What Is The Significance Of Ramadan 2021 In UAE?

What Is The Significance Of Ramadan 2021 In UAE?

Festivals play important roles almost in the lives of humans across the world, these are certain auspicious occasions when people come together along with their families and learn important values of togetherness, sharing, sacrifice, love, respect, kindness, and more. People follow traditional festivities according to their cultures and spend time with their families, relatives, and friends. People from different cultures, regions, and from different races have their own set of festivals. Some of the different types of festivals are:

  • National festivals: The national festivals are certain important occasions which are important for the whole of nations, these days mark important events which have occurred in the history of a particular nation. On these days, there is a public holiday in the entire region; people pay tribute to war heroes and pay respect to their national heritage.
  • Religious festivals: Religious festivals are festivals that are of great value to different religions across the world. These are important occasions that mark important events from the history of different religions. People celebrate these festivals according to their traditional values and have varying types of festivities. People who are away from their houses travel home to celebrate these festivals along with their families and friends.
  • Seasonal festivals: These festivals are usually important for a certain set of people, and are celebrated in order to be grateful to the forces of nature, such farmers celebrate a good yield in a particular season or other in many places arrival of seasons such as spring brings along good weather, blooming flowers and great climates. People in different regions learn to appreciate nature with these festivals.

What is Ramadan?

The Islamists across the world observe Ramadan which is a very auspicious occasion for them and it is a period of fasting for them that lasts for a month. Ramadan is observed in the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. It is considered to be a holy month for the entire Islamic culture around the world, as people introspect and offer prayers along with fasting every day in order to make them pious and closer to Allah.

Why is Ramadan Celebrated?

Ramadan is celebrated as during this period Muhammad, who is considered to be the final prophets of God received the initial revelations of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims. According to Islam, fasting is considered to be the final principle which all believers of Islam across the world must follow. During the month of Ramadan, each day Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, they wake up before the sunrise to have the early meal which is known as ‘Suhoor’, and at the end of the day Muslims break their fasts by sharing meals with family and friends this is called ‘Iftar’. After the month of Ramadan, a three-day festival of Eid al-Fitr is celebrated, which is one of the most major holidays for Muslims.

What Is The Importance Of The Month Of Ramadan?

Ramadan is all about refraining from all the bad habits such as smoking or drinking, and from bad thoughts. It has a great value and immense importance as people break their fast after the sunset during Iftar, along with their families and due to this, they spend time along with each other. Moreover, fasting is associated with values like self-discipline and empathizing with people who have less; because of this people do good deeds and help the needy. This year, Ramadan will be observed from the 12th of April to the 12th of May 2021.

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts Which Must Be Followed During Ramadan?


The 1 month-long period of Ramadan is all about righteousness and practicing self-restraint. This leads to better discipline in life and valuing other people. Ramadan is a very auspicious and holy occasion for all Muslims and there are certain rules which must be followed during the month which are:

1. Drinking or smoking is prohibited

During the month of Ramadan drinking alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited, these are unhealthy and negative habits that must be totally abstained during the Holy month of Ramadan, instead, you can opt for non-alcoholic drinks and dates which are healthy alternatives that you can have during Iftar. Following the fasting practice during Ramadan is great as it helps you quit these unhealthy habits of alcoholism and smoking.

2. Cursing is not allowed

Cursing is another negative habit which one should strictly avoid and must try to remain modest. Practicing humility during the month of Ramadan is quite important as it allows us to cleanse and brings in positive thoughts in ourselves.

3. Drive cautiously and carefully

Often people return to their houses in a hurry for attending the Iftar, this doesn’t mean that you need to be rash at driving while going on your way back home. Causing an accident during the Holy month can be a great sin and thus, one must always drive cautiously and carefully at all times.

4. Do not oversleep

It is although quite difficult to manage your sleep cycle during Ramadan as you need to wake up early for the Suhoor, but following your normal life routine during the day without falling asleep is what is expected in the month of Ramadan, this makes us diligent and more disciplined in our lives.

5. Stay focused

It’s quite difficult to diverge your attention from food and drinks during Ramadan but you can focus on your work, if you are a student or a youngster you can focus on your studies or try something creative, this will make you motivated for other things in life.

6. Dress with utmost modesty

Although Ramadan lies in the month of summer it doesn’t mean that you are free to dress down. Dressing modestly is also a part of self-discipline which means you should avoid wearing any dress above the knee.

7. Totally abstain from intercourse

Having intercourse is considered to be an appetite of flesh and thus, getting involved in it is not allowed during Ramadan. Marital intimacy is only allowed only after Iftar.

8. Stay practical

Being practical is different from being stingy towards loved ones is different. During Ramadan people spend on food and other luxuries. Don't use this as an excuse to spend money, be frugal and economic yet generous to your loved ones.

9. Don’t overeat during Iftar

Dates, fruits, and diet including grains and protein are only allowed during the Iftar. Having foods with extra fat and overeating is not recommended at all, as Ramadan is about restraint. Have healthy and light meals and non-alcoholic drinks, this will keep your body running and hydrated which is enough for fasting throughout the day.

Top Categories To Shop During Ramadan 2021 In UAE


  • Food and Beverages

Ramadan is an occasion during which people practice fasting, although certain food items and beverages are quite essential, which the people have during the Iftar. Certain foods and beverages which are specifically assigned to be eaten during Ramadan have special importance as these are rich in protein and vitalize the body to retain the thirst and hunger for the entire day.

Different vitalizing drinks such as Rose juice, Tamarind juice, and food essentials such as dates are quite popular during the Ramadan period. You can get a great variety of these products with great discounts on online shops.

  • Home Improvement and Other Supplies

Ramadan is also about cleansing the outer surrounding along with inner selves, although it is not recommended to spend hefty sums on purchasing heavy items such as furniture or decoration items. One needs to clean their household from time to time and all the supplies such as disinfectants, cleaning mops, and other tools and supplies are offered with great discounts online so that you can clean your household and focus more on positive thoughts.

  • Clothing and other products

Ramadan is the festival of self-righteousness, discipline, and inculcating better values in oneself. Although, excessive expenditure is not at all recommended for one’s own use if you don’t have modest clothing to wear during the period you can buy it online. Moreover, a lot of people purchase clothing, footwear, and other necessary accessories during Ramadan to donate them to the needy.

Online shopping stores provide discounts on traditional and formal clothing, footwear, and other necessary items for the purpose of charity and you can buy from a great category of products and get reasonable prices during this occasion.

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People Also Ask

What are things to do during Ramadan?

During Ramadan the daily routine for a fasting Muslim consists of the following activities:

1. Waking up before dawn to eat (Suhoor)

2. Performing the Morning Prayer

3. Fasting during daylight (prayers)

4. Breaking fast (Iftar)

5. Evening Prayer

6. Special Prayer during Ramadan (Taraweeh)

Who is exempted from fasting?

Children of the Muslim faith are expected to begin fasting once they have reached puberty, usually by the age of 14. Moreover, elders, people who are sick, also women who are menstruating or pregnant, or breastfeeding mothers are exempted from fasting.

Are you allowed to listen to music during Ramadan?

Listening to loud music is exempted during the month of Ramadan as other people who are fasting might get disturbed causing them to lose focus. However, you can listen to music on your smartphone or some other device at a reasonable volume.

Can you take medicines while fasting?

During Ramadan, taking medicine orally is considered breaking the fast. If you're taking regular medicines or nutritional supplements and want to fast, speak to your doctor about your options in advance, he/she might be able to make arrangements or give you other alternatives.

By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal UAE