Dubai Shopping Festival 2022: Dates, Special Deals, Best Places & Tricks To Save

Dubai Shopping Festival 2022: Dates, Special Deals, Best Places & Tricks To Save

The brightest fireworks and the best deals on food, clothes, grocery, vitamins, automobiles, accessories and so much more is the summarised way of defining the year-end event which takes place every year for about 27 years now in the country the United Arab Emirates, i.e. Dubai Shopping Festival 2022.

Dubai Shopping Festival is here, to charm the citizens of the country with its unique products and amazing discounts. This festival is celebrated with the ending of the year 2021 i.e. from the 15th of December, 2021 to the beginning of the upcoming year i.e. to 30th December, 2022.

During this festival, both offline and online sales are held by various famous merchants like iHerb, AliExpress, Klook, H&M, and many more. They provide various discounts and offers to the customers during these sales. You can get a list and details of these promo and discount codes at the official site of Vouchers Portal UK.

So, people, enjoy the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival and enter into a new year with lots of smiles and happiness in hearts.

What is the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Just like every year, this year as well Dubai Shopping Festival, or in short known as DSF will be celebrated from 15th December 2021 to 30th December 2022. This amazing celebration of bright fireworks and awesome sales in various shops is determined to bring delighted smiles to the faces of the people of the United Arab Emirates.

This year’s Dubai Shopping Festival is the 27th Edition of the festival, where every day various kinds of events and sales are going to be celebrated for the whole country to enjoy.

People enjoy various kinds of discounts and offer like Food Offers on various Cuisines restaurants and cafes, Shopping Offers on different categories like Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Electronics, etc. Along with various offers and discounts in the sale at merchants and shops, there are also family activities and live shows on the streets and online platforms on the occasion of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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Are There Any Offers And Discounts For Dubai Shopping Festival?

The biggest Shopping Festival in the country, Dubai Shopping Festival is celebrated every year for more than one month in the county of the United Arab Emirates. During this festival, various events, sales, and activities are held for the citizens of UAE where various kinds of discounts and offers are provided to the people.

Dubai Shopping Festival Offers to vary in many types and kinds like Free Shipping or Delivery service, Discounts of about 10-70% OFF, Buy 1, Get 1 Free, promo codes, voucher codes, coupon codes and so much more are available. So, people enjoy the upcoming sales and events with lots of smiles and happiness in their hearts along with gathering a lot of savings on your shopping lists.

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Top Shopping Merchants Having Dubai Shopping Festival


Now book your tickets to the destination you are thinking of visiting at the lowest prices possible. With the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival, people can make registration to various transport vehicles like Flights, Trains, Buses, Car Rentals, or can book hotel rooms as well as tickets to Concerts, Movies, or any kind of events, all from just one place, Klook.

Become a part of the amazing festival and enjoy discounts of about 60% OFF on your bookings and registrations from Klook. You can also visit our official page of UAE to know more about various of the promo, coupons, and Klook voucher codes available at the trip-adviser site.


The Fashionista for all kinds of people around the globe, H&M is here with its uniquely designed and styled products and

mind-boggling offers and discounts. At H&M you can purchase Clothing & Fashion items for Men, Women as well as Babies & Kids, giving people the option of maintaining and keeping their own style in their own hands.

As part of the various year-end sales from H&M, people will get the chance of enjoying various discounts, offers, and rewards on their purchase like the discount of about 10% OFF for Students as part of the Student Discount. You can enjoy more offers by applying the H&M Discount Code. So, browse the shelves and nook of the Fashionable shopping site and get the product made just for you.

Bath & Body Works

The heaven on Earth for Bathing & Beauty related products is no other place than the site of Bath & Body Works. Body care, Face Care, Bath & Grooming items concerning a variety of products are found here, belonging to various brands and categories.

In Body care like Lotion, Moisturizers, Fragrances, Aromatherapy, etc. Sanitizers & soap, Home Fragrances like Candles, Room Fresheners, etc. are present at the site of Bath & Body Works. You can purchase specialized gifts for Men, Women as well as Kids at reasonable prices. Customers will enjoy discounts of about 10% OFF on signing up for the newsletter of Bath & Body Works. The Dubai Shopping Festival is providing a discount of about 35%-70% OFF on purchases from Bath & Body Works.


Being the UAE’s No.1 Online Fashion Destination, Namshi has Clothing products of different varieties and categories for all kinds and ages of people, from Adults including both Men & Women, along with Kids & Babies. You can also purchase Beauty products and Cosmetics from Namshi belonging to famous brands like Sally Hansen, MAC, etc.

Namshi welcomes the new members in its family by providing discounts of about 30% OFF on their first purchase along with free shipping on all orders. By visiting our official site, you can know more about the various Namshi coupon codes and promo codes.


Purchasing Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements was never easier than iHerb. The most genuine shopping destination to provide natural products and items related to Supplements, Beauty & Grocery products, iHerb also provides lots of discounts of about 10%-20% OFF in order to welcome their new customers.

Along with providing Free Delivery services to the customers, iHerb also gives discounts of about 50% OFF on grocery, health, and beauty products. So, take care of your health and well-being by purchasing and saving from iHerb.


The all-rounder shopping destination for the people of UAE is here with lots of surprises, new arrivals, discounts, and offers.

AliExpress is providing huge discounts of about 85% OFF on its specific products from different categories like Clothing for both adults and kids, Electronics & Gadgets, Beauty & Cosmetics, Footwear, Grocery & Lifestyle, Automobiles & Accessories, etc.

AliExpress is famous among its customers for providing branded and stylish products at the lowest prices one can find on a shopping platform. So visit the Vouchers Portal UAE for information on many kinds of offers and AliExpress discount codes.


Cobone is the most famous and visited site for information regarding all kinds of Deals from what to wear to what to eat or see or buy in the United Arab Emirates. Here, customers find the best deals available for Shopping for various kinds of products from categories like Clothing & Fashion, Sports, Electronics, Automobiles, Footwear, Beauty products, and many more.

Cobone also provides the best deals on various events, activities, tours, Getaways, Food, New Arrivals from different platforms both offline and online. You can get discounts of about 70% OFF on medical, health & wellness products. So, visit the site of Cobone and enjoy never having heard of huge deals on various activities and shopping.


The international e-retailer company and one of the biggest most popular online shopping destinations of the world, Amazon is also providing the people of the United Arab Emirates with amazing discounts and offers on the occasion of the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 & 2022.

At Amazon, you can purchase almost every kind of product from Clothing & Fashion items for both adults and kids as well as Electronics, Automobile Accessories, Home & Lifestyle, and much more at reasonable prices and of popular brands. Just use the Amazon Discount Code which is easily available at Vouchers Portal UAE.

Amazon is providing discounts ranging from 10%-80% OFF on various specific products on the courtesy of DSF. You can also use many of the Amazon Gift Card Coupons allowing the members and customers of Amazon to make their purchase by saving lots of money on their orders.


The best Delivery online site for the people of the UAE, DailyMealz is here with lots of amazing rewards and discounts on its services on the occasion of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Now, you can order Food, Medicines, and Grocery products from various destinations via DailyMealz and get the option of Free Delivery on your purchase.

Use the DailyMealz Free Delivery Code and get amazing discounts on your delivery of groceries, Medicines, and warm meals. As the discount of about 30% OFF on your deliveries from DailyMealz is one of the many examples. So, order food and other items online via DailyMealz's online official site or app.


Now shop for all, whether Women, Men, Kids, or Babies from one-stop itself. GAP provides a variety of products in the Clothing & Fashion category for its customers of good quality and famous brands. You can receive discounts of about 40% OFF on Winter Warmers as part of the ongoing Dubai Shopping Festival.

The newcomers can get 15% OFF on their first purchase along with the facility of Free Delivery anywhere around the UAE. Just use the GAP Free Shipping Code and enjoy the delivery to your doorstep without any extra charge. So, shop from GAP and enjoy the festival along with all the savings and discounts.


Now, book your flight tickets from one of the most trusted and secured airways of the United Arab Emirates. You can book a flight to/from any destination around the world with just one click.

Emirates also offers discounts and offers to its customers, one of those offers being the Emirates Student Discount. With this offer, all the customers who are students of any recognized universities will get a discount of about 10% OFF on booking of flights.

When Is Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 Starting?

Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 is starting from 15th December 2021 and will conclude on 30th December 2022.

What To Shop At The Dubai Shopping Festival?

Customers can shop for all kinds of products and merchandise from the Dubai Shopping Festival like Clothing, Footwear, Electronics, Beauty products, Food Items, and many more.

Where Is The Dubai Shopping Festival?

The Dubai Shopping Festival has been celebrated every year for the past 27 years in the country of the United Arab Emirates.


By: Vouchers Portal UAE