What Is Lunar New Year: Best Deals And Discounts During Lunar New Year 2021

What Is Lunar New Year: Best Deals And Discounts During Lunar New Year 2021

Each and every country and culture has its own significant festivals, as these festivals mark a great cultural significance and bring celebration, happiness, and family reunions. During the festivals, people perform all the festivities according to the traditions bring up themes of the festivals of why they are celebrated. Festivals are also very significant for businesses, as people use hundreds of different items which are required during the festivals, such as food essentials, decoration items, gifts, and much more, therefore businesses start working rigorously to produce more and more to fulfill customers demand and earn great profits during the season. One such very popular festival is the Lunar New Year which has different variations of its name, such as the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival.

The Lunar New year is a very significant celebration by most of the South East Asian countries, this year it is falling on February 12th. The Lunar New Year is celebrated as it marks the first moon according to the Lunisolar calendar, and it is a time for new beginnings, family gatherings, and celebrations. It is a great festival which includes a celebration for 15 days with different festivities for each day. The Lunar year is celebrated by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide and thus, it is considered one of the biggest festivals.

The Lunar New year has a similar feeling and a similar set of festivities in all the regions it is celebrated in such as a great time for family gatherings, firecrackers, red and golden themed decoration, lion and dragon dance, and lots and lots of exquisite and delicious food.

Decoration and Celebration :

All the countries which celebrate the Lunar New Year are flooded with the decoration of red and golden themes, people decorate their doors with red pamphlets lights, red-colored cascades, and Chinese lamps of red and golden colors this is because red and golden colors symbolize good luck and joy in the South East Asian culture and they are considered to drive off all the bad luck.

Lunar New Year

People sweep their houses by themselves before the arrival of the New Year and clean their houses at the best to ward off all the bad luck from the previous year and decorate each part of their house to start with all the good luck they can bring in. The celebration of the Lunar New Year includes bursting firecrackers which started because of a myth about a monster Nián(年) who used to eat humans and animals in early ages, and people believed by making loud noise they can scare off the monster. Although the myth was never proven true this tradition became an important part of the culture for this festival and thus, people enjoy it by bursting lots and lots of firecrackers.

Great Time For Family Gatherings :

The core concept of the lunar year is to bring all the family members come together and celebrate it all together with sharing love, care and happiness, millions of people go back to their houses within the countries and from different international places back to their families so they can cherish the feeling of love prevalent during this festival. People make fabulous dishes together and enjoy them throughout the festive period, they go to different destinations for celebrating and enjoying with their families to make great memories along with the people they love the most.

Elder people give red and golden-colored envelopes filled with good luck money which is considered a blessing from elders and people gift each other with different kinds of good luck gifts to make the coming year better and full of good luck for each other.

During the New Year, open-air markets and New Year parades are also quite prevalent; people go out to purchase food and fruits, especially tangerines and oranges which are also associated with good luck. The parades in the Lunar New Year are also a part of traditional celebrations and every year these are carried out in different places in various countries, people go out with their families to see these parades and enjoy the spirit of the New Year.

The Dragon and Lion Dances :

Dragon Dance

Many countries which celebrate the Lunar New Year; compulsorily have Dragon or Lion dances it is one of the street celebrations which is very popular amongst the people. It is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and prosperity, and it is believed that these dances of powerful creatures chase away all the evil and bad spirits, people go along with their families to watch these dances. The Dragon Dance features visible puppeteers holding poles as they make the dragon move in a flowing motion, and similarly, puppeteers also perform Lion dances.

Lots and Lots of Awesome Food :

Taiwan Food

The Lunar New Year commonly is a festival where food plays a major role,  different variety of dishes are made in every house in different countries where Lunar New Year is celebrated. Different types of cakes such as Turnip cakes, radish cakes, rice cakes are quite popular and are eaten everywhere where the New Year is celebrated. Other dishes such as dumplings, stock-based soup, rolled egg biscuits, shrimp-based dishes, grilled meats, and other different varieties of exquisite dishes are quite popular during the New Year in different regions. It is believed when the people come together and cook and eat food together the bond between them strengthens even more, and thus, the food is given so much importance during the New Year.

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  • Nike

People often gift a nice pair of sneakers or other casual footwear or casual apparel to their loved ones, as a good pair of shoes is a great gift for a fresh new start and a new year. One can always use some sportswear apparel or footwear for a healthy new beginning for the new year.

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  • Lenovo

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  • Klook

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