What Are Travel Restrictions In England, UK During Covid-19 In 2021?

What Are Travel Restrictions In England, UK During Covid-19 In 2021?

The whole of the year 2020 was a dark period for the entire of humanity, as the new pandemic named COVID-19, which started spreading from China back in December 2019 made its way to most of the countries around the world and caused more than 128 million cases worldwide and more than 2.8 million deaths. The pandemic was started to cool down back in November 2020 and many countries started to lift all the restrictions and lockdown but the virus rapidly started mutating and became more and more contagious, soon a sudden spike was noticed again in the UK and the second wave of COVID-19 was confirmed in late December, with this a strict lockdown was imposed all over the country.

People all over the UK were forced to head back inside their houses yet again and were only allowed to head out for purchasing essential items. Night curfews and exemption of public gathering, social distancing was also imposed in the entire country. After facing hardships for such a long period, yet again people were forced to go back to the previous situation again for the sake of their own safety and others.

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The COVID-19 virus is highly contagious and can easily be transferred, it can be spread from an infected person as they speak, cough, sneeze or breathe, the virus spread through droplets of body fluids such as spit and cough and can enter a healthy person's body through their mouth, nose or eyes. The symptoms of the virus are highly variable depending from person to person and it can have effects ranging from almost none to life-threatening illness. An infected person can have effects of the illness from a minimum of two weeks to even more than a month and even an asymptotic infected person can spread the virus for almost a period of two weeks.

Although the vaccine is now available all the people haven’t been vaccinated yet in the UK and there is a great risk of infection if necessary precautions aren’t taken. The government has announced a proper timeline schedule for this year; they have planned their strategies and made it public that how they will lift the lockdown this year. Now, the second wave is also slowly coming into control and thus, UK has lifted a few restrictions and has allowed locals to go out in open areas such as parks and gardens. Although it is compulsory to wear masks and follow social distancing at all times when outside and all the people who meet the conditions for vaccination must immediately get vaccinated.

Restrictions In The UK Due To COVID-19 :

The UK still is in tight restrictions which were put into place back on January 5th observing the sudden rise in the new COVID-19 cases all the places included in the country such as Scotland are under five-tier lockdown, different levels of restrictions have been levied in different areas of Scotland depending upon the level of threat.


In the Whales region all the indoor attractions such as restaurants, bowling alleys, malls, galleries, cinemas, swimming pools, gyms, etc. Moreover, travel restrictions have been brought into effect, and residents are not allowed to travel outside the Whales except for circumstances like work or education.

Who Can Enter The Country & What Are Necessary Conditions Which Must Be Followed?

Multiple countries have been banned from sending any visitors to the UK, apart from that, the London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick remain open and all the major airlines are operational. You are required to take all the necessary precautions such as wearing mask and face shields, furthermore, if you arrive in the UK from anywhere outside the Channel Islands, Isle Of Man, Ireland then it is compulsory to self-isolate yourself for 10 days. Other requirements are necessary to be fulfilled before you visit the UK:

  • All the non-UK residents from any of the banned countries are not allowed to visit the country.
  • You need to visit the UK’s Department of Health and Social care website and fill the public health passenger locator form before arrival. The form consists of full contact details, address where you will be self-isolating, and journey plan.
  • If you are traveling from the Isle of Man, The Channel Islands, or Ireland and you have been there for more than 14 days then you need not fill the form.
  • You can be fined anywhere between 100 Euros to 1000 Euros if you don’t provide the right contact details, or fail to complete the 10 days self-isolation period.
  • All the international visitors are required to take COVID-19 tests on the 2nd and the 8th day of the self-isolation period.
  • You are also required to wear the mask at all times, whenever in public, and go through regular temperature screenings at every place where it is necessary.

What Places are open in London for Domestic Travel?


Although numerous, business and indoor entertainment-based attractions such as cinemas, theaters, and nightclubs are shut outdoor attractions, such as botanical gardens, zoos, and landmarks are open for limited hours a day everywhere in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Whales. You can enjoy the spectacular outdoor locations such as different parks and gardens of the country and have a pleasant picnic:

  1. Take a stroll on The Line which runs from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the O2 and spot some outdoor art such are different structures and statues which is like an outdoor exhibition clubbed with natural beauty which you can observe for free. You can also visit the 115m tall Arcelor Mittal Orbit tower in Stratford, the walk consists of almost 12 great sculptures made by world-renowned artists and it takes about three hours to complete.
  2. Some of the most gorgeous gardens remain open where you can visit to freshen up, you can go for a run and burn some energy while observing the beauty of the gardens some of which are Ham House, Kenwood House, Kew Gardens, and Eltham Palace.
  3. You can visit the historical graveyards which are also known as the magnificent seven, which are seven cemeteries that were the biggest burial spots during the 19th century. Although some of the cemeteries are still into business, you can take a stroll in them as there is a dense undergrowth which makes the places a park-like atmosphere, moreover you can also observe the great Victorian architecture and ancient gravestones of historic designs.
  4. The East London area has some of the greatest street art, you can find some of the greatest graffiti-covered streets around the streets of Shoreditch and Hackney, you can take a walk and observe the art for free. You can also visit the long tunnel links in the Lower Marsh which has the greatest graffiti arts and multi-colored murals, you can also leave your art on the walls of the tunnel.
  5. Take a walk around the last natural creek of the UK which has a huge range of flora and fauna, also rare birds and butterflies which are spread around the beautiful area.

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People Also Ask

What countries are on the Red List?

There are more than 30 countries that are currently on the red list of UK and any kind of visitors from these countries are banned until further notice:

  • Africa: Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Cape Verde, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
  • South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela
  • Middle East: Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates (UAE)

What are the charges for hotel quarantine?

All the visitors are needed to stay for 10 days at a government-approved hotel and the charges for the hotel in England are 1,750 Euros per adult passenger which consists of transport, food, accommodation, and tests. The charge for a child above the age of 12 is 650 Euros, whereas for a child less than 12 years of age one needs to pay 325 Euros.

What are the testing rules which you need to follow after returning back to the UK?

The citizens of the UK returning back to the country are required to fill the passenger locator form and they also have to show the proof of negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before traveling.

All the travelers are compulsorily required to self-isolate themselves for 10 days of arrival, the returning travelers must take the test on the day to and the day eight of the self-isolation period. Moreover under the “test to release” scheme travelers from some of the countries can take the test on the fifth day, and if tested negative they can stop isolating. If tested positive they must quarantine for 10 more days after the test.

By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal  UK