What Are Gardening Benefits? Learn About Garden Essentials On Seed Pantry

What Are Gardening Benefits? Learn About Garden Essentials On Seed Pantry

Gardening is one such hobby that is quite rare amongst the current generation, although people fail to realize the innumerous benefits of gardening. It is always beneficial to utilize a patch of land which lies spare in your yard inside your house are, even if there isn’t a spare area one can always use pots or spare containers for growing small plants.

Gardening literally has hundreds of benefits, which people fail to understand. In primitive times people used to grow plants or were involved in farming in almost each and every house, but these days it is very hard to find plantations in houses.

Incredible Benefits of Gardening: Helpful Tips & Recommendations

1. Growing Foods, Vegetables & Herbs

One of the very obvious benefits which you can get through gardening is that you can grow your own yield, which will be pure and grown without using any kind of harmful fertilizers. You can also grow different herbs for medicinal purposes and for use as taste enhancers in your food. Growing your own food and using it can also add an additional delight to your meal.


You can also grow different medicinal plants such as Aloe vera, Parsley, Peppermint, Rosemary, Thyme, Echinacea and much more which can be used for different purposes, such as skin treatment, pain relief, curing respiratory disorders, strengthening the immune system, fighting infections, detoxification, and hundreds of other purposes.

2. Stress Relief

Where other hobbies involve situations to cause dissatisfaction, gardening is a hobby that is simple and helps people to feel satisfied; this is great for stress relief. People with prolonged stress problems are often advised to practice gardening and patient in stress relief centers are also made to do gardening in their daily routines to overcome stress.


This happens as gardening triggers the release of hormones like endorphins which help in providing relaxation and reducing the stress-inducing hormone named cortisol.

3. Burns Calories

Gardening also involved some activities such as using a shovel for digging, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and planting shrubs and other plants which can be exhausting and as a result, can help you burn a good amount of calories. Moreover, gardening is such an activity where you will barely realize that you’re breaking a sweat if you are involved in it.

You might find it shocking to know that just spending 1 hour in gardening can burn somewhere between 300-400 calories which is pretty ideal for the people who prefer having a low-intensity workout and exposure to sunlight during gardening can also help you gain Vitamin D which is very beneficial for your immune system.

4. Helps Combat Loneliness

These days many people including retired individuals suffer from fewer socializing opportunities, leaving them in a situation where they find themselves pretty lonely. Gardening can help combat this feeling as it is so engaging in itself, people can also socialize with other enthusiasts at different gardening shops and centers and make communities to help them socialize.

Gardening can work as a catalyst for stimulation social interactions among individuals, as gardens can be collaborative projects for people and neighbors and allow them to interact on regular basis.

5. Improve Sensory and Immune System

Gardening is such an activity that needs to be done outside under the sun, which as a result can help you increase the levels of Vitamin D in your body which is necessary for the absorption of calcium. Also, as a result, this will lead to stronger bones in your body and making your immune system healthier.


Gardening helps in developing the sensory system of the body as one can observe different smells, colors, and textures of plants which as a result can enhance various senses and make the most out of your body abilities.

Get Gardening Products On Seed Pantry:

Gardening, although cannot be done without some of the required items such as tools, garden pots, watering equipment, pest repellent, and obviously seeds and bulbs. Finding it all is often problematic, you cannot get all the products, accessories and plant seeds in some offline store easily. Thus, you need to shop online for getting the best variety of gardening products which you can find easily on Seed Pantry.

Seed Pantry Online is a great destination for shopping for all kinds of gardening products. It operates in the UK and provides all kinds of gardening products which its provided to its customers at reasonable prices. It offers a great category of products such as grow pods, seed kits, bulbs and seeds, tools, and gardening accessories. The online store provides its own range of products which it manufactures itself and also imported seeds, bulbs, and tools. You can easily shop using the seed pantry website and get any of the garden essentials which you require from the store.

What products does Seed Pantry offer?

Seed Pantry offers great services and products some of the range of products which it provides is described below:


1. Seed Pantry Grow Pod

The Seed Pantry Grow Pod is one such item, which since its launch is a great success and is in great demand. The Grow Pod is a type of modular, hi-tech, advanced, and very efficient container for growing plants. As it has features that create an optimum and controlled environment for the plant so that it can grow efficiently.

Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2 is a second-generation version of their range which is specifically designed in order to grow fresh food indoors. You need not care about your plant, as the Grow Pod 2 does it all for you. It has an adjustable LED grow light that is automated and a smart hydrophobic system to take care of your plant and produce fresh yield for you. Herbs, salads, flowers, and vegetables can easily be grown indoors, in different environments and climates easily

The specifications of the Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2 are:

  • Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2 with a smart controller that tells you when to water
  • Adjustable LED grow light plus timer feature for year-round growing
  • Grow Pod 2 base with 1.2L water reservoir and x2 hydroponic grow pots with seed spacer covers
  • Plug-in power adaptor - UK mains supply
  • Size: L26.5cm x W11.5cm x H11.5cm, Weight: 1.2kg

Using the grow pod is also very easy you just need to add water, seeds or seedlings, and medium to the pod and plug the Grow Pod 2 into the power supply and you will see your plant growing rapidly, resulting in the fresh produce of the crop which you planted.

2. Seed Kits

Seed Pantry UK store manufactures specially customized seed kits of different varieties of plants such as peppers, salads, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. These kits include all that you need to grow the seeds included in the kits into fully grown plants, such as pots, manure, small tools, soil, and more. These kits are pretty ergonomic and come at very effective prices, and you can get the most out of them simply.

3. Seeds and Bulbs

Seed Pantry specializes in providing a great variety of seeds and bulbs it offers greet breeds of flowers such as Nerines, Sweet Peas, Gladiolus, Muscari, and Anemone. It also provides seeds for different herbal plants, a wide range of Chilli Peppers, and Food Seeds.

4. Gardening Tools

Tools play a vital role in gardening they are needed in various applications in the gardening procedure. Seed Pantry offers a specialized range of imported and the best class tools such as Pruning Scissors, Bulb Planters, Garden Secateurs, Dibbers, Pruning Shears, Trowels, Seedling Prickers, Weeding Forks, and Perennial Spades of different varieties and types.

5. Gardening Accessories

Apart from tools, Seed Pantry offers a great range of accessories such as packaged organic compost discs, Grow Pod Medium refills, organic fertilizers, husk pots, propagator cells, and more. You can always rely on the organic range of products provided by Seed Pantry for the natural and pure gardening experience.

Seed Pantry Grow Club Subscription :

Seed Pantry offers a great monthly subscription for gardening enthusiasts with a great number of benefits for shopping through Seed Pantry. It offers two types of subscriptions which are:

Discovery Box

The Discovery box is a basic monthly subscription which costs for 12.99 Euros per month, it is specially customized for small spaces and gardens, it includes:

  • Expert 'How to' Grow Guides
  • Go all flowers, all food or mix it up!
  • New choices each month
  • Save 40% - bulbs, seeds, plants
  • Delivered at the right time to grow
  • Pause/skip months, cancel anytime

Pro Box Food And Flower Spaces

The pro box is for growing a great variety of foods and flowers and for those enthusiasts who have large spaces for gardening, it costs 19.99 Euros and includes:

  • Expert Grow Guides included
  • Go all flowers, all food or a mix
  • Season choices, pick 10 monthly
  • Pause/skip, cancel anytime
  • Save 40% - bulbs, seeds, plants

You can also get great offers, deals, access to exclusive sales, and different discount and promo codes on Seed Pantry if you shop through our website. 


What is the best place to buy seeds online?

Seed Pantry is the best online portal where you can buy all types of seeds for your garden. On every event/occasion you can enjoy special gifts on your every order.

Can I just put seeds in the soil?

You need to put the Growing Seed for your indoor gardens but if you have an outdoor garden then you can tuck seeds directly into the soil.

What is a seedbox used for?

Generally, some people called Garden Seed Boxes and some flats or trays. This box allows growers to tuck a large number of seeds in one container. With the help of the Garden Seed Boxes, you can save space and easily can move the seedlings from one to another place.

How can I get free government seeds?

You can go to NPGS(National Plant Germplasm System). There's no charge for seeds, don't worry.


 By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal UK