Latest Urban Fashion Trends For Women & Men In UAE 2021

Latest Urban Fashion Trends For Women & Men In UAE 2021

Once, the only purpose clothes served was to hide and protect our body, but now clothes are an essential part of our day to day to life and are given great significance in everyone’s life. Clothing and other accessories today have formed their whole industry which is known as Fashion Industry. And fashion choices are used by almost everyone in their day-to-day lives.

Clothing, accessories, and footwear are all part of fashion, people combine them and form customized outfits according to their choices. But for doing so one needs to have basic knowledge of creating great outfits which suits their personality and the occasion they are dressing for, but it is often troublesome for people to make a judgment about the same. So, we here at Vouchers Portal have created a styling guide for people to learn more about fashion and enhance their ability to make a good combination and great outfits.

Fashion is everything about making impression on others. It is in fact individual's signature and reflects the amount of confidence an individual carries while hiring any attribute. Fashion is an art and an interesting way to live life.

Importance of Wearing Trendy Outfits :

Fashion is often considered a powerful visual statement of individualism and creativity that anyone can make on the world. In fact, Fashion has the ability to make a person feel more confident and even helps to get more opportunities with people based on them perceiving you in a certain way. In the past, it was just a means to cover the body, but as humankind is evolving, the need to just cover the body has changed to acquiring new fashion statements.

If you are wondering that how to form up various outfits according to the trends of the year 2021 in UAE and choose clothing and accessories for your wardrobe for the different occasion which suit you the best and enhance your looks then you need not be confused anymore as this blog will provide you with all the insight about the recent clothing trends which you can choose from and add to your wardrobe for this summers.

Latest Fashion Trends For Women In Summers 2021

Women are mostly obsessed with fashion, they love to dress, wear designer clothing, footwear, accessories and flaunt their beauty. Their clothing choices describe their persona and add glamour to their attire. This summer you need not head out to the mall, you can know more about all the trends for 2021 and buy them online to stay safe by avoiding crowded places during the Covid-19 pandemic. So we here at Vouchers Portal have compiled a list of the latest fashion trends for women which you will be able to buy online from various sites and if you shop through us you can get great offers, discounts, and promo codes.


Dressing according to the latest trends is quite important for women, clothing, accessories, and jewelry of the latest styles fascinate women more than anything. If you are looking for some of the latest clothing styles to add to your wardrobe, then we have enlisted all the popular trends in the market which are mentioned below:

  • Emarati Styles

If you are planning to visit Dubai and want to try out their fashion styles then you can try wearing what the Emarati women wear casually in their day-to-day lives. Generally, it is abayas or long gowns, which are very comfortable and are available in great designs, flashy colors, and a different number of styles. You can club these with any kind of footwear and wear them on different occasions. These will surely help you to mix with the people there and will give you the enriching experience of their lifestyles.

  • Dubai Sports Style Women’s Clothing

Wearing a sporty outfit can also give an edge and can be attractive while you are casually strolling on the streets of Dubai. You can wear bright colors such as neon, orange, red, or other bold colors, for example, you can wear the bright yellow top with tight grey bottom wear. And if you think the top is a little too revealing you can wear a simple cardigan and you will be good to go.

  • Formal Clothing

If in case you are looking for clothing for formal occasions then a bit of the classy outfits always give an edge to your personality in UAE. You can wear formal shirts of different colors, or satin blouses, and club them with camouflage or motif printed palazzos, tuck your shirt in to give it a more professional look, and for accessories and footwear choose cool and nude shades.

  • Partywear Outfits

If you are planning to enjoy the nightlife and go clubbing then you need to keep in mind that although you can wear attractive clothing it needs to be a little less revealing avoiding you from getting judged. You can wear flashy colors and clothing like colorful ankle-length dresses, or tight jeans with half sleeve tops, you club them with heels and a handbag of bright colors.

  • Boiler Suits

The boiler suit is something that is popular worldwide and is apt to be worn in a place like Dubai, as it is less revealing and edgy at the same time. They come in different styles and are made of different types of materials such as denim and cotton, the boiler suits come in different funky colors and various prints. The boiler suits are one of the most trendy styles available in the market and you can wear them for several numbers of occasions. The boiler suit is simple, cool and stylish, and suitable for usage on a different number of casual occasions.

  • Simple & Comfortable Outfits

You need not wear uncomfortable and tight outfits necessarily, you can dress simply just by wearing any kind of skinny tank tops with bright colored long skirts, and these will be super comfortable to wear in the hot climate and will also allow you to look good at the same time for a casual stroll in the city. The simple outfits can be clubbed with accessories like leather purses or handbag and any kind of footwear.

Latest Fashion Trends For Men In Summers 2021 :


Although women’s clothing always has the upper hand when it comes to experimentation and fusions, menswear also keeps on evolving, as the new decade starts the most recent trend in men’s clothing which can be observed is the usage of different vibrant colors, patterns, motif prints, and stripes. Mostly, men give more importance to the quality of clothing as compared to the styles, but that doesn’t mean that men won’t wear trendy clothing. There are some styles that are available in the market which can be comfortable as well, which we have enlisted below:

  • Cuban Collar Shirts

The Shirts with vibrant colored stripes and patterns with big collars and short sleeves are usually known as Cuban Collar Shirts. This style has recently gained popularity, earlier it was a causal beachwear type shirt style but now it is a great casual or streetwear during the summers in Dubai. These shirts can be great in summers and you can club them with chinos, casual sneakers, sunglasses, and a simple chain that can do wonders and add a touch of class, making the outfit perfect for casually hanging out in clubs.

  • All White Outfits

All white outfits keep gaining popularity every once in a while. This is one of the most basic yet best styles that look perfect on males as it can give the classic masculine appeal if pulled off successfully. You can wear a solid white t-shirt with solid white chinos or denim and dark tan leather sneakers, also accessories such as basic jewelry as simple as a chain can make the outfit look classier. Moreover, white can be a cool color to aid you on the streets of Dubai in the summers.

  • Navy Style Clothing

The navy-style outfits have always been an inspiration to the clothing for men’s fashion. Different types of clothing such as the peacoat are quite popular these days, now you know the reason why. Different other parts of clothing such as fisherman beanies and dock-worker coats, are sold by different luxury brands in the market with additional styling and are really on fire. Such clothing makes you look classy and elegant naturally and is a perfect style for the summers.

  • Mid-Wash Denims

Wondering about the style coming back to the market? Well yes, the times on dark denim are in the past now, light-colored, mid-washed denim are the perfect pieces of clothing to be used in summers. You can wear different types of lighter-toned, classic slim fit pairs along with different casual torso wear and with different types of sneakers.

  • Pastel Colored Suits

Suit with basic colors and simple styles which have been used traditionally might work fine for an official meeting but, if you want to look sharp at different events and parties this summer then you need to opt for different pastel-colored ones which have recently come into trend. These colors are soothing to the eyes during the scorching summers of Dubai and can make you look trendy as well as awesome at the same time.

Apart from these, you can also try some classic evergreen styles like polo T-shirts with jeans. Cheques, in particular, never go out of fashion. So, you can safely don them any time of the year. However, keep in mind that ensuring the right combination of clothing, styles, and hues is vital. Hence, spend some time researching how to mix and match different ensembles and colors to slay your look.

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People Also Ask

Can I wear ripped jeans in UAE?

Wearing ripped jeans can be fine in nightclubs, but wearing them in public is not allowed and can be considered offensive. You can also wear skinny and tight-fit jeans in nightclubs and pubs.

What are the traditional clothes of the UAE?

Emirati men prefer wearing traditional clothing such as the Kandura, which is an ankle-length white shirt mostly made of light and cool fabrics such as cotton along with Ghutra which is a headdress. Local Emirati women wear Abaya which is a thin ankle-length cloak along with a headscarf or a Hijab.

What to wear under an abaya?

You can club the Abaya along with trousers with embroidered details or pristine white or black outfits under the open Abayas. Also, you can wear a plain hijab along with the Abaya.


By Jatin Shewaramani: Vouchers Portal UAE