Tips on How to Stay Fashionable During Monsoon

Tips on How to Stay Fashionable During Monsoon

"Fashion is what you wear, style is what you make of it.”
It is needless to state the obvious that fashion and weather are inseparable. All the credit goes to weather when it comes to deciding your OOTD. (And you thought you’re the boss here! LOL!) You definitely can’t think of wearing a sweatshirt during the hot and humid summers. Can you, now? Summers mean comfortable, airy, and lightweight outfits, whereas winters are the times to flaunt your cozy, warm and fuzzy overcoats. Each season is welcomed with open arms by your wardrobe, but the monsoon is greeted with a facepalm.

The reason is pretty obvious, you don’t want your lovely clothes and accessories to get ruined in the rain. Despite being a bringer of life and much-needed respite from the heatwaves, monsoon is the least favorite season amongst fashion enthusiasts. We, on the other hand, do not agree with this. We believe that with the right choice of clothes and accessories, you can nail your monsoon look perfectly. All it takes is a little bit of creativity to amp up your fashion statement. So if you too are one of those who despise the rain and can’t think of any way to keep up your fashion status quo, we are here to ease things a bit for you. We have got some fashion tips and tricks you can use to stand out even during the rainy season. Also, know How To Build A Shed Roof during monsoon season?

How To Style In Monsoon?

Say Bye Denim! 

Denim is the perfect choice for any weather but monsoon, it is incredibly thick and feels heavy on wearing. If you happen to get rain-soaked when heading out, there would be no chance of your denim drying completely any time prior to 6 hours. When going out on a cloudy day, ditch your denim jeans and switch to rapidly drying fabrics like lycra, viscose, and polyester. For apparel, try light t-shirts, one-pieces, and monsoon-friendly tops.

Knock it out in Knee-Length Boots

While we understand that you have pretty pair of shoes, you wouldn’t want to ruin them in rain. It could get really messy with all the water puddles around. To keep you trendy and stylish all through the year, knee-high boots are there to save the day. If you don’t own a pair of these beauties, this is your cue to go get one. Instead of going for the conventional black and brown, you can add a splash of color to your shoe collection by experimenting with brighter tones as in red and yellow. Hop and jump with glee because knee-length boots are back in 2021, with a bang. Go to JD Williams to check out the latest collection of boots and use the JD Williams discount code to access great deals. 

Cheat the Monsoon with a Color-blocked Windcheater!

To beat the chilliness which comes with dropping temperatures, you can rely on our old friend, windcheaters. You just need a hint of color to transform your windcheaters into the most chick piece you’ll own. When the sky is all shades of blue, black, and grey, you can get picture ready by trying color blocking techniques on your windcheaters. Go for colors other than monochrome and pair different shades to have a trendy touch on your outfits. 

Accentuate your Curves

To keep up with the latest trend, dodge the boring jeans and top and go for something quirky and classy. If you’re proud of your waist, you should never shy away from donning a deep U-neck bodycon dress. This attire would be best suited if you’re off to some indoor place where you’ll be safe from the rain. The high-heel pumps are the best match for this outfit but since they might get wet, you can ditch the regular pumps and wear transparent and rain-friendly high heel ankle boots.

Layers of elegance!

Maintaining the style game can get pretty tricky during the monsoon, with water puddles and waterlogging everywhere. Therefore layering your clothes appropriately will save you a lot of mess. If you don’t wanna spoil your bottoms in muddy water opt for shorts or 3/4th pants. With these, you can pair a tank top or a regular tee-shirt and go with black sneakers or sport shoes to make it look more casual and easy to carry. For sports shoes, you can look into FARFETCH and apply the FARFETCH UK voucher code to grab some amazing deals. You can adorn outfits like flowy mini-skirts and knee-length dresses. Men should also try and keep it casual, go for shorts, capris and Bermudas to keep their trousers and jeans from getting soaked. 

Playful Dresses

It must have gotten pretty obvious to you by now that the trick to staying stylish and comfortable during monsoon is to avoid fitted clothes which restrict your movement. As an alternative to skirts and tops, you should lift up your style statement by choosing lightweight rompers, playsuits, and knee-length jumpsuits. Men on the other hand should stick to cotton shirts and thin tee shirts in vibrant shades. 

Co-ordination matters

While it is necessary to stay dry and comfortable in this season, you should make sure your style doesn’t lag. To achieve a comfy yet classy look, you can don a crop top with culottes and kitten heel sandals. Further to beat the cold rainy air-light cardigans with basic tees would look great. With that, you go either go for a pair of slim pants or pleated/accordion skirts. A pair of sneakers would be the perfect addition to this unique look.

Repel the Rain!

“I am titanium”, no you can’t be, but you definitely can be waterproof. Don’t you think it is about time you let go of your vintage raincoats? If yes, then we have great news for you. You should, without a hint of doubt, should rock this monsoon with waterproof hoodies, jackets, and trenchcoats. To ease the burden on your pockets, use the Jackson Sports Promo Code on jackets and hoodies. To those who feel cold during the rainy season, we’d suggest you buy yourself a flare sleeve hoodie, which unlike the normal hoodie is slightly cropped to add the quirky element to their style statement. These can be effectively paired with midi-skirts, cotton trousers, or culottes. 

Happy Feet!

Although we’ve been through one footwear trend already, this one’s more like a tip than a catch-up on the newest footwear collection. If you happen to live in an area affected by heavy rainfall, always carry a pair of flip-flops in your vehicle. If you are moving around without a car, flip-flops and synthetic material footwear would be a great choice. After all, you don’t want to ruin your vibe with soggy shoes and wrinkled toes. Plus, that is uncomfortable as heck! Carrying a pair of flip-flops in your car would be beneficial if you have to stop midway and get out of the vehicle. You won’t regret going out in the rain later. 

Bring on the Bling!

You can never consider an outfit complete without putting on the appropriate accessories. When we talk of jewelry, artificial jewelry comes first. It’s modifiable, cheaper, and comes in a variety of designs. Also, they are super lightweight and easy to carry. But there’s one catch when it comes to artificial jewelry pieces- they are not durable. You might be super proud of the dainty bracelet you got last summer, but ask yourself, if it gets wet, will it still be as pretty? No right, so in that case, it's better you give them a rest and bring out your diamonds and golds out of their boxes. You don’t have to worry if you’re not having the latest designs, monsoon season doesn’t leave a chance for heavy jewelry. Small diamond studs and a funky little pendant will go with most of your outfits. The best part? It will still continue to shine like before even after getting soaked in the rain. If you want to buy diamond jewelry, Acostis Diamonds offer a wide range and you can grab your favorites at great discounts using the Acostis Diamond discount code

Make-me-up with Makeup, Monsoon Edition!

Acing your monsoon outfit might or might not be a worrisome task at hand, but making your makeup stay on your face sure is. The stickiness which comes with the humidity and moisture in the air can wash out your makeup within minutes of stepping out, spoiling your entire look and efforts at being the best dressed amongst your squad. When you put on your makeup this season, make these changes to your beauty routine to look your best during this season:

  • Moisturize your skin- Even though it might seem unnecessary, moisturizing your skin is a must to keep the dryness out. It is always better to carry a good moisturizer with you to keep the skin tone even and glowing. Use a water-based moisturizer to absorb the excess oil on your skin which tends to ruin the makeup.
  • Use powders- Avoid using cream-based products during monsoons, instead of applying powders on your skin will give a matte effect and also keep with oil control. Don’t use too much foundation or concealer as it will block the pores and make your skin oilier. Never forget to prep your skin with a primer before putting on makeup.
  • Switch to Lip-tints- The best bet for long-stay lip color is a matte lip tint. Ditch the glossy and creamy lip formulas for your lips as they will bleed colors all over your mouth. Opting for soft matte colors like pink and light browns will be a better choice over dark shades of reds and purples.
  • When it comes to eyes, make sure to use only waterproof eye-liners and mascaras. Ensure that your eyelids are well hydrated before applying a liner. For a matte effect, opt for felt-pen liners than a cream-based pencil liner. For the waterline, you can go for white or brown shades of kohl. If you are putting on the eyeshadow, it is better to use powder-based products than cream-based ones, in the lighter colors of pink and brown.

Last but not Least!! We all are going through a global pandemic currently. There is always a high chance of diseases spreading during hot and humid weather. Whenever you go out, never leave your facial masks behind. They are for your and others' protection. If you are concerned it will ruin your look, you can match the mask with your outfit and you’re good to go. If matching your mask with your outfit is not possible, buy a black or white mask, it goes with everything and won’t kill your style too. 

Now that we have introduced you to the latest fashion trends and hacks, it is time for us to sign off. Make monsoon your friend and it won’t rain on your parade this year! Stay trendy, keep slaying, and go get that bag, girl!



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