Taiwanese Children's Day 2022: How Make The Day Enthralling For Your Kids?

Taiwanese Children's Day 2022: How Make The Day Enthralling For Your Kids?

Society is composed of people of all ages, and everyone in different age groups has different roles to play. Everyone plays several roles in their lifetime, a woman, is a daughter, a mother, a wife, and also an individual who sometimes plays other vital roles in the society such as a teacher, a mentor, a friend or a sister, and so on. People and their roles through which they nurture society are quite pivotal. It is because of them and what they have done significant changes occur and the world becomes a better place gradually. For appreciating these roles, we celebrate certain significant occasions to let people know how important they have been to society and how admirable was their contributions. We celebrate these occasions such as Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friend’s Day, Sibling’s Day, Children’s Day, and many such days worldwide. On these days we make certain people feel important, by giving them gifts, enjoying along with them and appreciating them through immense gratefulness and love.

Children’s Day is one such occasion which is celebrated around the world with great zeal and zest, although different countries have different dates for Children’s Day the only motive of this day everywhere is to celebrate the childhood and the innocence of the children and promote the bond of children with adults by spending time with them and making them feel important. The children are of great importance to society as the future of the society is dependent on them, and if the adults will nurture the children with care and cultivate good values in them the world will surely become a better place in the future. To teach them right values, manners, and right & wrong will make them into a successful and admiring adult.

What Is The Importance of Children’s Day In Taiwan?

Taiwan is a great country which gives great importance to occasions like children’s day, it is celebrated on the 4th of April and is a public holiday in the country. Around the holiday the schools also celebrate Children’s day to make the children feel special, they conduct fun activities such as games, art and craft contests, conduct children’s fairs, picnics and also distribute gifts, confectionaries, and much more amongst the children. Parents on this day, often go outdoors to have fun and spend time along with their children, they also gift those toys, books, sweets, and other items to appreciate them and make them feel good on the day. The day is a public holiday in the country, especially so that the adults can spend the whole of this day along with the children and bond with them on this occasion.

How To Make This Children’s Day Special For The kids?

During Children’s day parents usually take their children to different amusement parks, gaming parlors, malls, restaurants, and food joints, to a picnic at some fun location, for fishing or sometimes play along with them at the nearby park too, so that the children can feel that adults love to involve along with them.


Also, gifting the children is quite common on this day, as the children feel special when they receive the gifts on this occasion. People often gift them different kinds of toys, sweets, or snacks, although gifting them with certain meaningful gifts can also be great such as gifting them with a nice storybook, a pair of sports shoes, nice clothing, school bags, stationery items, and other items which they might like.

Some of the activities and gestures which you can make to make children feel special this year are:

1. Gifting them with Toys and Games

During Taiwanese Children’s day, you can find offers and discounts on various stores both online and offline and you can gift children with multiple different products such as soft toys, toy sets, and different types of board games. You can also gift them with gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PlayStations, and different games which can be played on them.

2. Gifting them with Clothing, Footwear, and other accessories

Gifting children with nice clothing of their choice can make them quite happy, as everyone wants to look good, and gifting them with a nice dress can be quite joyous to them. Moreover, you can also gift them with a nice pair of shoes, fancy slippers, or sandals, if your kid is into outdoor games, then a nice pair of sports shoes can be a great gift to him or her. You can also gift your kid with products like a nice kid’s purse or a handbag, and a nice school bag of their choice can also make them feel great.

3. Gifting Books and other stationery products

Children tend to learn more from certain meaningful gifts, there are tons and tons of books such as attractive picture books, nice collections of fables, meaningful comics, or sketching and coloring books, and many more. You gift your child with different learning gadgets which are quite popular these days in the market such as learning tablets, these contain interactive educational material and fun games for them. Children also like items like sketch pens, decorative notebooks, slam books, and different items such as fancy pens and more.

4. Taking them to visit different fun places

Spending time with your children is the greatest theme of the festival and it could be the best gift to them. You can take them on a picnic or to a fun place such as:

  • Visit any theme park along with them: You can take your kids to a nice amusement or a theme park. These parks have fun rides, swimming pools, lush green spaces, and different types of fun activities that never fail to leave your kids amused. You can also have great food there and also stay for a day or more at the resort which is quite lavished and great. The pools and rides which these parks have are for people of different ages.
  • Go to a shopping mall for spending some fun time with them: Shopping malls are some of the most fun places for great family time. You can shop from a different number of stores, or go to different food chains and restaurants along with kids such as McDonald's or some pizza joint. Multiple shopping malls also have fun spots for kids such as gaming parlours and fun zones, and kids love to visit there.
  • Take them on an educational trip to some of the most fun museums: Taiwan has a different number of museums which can be great learning places for kids and can also be a fun trip for them, you can visit places like Taichung National Museum of Nature and Science, the Changhua Roundhouse which has a great and well-preserved railway history or the Taiwan Balloon Museum.
  • Visit the Zoo along with them: Zoos are some of the most fun spots for kids and family, these places are great for a picnic, are educational, and are affordable for almost everyone and the kids can have a superb time there.
  • Kids can have a fun time seeing different types of animals at the Taipei Zoo such as birds, insects, reptiles, snakes, exotic breeds such as koalas, penguins, and enjoy multiple fun activities like riding Maokong Gondolas and enjoys at children’s park inside the zoo.

5. Places Where You Can Take Your Loved Ones To Make Their Day Special

places to spend-childrens-day

The Jingzaijiao Tile- Paved Salt Fields in Tainan: This place provides a ton of knowledge to kids as it is not just a place to have fun but also offers the opportunity to come across ancient monuments and understand our past generations in a better way. This kind of place offers them the chance to admire ancient architects.

Changhua Roundhouse: It is one of the best-preserved railway stations in history that has been operational for more than a decade now. It is a peculiar roundhouse which is one of its kind and was built in 1992 for locomotives as a place for repairs. Over a hundred years have passed and this place is still functional and delivering its services, just the engines have changed but the place is still functioning efficiently. Visitors that come here can explore the site with the help of walkways to get a closer look at the mesmerizing architecture, the visitors can even climb to the viewing platform to get a better view of the place. For kids, this place has a fun activity to do, that are the trains that arrive and depart from the roundhouse often using the turntable for their arrival or departure. People can even stand very next to the engines while the actions are being performed and this in itself a thrilling experience, if lucky you may even get a chance to see the generations-old steam engines that visit here from time to time.

Taiwan Balloon Museum: This is a must-place visit as it offers a special site to endeavor, this place is situated near a former balloon factory and that now specializes in professional and high-end balloons that are shaped and molded into many forms. Balloon shaped in the form of buildings, houses, and the place itself shaped in the form of the balloon which offers a variety of balloon museums within. Visitors can get to know a lot about how balloons are made and the vast history that is related to them. This place filled with shops that give countless opportunities to purchase their favorite balloons and games. People coming here should keep in mind that visits to this place should be planned ahead as it requires making a pre-booking to enter the place.

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People Also Ask

When is International Children’s Day Celebrated?

The International Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November every year to promote children’s welfare around the world, it was established back in the year 1954.

Why is Children’s Day a public holiday in Taiwan?

The Taiwanese Children’s Day which lies on the 4th of April is a public holiday so that the adults can celebrate it and have fun along with their children and make them feel important. Spending time together strengthens the bond between them.


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