condition it is customary to come into the traveler's mind can I travel to Spain. You should check with the authorities and check the concerned authorities. There may be quite a few regulations and norms about visiting and roaming around, but the city offers all its resources for your best travel experience.

Mallorca is a beautiful island and worth a visit. Go through the travel restrictions and travel warnings of Spain before making plans. If you are planning to explore England, must know about the travel restrictions in England, UK during Covid-19Living in different parts of Spain and seeing most of the country can be the next great experience you are looking for. Mallorca is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain. If you have the chance to spend some time working and/or living on the Island like I did last summer, go for it!

Plan your trip now!!


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