Saudi Arabia Unveiled: Your Complete Travel Guide to the 10 Incredible Things to Do in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia Unveiled: Your Complete Travel Guide to the 10 Incredible Things to Do in the Kingdom

Embarking on a journey to Saudi Arabia is an invitation to discover a realm of enchantment, where ancient history mingles with wonders. This Middle Eastern gem, renowned for its rich heritage and vibrant culture, promises an unforgettable adventure. There are many beautiful places to visit in Saudi Arabia. AI-Ula, Red Sea Coast, Asir Province, Riyadh, Najran, Taif, Dahna Desert,  Riyadh Season Boulevard, Masmak Fortress and AI Khober Forniche are some beautiful places in Saudi Arabia to visit. 

Saudi Arabia is a land of mesmerizing contrasts, where ancient traditions meet modern marvels. From the historic sands of AI-Ula to the futuristic skyline of Riyadh, this kingdom offers a wealth of incredible experiences. Whether you’re seeking culture immersion, natural wonders, or a taste of Arabian hospitality, Saudi Arabia has it all. To book tickets to visit this beautiful country, you can use the TicketsToDo promo code. 

Join us as we explore the top 10 incredible things to do in Saudi Arabia, where the past and the future harmoniously immigration. 

Top 10 Incredible things to do in Saudi Arabia

Certainly! Saudi Arabia offers a rich cultural and natural heritage, with many incredible things to do. Here are the top 10:

1. Eve’s Tomb, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Jeddah the second largest city in Saudi Arabia, is a cemetery known for the burial place of the first woman, Eve. Eve is widely considered the grandmother of humanity, and Jeddah means Grandmother in Arabic. Eve Tomb’s is one of the most famous places in Saudi Arabia. Today located in one of the oldest cemeteries of the AI Balad district in Jeddah, EVE’s tomb is undoubtedly one of the best places in Saudi Arabia to visit.

2. Thee (Zee) Ain Ancient Village, Bidah Valley, Saudi Arabia: This historic village located in the Bidah Valley in western Saudi Arabia is nothing short of an ancient paradise. This village is famous for its crops like bananas, kadi, basil, lemon and palm, the Zee Ain village comprises 49 houses built on the Medamik wall system. Of these 49 houses, nine have only one floor, 19 have two floors, eleven have three floors and 10 have four floors. Each house is roofed with sider wood. Zee Ain is located 24 kilometres from AI-Baha. This heritage village, named after a water spring that flows from the nearby mountains, is one of the best tourist places in Saudi Arabia.

3. Dune Bashing in Qasim, Saudi Arabia: If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia and you have not mentioned Dune Bashing in your list, you need to prepare another list. Dune Bashing is a thrilling experience across the desert sands in the region. A winter Dunes Bashing adventure involves combining the 4*4 action to embrace the tradition of Kashta. This is your chance to hop into a 4*4 and combine off-road mud and hill driving with a course guide. This is one of the best adventures to do in the desert. First, go to camel riding, then sleep amongst the dunes under the soft glow of the winter starlight then wake up and Have a cup of Arabic coffee and finally take a traditional food and drinks to keep you company.

4. The AI Wahbah Salt Crater, Saudi Arabia: If you want to do a space adventure without leaving Earth then the AI Wahbah is the spot. AI Wahbah is a maar crater formed due to volcanic activity underground and is covered with white sodium phosphate crystal at the bottom. About 250 kilometres away from Ta’if, AI Wahbah is a volcanic salt crater about 780 m deep and 6.9 km in diameter. Climbing down to this spot will take you about an hour but climbing back might take a bit longer. This place is best for a picnic. There are loads of picnic shelters at the rim where you can sit with your loved ones, enjoying the lunar landscape!

5. The Edge of the World – Jebel Fihrayn, Saudi Arabia: The ‘Edge of the World’ is the Saudi equivalent for your contemplations with a view of luscious golden desert sands. This wonder is located in the northwest of Riyadh, the capital city, and is surrounded by the rocky desert. The view from the edge is what gives this location its name. Visiting the ‘Edge of the World’ tops Riyadh’s list of things to do as it is one of the top attractions in Saudi Arabia. Once you’re at the edge of the world, lifetime contemplations will come to you organically.  You can also use the Klook promo code UAE to visit these beautiful and amazing places.

6.  Mada’In Saleh – Al Hijr, Saudi Arabia: Mada’In Saleh, a city of ancient tombs carved into Sandstone is located close to Al Ula in the Medina Province. The second UNESCO World Heritage site on this list, Mada’In Saleh, consists of 131 monumental rock-cut tombs – ancient treasures of a world gone by. The tombs are also littered with various inscriptions that are the gateway to modern knowledge about Hegra. These silent historical artefacts and Al Ula earn Saudi Arabia points as a major tourist destination for history buffs. The city is known as ‘The Capital of Monuments’, and its extensive historical importance grants it a spot on the list of famous landmarks in Saudi Arabia.

7. Outdoor Activities in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia: The government of Saudi Arabia has only completely opened its doors to foreign tourists in 2019. This means that the Saudi coastline along the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf coast is mainly uncharted for the international travel community and, as such, offers a wide variety of activities to do and new marine parks to explore. You could charter a boat at the Red Sea Marina, or scuba-diving, and maybe take a sunset cruise over the weekend to the middle of the sea. You can go for seaside camping or kitesurfing at beaches in Jeddah. The true spot on this list belongs to the deep-sea diving experiences in the Red Sea.

8. The King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival, Saudi Arabia: This is an annual international festival organized by the Saudi Falcons Club. To learn about the culture and significance of the Saudis you should mention this festival in your list. This is the world's largest festival to promote Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage. This festival has set a world record multiple times and this is a must during winter visits to the kingdom. In this festival, you can see the true spirit and culture of Saudi Arabia.

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9. Al Balad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: From gorgeous mosques to traditional and historical houses, Al Balad is a living homage to Jeddah’s history. The city is divided into various districts. This is the centre of the historic city of Jeddah. Al-Nassif House and the Al-Jamjoom Hous are the most famous and oldest buildings in the city. Give yourself the chance to immerse in this gorgeous and colourful adventure as you venture through the narrow lanes, multi-storied mud-brick houses and stone buildings.

10. The Judah Thumb and the Yellow Lake, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia: It is located about 160km from Dhahran, close to Judah. The Devil’s Thumb or the Judah Thumb is an exquisite rock formation that stands alone in the An Nafud region of the Arabian Desert. If you enjoy the gorgeous night sky you can camp out at night. The Yellow Lake is located on the outskirts of Al Ahsa City and is an important wetland shallow lake formed from the runoff from the 22,000 farms that surround the region. Drive down to the lake for a picnic with the free sides of birdwatching and exploring the hills that overlook the lake! If you are planning to visit these places and looking to book hotels you can book your rooms with the use of the promo code UAE.

Famous things in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for several famous things. Mecca and Medina, Oil Reserves, Traditional Arabic Hospitality, Saudi Arabian Cuidine, the Arabian Desert, Traditional Clothing, Camel Racing, Historic sites, Modern Skyscrapers and AI Janadariyah Cultural Festivals are some of the famous things in Saudi Arabia.

About Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. There are so many things to do in Riyadh. Visiting the Kingdom Centre tower, Explore Diriyah, visiting the National Museum, Riyadh Zoo, Salam Park and Eating out are some famous things to do in Riyadh.  Learning Arabic, joining ex-pat groups, exploring International cuisine,  shopping, Golf, Fitness and attending Cultural events are some things to do in Riyadh for expats.  Visit a park, dine out, watch cultural exhibitions and outdoor activities vivisitistorical sites, and sports activities, relax in the Spa and have Family fun are some things to do in Riyadh this weekend.

What is famous in Saudi Arabia for Shopping

Saudi Arabia is known for its vibrant shopping scene, with a wide range of options for shoppers. Gold and jewellery,  Traditional Arabic Clothes,  Perfumes and oud, Carpets and rugs, Spices and Dates, Traditional Handicrafts, camel leather products, Saudi Dates and Sweets and electronics are some famous in Saudi Arabia for shopping.

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Saudi Arabia offers a wealth of incredible experiences for travellers. From the awe-inspiring ancient wonders of Madain Saleh to the vibrant modernity of Riyadh's skyline, the country presents a diverse range of attractions. Exploring the cultural heritage in Diriyah, savouring traditional Saudi cuisine, and embracing the warmth of Arabian hospitality are just a few of the memorable experiences awaiting visitors. Whether you're drawn to the spiritual significance of Mecca and Medina or the natural beauty of the Red Sea coast, Saudi Arabia invites you to discover its unique blend of history, culture, and natural wonders, making it a remarkable destination for those seeking adventure and cultural immersion.


What do tourists mainly do in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Tourists visiting Saudi Arabia typically engage in a variety of activities and experiences that showcase the country's rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

What do people do in Saudi Arabia for fun?

People in Saudi Arabia enjoy a variety of recreational activities and entertainment for fun and relaxation like shopping,  outdoor activities,  dining out, cultural activities, fitness gyms etc.

What are 10 interesting facts about Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Here are 10 interesting facts about Saudi Arabia.

  1. The largest country in the Middle East.
  2. Birthplace of Islam.
  3. Saudi Arabia's desert.
  4. Oil reserves.
  5. Saudi Vision 2023.
  6. World's tallest buildings.
  7. Public cinema Ban lifted.
  8. Date palm production.
  9. Conservative dress code.
  10. Diverse landscapes.

4.  What are the do's and don'ts in Saudi Arabia?

Ans.  Do's:

  1. Respects local customs
  2. Dress modestly
  3. Greet with Salam
  4. Show respect for Religion
  5. Ask permission for photography


  1. Public displays of affection
  2. Alcohol and pork
  3. Non-marital relationship
  4. Public mixing of genders
  5. Public music and dancing

5.  Can tourists drink alcohol in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

6.  Which city is the most beautiful in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Tabuk are the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia.

7.  Which city is expensive in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia is expensive in Saudi Arabia.

8.  What is the safest in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Medina is the safest city in Saudi Arabia.


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