Best Places to Shop for Kids in UAE: Shopping Tips for Parents

Best Places to Shop for Kids in UAE: Shopping Tips for Parents

In today's world, the biggest question for millennial working parents is their kid's fashion; they consider it viable to take care of their child's fashion needs. A new storm is taking over the fashion street every other day, and whenever a new trend comes on social media, the fashion street changes again. Kids' fashion is getting bigger day by day. People of talent are making their craft appealing to lure more people in their stores; they are now getting appreciated for their contribution to Kids fashion.

Every girl around the corner wants to be the daughter of George Clooney and Amal Clooney. The trends in kid's fashion have changed on many levels. The designers work on the dresses keeping in mind the famous father, the personification of luxury, glamour, and girly style; extra trendy dresses are famous and crazily in demand with the accessories they come along. Tom Cruise has said on her daughter's fashion, "Suri dresses on her own; she was born that way with her sense of fashion."Like adults, the kids have fashion icons and dresses and outfits to copy; they aren't lagging and are working to uplift the stigmatic Fashion industry changes.

Like Suri, there are many on the list - Zahara Jolie-Pitt, daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, dresses for several occasions in her Ralph Lauren Boots and Gucci, juicy couture tops. The daughter of Ben Affleck and Jenifer Garner is a craze in the so-called kid's fashion world. The celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe's son Skyler is the epitome of fashion, with his signature style hats.

The star parents are splurging millions of dollars into their kid's fashion, and with such stardom, the industry is gathering attention, and various segments are growing faster than ever. Many celebrities, including Beyoncé, have poured in millions to doll up their kids. The mums are happy splurging, keeping their kids stylish to determent their style. The retailers are using this time to jump in the opportunity for metamorphosing the kid's fashion industry.

The progressive nature of the designers has led to promising customers and independent buyers. The nuclear families have enough disposable income to spend on their kid's fashion, also at an exorbitant price. The big chains and designers are looking at this segment closely and working on the urban fashion trends for children. Global fashion weeks for children are also held in many major cities around the globe by prestigious brands showcasing their new collections.

Kid's Fashion Brands To Check Out in UAE

Shopping is a relaxing activity, but it can be a challenging task for some parents. Parents invest in their kid's clothes, and they want them to be cute, trendy, comfortable, and durable at the same time. Parents are taking an interest and actively choosing for their little ones. Let's get through some of the major spots for the tiny peers across the UAE.

Now that COVID is a massive issue, brands are shifting to an online interface, and there are regular updates online within the clothing collection. The following brands curate the best kid's fashion in UAE -

Adams Kids Dubai

Parents roam around in the city center in UAE, going from store to store, struggling to find attractive and durable clothes for their toddlers; Adams kids Dubai provides the desired designs curated in the perfect space to shop. It is one of the most prominent competitors in the kid's industry and is currently accessible in many countries through more than 200 stores.

Adam's offers a wide variety of collections from infants to school children in style and with quality. It can become a go-to place once you shop. The store provides everything to take the style game of your kids to slay.

Burberry Children

A high fashion brand for the juniors from the British label. The brand curates partial-sized coats in the iconic pattern; shopping from here can help you share the same love with your children that you have for your luxury.

You step out in style and match everything from tip to toe, dress as per the occasion; Burberry can help your little ones attain a similar style of their own by providing cashmere seta for babies to timeless Sandringham or Wiltshire trench for the older kids.


A Spanish brand that offers attires to their clientele who value healthy, happy children surrounded by positive and constructive values. The brand offers clothes for babies and children up to16 years. The stores are operational in many locations in UAE.

You can expect cozy knitwear and stylish staples in delightful and unexpected patterns. They offer their services online at, and you can avail of discounts and offers from their website on signing up.

Carter's Dubai

If you are one of those parents who want everything flawless - no spots or stains and pay attention to minute details and stitching – this is the brand you should come for to shop for your children.

While most infant clothing brands focus on vibrancy and appearance, they cater to comfort and care to your children at Carter's. The Carters curate handi-cuff mitten sleeves are designed specially to protect your baby against self-scratching, and their Jiffon neck designs ensure ease of outfit changes. You can choose from a massive section of baby products at their stores at the best prices, and they also offer free shipping of certain products.

GAP Dubai

If you see the Gap store in the City Center, one thing will cross your mind – GAP stands for individuality, and their kid's collection reflects the same quality. The kids are raised to become the future fashionistas and role models; GAP offers to ensure individuality; the kids will walk with style and a unique sense of curated fashion while wearing GAP.

'The essence of fashion with class and style,' GAP is capable of curating your ideology towards your kid's fashion. They have their stores in City Center Deira, and on various occasions, they offer specific discounts, which can be availed through the Gap coupon code.

Level Kids, Dubai

It's a retail universe of its own for whimsy parents and alike children. Their City Center store extends across three floors, offering more than 350 international and local brands of children's wear, shoes, accessories, toys, and more. It is the temple for purchasing all of the kid's items in one place.

When you shop in Level kids, it becomes a pleasant experience because of the services included. Shoppers can avail of a spa facility or click with your family in the photo studio by cherished moments; the stores boast a play area for children with the rides along with the safety measures and a Disney-inspired section. After all of the shopping and roaming, you surely are getting hungry. To aid in that two internally renowned restaurants, cook in the three-level store for your stomach cravings. The store can be a perfect place for the family to shop and enjoy a weekend together.

Nest for kids, Dubai

The store is designed to ideology the concept of serving modern clothing to meet the needs of modern parents by featuring trendy and high-quality clothing to nurture and inspire their young sprouts. The brand is focused on the future aspect of kids' fashion and gives a leap in the designs and comfort.

The store offers kids furniture and apparel, which is one of its kind: the nest they offer nowadays carries a dragon of Walton Street, a favorite of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. It can be a great adventure to have the nests and get high-quality clothes for your young members.

Sacoor Kids

A Portuguese lifestyle brand that reflects on the classic craftsmanship which has been around for ages. They offer synonymous and charming timeless fashion for children two to twelve years of age. The store is planned to give a place to shop; they give a whole shopping experience with all the services.

There is well-trained staff and nannies to take care of the usual hassle of shopping with kids. While you can worry about the clothes, the little ones will not pin you with something every other time. The experienced nannies take care of the children to give you a seamless shopping experience.


Dubai's homegrown kids wear boutique for the next generation of business people and artists. The new trendsetters will wear hip brands like Aristocrat, Play by Comme des Garcos and Stella McCarthy for kids aged two to twelve.

They provide you with the secret luxury sauce for your kid's fashion.

Smyk, Abu Dubai

If your kid is one of those who does not like to wear what the other kids are wearing and wants an original style, Smyk prioritizes this quality and offers an in-house line, Cool Club, full of fun and functional options for boys and girls up to 14 years.

It is a Polish kid's clothing brand, and their clothes – think of Polka dots, catchy slogans splashed across t-shirts letting the kids choose what expresses their personality.

Zara Dubai

The big Spanish fashion giant always stays in sync with the fashion trends – and maintains its pace in the kid's section.  It is one of the personal favorites among the shoppers of Dubai; Zara's Kid's collection is as delighted as the main clothing line of adults. You can explore the trendy fashion side of shopping at ZARA – Dubai city center, Deira.

Oshkosh B'Gosh

The iconic American brand at City Center Deira can be your option too for intelligent casual wear shopping. The brand houses a good mix of prints and patterns committing to genuine quality and reliable craftsmanship.

6th Street Store

You wear the brand, and the tags have all the power to lure you into the store every once in a while; your kids could have the same feeling and wear the same brands you do. 6th street is a high fashion brand that offers picked styles for your kids to make them stand out from the group and give them their image.

The stores are located across various locations in Dubai, and the clothes can be ordered online. The prices on the clothes can be too lavish but are something too lavish when it comes to clothing. They also offer coupon codes and discounts on various events throughout the year. To access, go on their website and find 6th street coupon codes to shop at discounted prices.

UAE offers many places to cater to the fashion needs of your kids, choose the places wisely, and have fun shopping.


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Happy Shopping!


By: Vouchers Portal UAE