Spain or Portugal: Which One is Better For Adventure?

Spain or Portugal: Which One is Better For Adventure?

The world we live in is extremely beautiful and enthralling, the places we’ve been to and the places we’re constantly adding to our list of dream destinations are stocking up. There is so much to do and explore around the world that it seems impossible to cover all of it in one lifetime. The urge to visit each and every place that has ever existed and is bound to give us the thrill of a lifetime is unmatched. There are people who never stay in one place, they are constantly moving (And to be very honest with you, we are secretly jealous of such people!)whereas there are others who are looking for gaps in their work schedules to take a break from their hectic lifestyle and travel to the destinations on their bucket list.

We are often faced with the difficult question of deciding which should be our next holiday destination. Spain and Portugal are on the top trending places to visit this holiday season. Again we are faced with the same dilemma, which will be the best among the two? While the wanderer in us says “go for both”, our pockets say “hi, forgot me?”.Whether you are looking for their next travel destination or a constant traveler, if you are confused which among the two countries should you be traveling to next, here find the complete guide. Along with the Span or Portugal complete guide, you have to know about how you can travel to Majorca. We are here comparing both the countries in terms of tourism so that you can make a sound decision for yourself. To help you with your leisure and travel planning, Klook is at your service, apply Klook Promo Code UK.

One thing which cannot be ignored is that we are going through a global pandemic that is affecting us all. Everything we knew has been changed beyond our expectations. Even though many of us feel trapped in our homes and want to go on a much-needed vacation, we still need to bear in mind that a lot of countries still have strict travel restrictions in place to curb the spread of infection. If you’re planning to go out on a vacation amidst the current pandemic situation, we’d expect you to be updated about the current travel restrictions in the UK.

Travel Restrictions in England During Covid-19 in 2021

The UK government has issued details to enable people who have been fully vaccinated with an NHS administered vaccine, plus 14 days, to travel to amber list countries without having to undergo quarantine on their return to England. Children under the age of 18 will not have to remain in quarantine when returning to England. At this stage, if you’re fully vaccinated then there will be no need for those returning from green or red list countries.

Travel will continue to be different from usual, there are still some restrictions in place, passengers may face prolonged waiting times than they used to. The passengers will need to complete their passenger locator form, which includes the vaccination status and proof of their pre-departure test.

Now coming back to the point we were talking about, what’s better amongst the two, Spain or Portugal? The question often pops up in our minds when we think of undertaking a Western European trip. Both of these countries share the Iberian Peninsula, a lot of common history, and a similar confusion among the vacationers who just want to enjoy a sunny climate, good food, and friendly people. We have a few points of comparison which might clear the air, these points focus on the landscape and climate, expenses and infrastructure, food and drinks, and history and culture. Beginning with the first, here they are:

Climate and Landscape

Owing to the fact that both Spain and Portugal share the same peninsula, their climate and landscape are very much similar. When we look at Portugal geographically its long coastline abounds with beaches. The northern side of the country tends to be a wet, mountainous terrain while the southern part is drier and lush with plains and quite a number of beaches near the Algarve. Also, there one will find a desert near Alentejo and the lack of any large natural lake. When we talk of Spain, we see it as a highland plateau with a mountain range running across. In addition to that Spain has coastal plains and river valleys on its peripheries. The biggest difference between the two comes in terms of size, Spain is approximately 5x larger than Portugal. Sykes Cottage offers world-class comfort and luxury on accommodations and that too is in your budget, go book your stay in either of the countries and use Sykes Cottages discount code to avail yourself of exciting discounts.

As far as climatic conditions are concerned, both have a Mediterranean climate-they are generally temperate, with warm summer and mild winters. The average temperature in Lisbon(Portugal) is 24֯C in the month of July and 11֯C in January, whereas the Barcelona (Spain), on average is 24֯C in August and 10֯C in January. This similarity makes the beaches an ideal touring option for enticing travelers during the colder months.

Which place is more beautiful-Spain or Portugal?

As you might have read earlier, there isn’t much of a difference in the landscape of the two countries, Spain obviously has an upper hand at the variety of landscapes owing to its size. It has the Pyrenees, Asturias, and the Sierra Nevada for the tourists who have the mountain obsession, the Mediterranean coast, and beaches for those who find peace in soaking in the sun on the fine sands. For the ones driven with adrenaline, the rugged northern coast is an ideal pick for surfing and sightseeing in the hot and dry interiors, if that’s what appeals to your fantasies. When we talk of Portugal in the same respect, this country is mostly defined by the Atlantic sea, a long coastline populated with coastal cities. Algarve is the “beach capital” of Portugal, with beautiful beaches along the coast, the interior, and rural Portugal is rustic and lovely. With that, Portugal is taken a notch higher by the presence of Azores and Madeira. When traveling to a beachy destination staying in a resort is a must, but if booking a resort is a bit too much in your pockets, apply the discount code to have great discounts on your next resort booking.

Even though it seems like a tie here, we’ll let Spain take the crown when it comes to natural beauty, it has everything Portugal has, and then some more of its own.

Which is more safe-Spain or Portugal?

A lot of tourists refrain from traveling to foreign countries when they hear news about tourists being attacked by the locals, or incidents when they are hurt fatally or even killed because they refused to submit to the whims of their attackers. When considering the safety standards, Portugal has made it to the list of top 3 safest countries in the 2020 Global Peace Index. The country is ranked third after Iceland and New Zealand and is ranked far higher than its neighbors, Spain and France. It is well known that the political climate in the country has been stable, crime rates tend to be lowest in Europe. While Portugal rose from 5th place to 3rd while Spain ranked 32nd and France 60th in 2019. In the following year in 2020, Portugal maintained its position on 3rd while Spain and France dropped even low.

We have a winner here, and it is obviously PORTUGAL!

Where is it better to live-Spain or Portugal?

In a world brimming with possibilities, you can have your ideal home wherever you want to. When you want to take a leap of faith and go to a different country to settle down, choosing between these two countries can get a bit tricky. There are a lot of factors working to decide which country offers better living conditions-climate, cost of living and culture are some of the major ones. As we already know that there isn’t much of a climatic difference between the two even after the fact that Spain is the only European country to share its border with an African country-Morocco. The slight difference occurs owing to the mountainous terrain of Spain, due to which the country gets colder as the altitude rises, whereas Portugal experiences a uniform climate throughout. When we discuss further, the cost of living in Spain is 44 percent less than in the USA, but there is no compromise on the quality and standard of living. This country promises a healthy work culture when it comes to certain industries like food and drinks (especially wine production and exporting) or hospitality. Residents can have access to affordable healthcare, public transportation in and across the country. Portugal’s economy on the other hand is more confident and promises many opportunities currently, owing to the increase in tourism as well as its commercially used cork industry. Culturally, Spain boasts of rich history and is listed third on the UNESCO list of heritage sites, beaten only by Italy and China. People residing in Spain get to witness stunning monuments, architectural marvels, and cultural influences of the Renaissance times. Portugal was once a country of castles, palaces, and grand monasteries. Vintage furniture still proudly sits in the homes and hotels of Portugal.

Can I just move to Portugal?

For those who think Portugal is the best pick for them, get on board as we bring you the necessary tips before relocating. First things first, you need to learn Portuguese and carry cash with you every time you go out shopping. If you’re coming from anywhere outside Europe you should abide by the country’s customs rules. You will need a Certificado de Bagagemfrom the Portuguese consulate and a complete list of all your possessions. Your luggage can be shipped on a freight ship or loaded on a freight plane and should arrive no later than 90 days after you enter the country.

If you think Portugal suits you the best and are wondering, “What are the benefits of living in Portugal?”- the country offers many advantages such as a warm climate formed by the Atlantic ocean, the serenity of the mountains, an extremely safe and low in crime rates country and a relatively lower cost of living. The country offers good healthcare systems and educational facilities and residents are often exempted from taxes. Now when you’ve decided to shift, the question arises, “What is the best place to live in Portugal?” Here listed the multiple options where you can deck yourself.

  • Algarve- The place has been a favorite among the Brits for more than 40 years. Located in the south of Portugal, the sunny Algarve is packed with some of the finest beaches.
  • Lisbon- In the heart of the country lies the capital Lisbon. The city has undergone a spectacular makeover over the last 15 years in terms of elegant shops, charming hotels, and fashionable restaurants.
  • Coimbra- It is a university city with centuries of pedigree, it is both charming and lovely. During the term-time, the students add vibrancy to the city, although they also drive up property prices to a certain extent.

If you’re looking for a budget stay, you will be wondering, “What is the cheapest place to live in Portugal?” we have got some options for you along with the budget you’ll be needing for each.


850-1350 Euros/month


750-1050 Euros/month


800-1150 Euros/month


800-1250 Euros/month


800-1050 Euro/month


800-1100 Euro/month


750-1050 Euro/month


750-1000 Euro/month

While choosing the best among the two, when doubt both are equally amazing and tantalizing, the time you have on hand will be determining factor. If you have planned your vacation for a few weeks Portugal would the best pick as it is smaller when compared to Spain area-wise. On the other hand, if you are visiting for about a month, size won’t be much of an issue as Spain is as appealing as Portugal.

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