รหัสโปรโมชั่น รหัสคูปอง และ ส่วนลด Nok Air ประเทศไทย June 2023

In dire need of a break from your surroundings? Founded in 2004, Nok Air is a Thai airline famous fo...r people who wish to fly domestically. They have the most affordable and pocket-friendly fares. They also have excellent service and hold pride in being the most domestically connected airline in Thailand.

Looking for domestic flights? Find the best domestic flights at affordable rates using the ส่วนลด Nok Air!

You can use their online portal to book flights and manage your booking. With Nok Air, you get free 7 kg carry-on baggage, wider seats, free advanced seat selection, and web check-in facilities. They also have a special Nok Fan club wherein you can avail various special offers and collect reward points every time you choose to fly with them.

Sale Events- 11.11 Singles' Day Sale, Mother's Day Sale, Father's Day, Cyber Monday, Songkran Festival, 12.12 Doubles Day Sale, Black Friday and Chinese New Year Sale.

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ตรวจสอบแล้ว รหัสส่วนลดและส่วนลด Nok Air ในประเทศไทย:

ข้อเสนอ 5 อันดับแรก ประเภทข้อเสนอ หมดอายุ At
ส่วนลดสูงสุดถึง 50% สำหรับตั๋วเครื่องบิน Coupon Code 31-Dec-2024

Grab The Best Nok Air Discount Codes And Offers On Vouchers Portal Thailand

Air transport has become very common nowadays as people want to save travel time. For any family emergencies or office work, people prefer traveling by flight.

Nok Airlines public company limited manages Nok Air. Thai Airways International is one of their significant shareholders with other investors in their company. Nok Air was registered in 2004 under Sky Asia Limited and later changed into Nok airlines. Nok means birds in Thai, symbolizing freedom, friendliness, and air travel.

Nok airline’s mission is to be the number one choice for its customers by providing affordability, convenience, innovation, and reliability. They provide options for domestic and international flight bookings.

Nok airlines cover the most prominent domestic destinations with their expansion towards Asian goals. Near or far from the destination, they provide services with convenience and are budget-friendly.

Nok Air provides travel with infant or children assistance, physically challenged passenger assistance, In-flight service, Insurance, and more.

They assist with how to book, and pay for a ticket, seat selection, where you can fly, ticket types, and also a guide to plan your holidays or trip. You can also apply one of the Nok Air coupon codes for instant discounts on your ticket bookings.

Want To Avail Of The Best Services Provided By Nok Air? 

  • Direct Flights: They provide direct flights from North, North East, Central and South locations.
  • International Destination: They provide international flights looking for options from Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), Yangon (RGN), Nanning (NNG), Chengdu (CTU), Chiang Mai (CNX)-Nanning (NNG), etc.                               
  • Fly & Ferry Service: They provide flightless saree options to reach the destination from the Andaman Sea to the gulf of Thailand. 
  • Fly and Ride Service: They provide domestic destinations like not yeast Central and South with added fuel locations.
  • International Destination: You can book international flights through Nok air from Chiang Mai-Vientiane, Vientiane. Find the availability online along with good offers by using the Nok Air voucher codes.
  • Connecting Flight: They provide connecting flight choices for their passengers. You can find domestic connecting flights by checking their availability at nokair.com.
  • Other Convenience Services: Airport to town, on-island transfer, no car services, you can get an airport to town transfer, ferry pier to town transfer, and Nok car.
  • Hotel Booking: Nok Air is also a company where you can make bookings for hotels in any city which you prefer with hygiene and comfort.

Which Types of Sales & Offers Are Available At Nok Air?

Nok Air offers many varieties of super-saving sales and gala deals:

  • Black Friday Sale
  • Mother's Day Sale
  • Father's Day Sale
  • Cyber Monday Sale
  • Chinese New Year Sale
  • 11.11 Singles Day Sale
  • 12.12 Doubles Day Sale

Why Use The Services From Nok Air? 

  • Nok Fan Club: There are four member classes of the Nok fan club. Nok Sky, Nok star, Nok smile, Nok smile Plus. Every level has different benefits, and you can avail of special offers. You can receive 1 point for every 5 baht on airfare, valid for 36 months. 
  • Travel Comfort: Nok Air provides 7 kgs with you on the flight, which helps to carry almost all the stuff you want. It has ample and comfortable seating with plenty of leg space. You can choose your seat when booking a ticket online for free. Registering with a Nok fan club member can get a Nok fan club point for every 5 baht spent on airfare. Get more services and offers with Nok Air discount codes on your reservations.

What Makes Nok Air Better Than Its Competitors?

  • Group Booking: You can even make a group booking request through the booking request page, where you need to fill in preliminary details as required and submit the inquiry to avail of Nok air services.

  • Types of Tickets: Not Air provides passengers with three types of tickets Nok lite, Nok X-tra, and Nok Max. There they have the leverage of baggage allowance, flight change is another benefit as per the ticket type you select.

What Are The Perks Of Using The Nok Air App?

  • You need not stand in a queue for bookings. 
  • You can get notification 24 hours before departure by registering for a Nok fan club membership.

How To Use Nok Air Promo Codes?

  • Visit Vouchers Portal TH and search "Nok Air" at intervals inside the search column.
  • Endure the offers listed on the salutation page at intervals of Nok Air discount codes and Nok Air promotion codes.
  • Choose the supplier that matches best with what you'd favor undertaking to do and do and do. You will be forwarded to the website, where you will be able to select the merchandise you would like.
  • Checkout and paste the derived code at intervals inside the "Apply Code" or "Redeem Code" section.
  • Get pleasure from hefty savings!

How Can I Save More Using Nok Air Coupons?

You can save more by using various discounts and coupons like Cashback, free shipping, and voucher codes like Nok Air Promo Code.

Why Choose Vouchers Portal For Nok Air Promo Codes?

The Vouchers Portal is the best medium for knowing all the data regarding varied discounts on the market at Nok Air TH. Customers can check for the latest discounts together at the same location here.

Does Nok Air Have A Refer & Earn Program?

You can earn many other benefits like 1 point for every 5 baht spent and other discounts like Nok Air Discount Code.

What Are The Accepted Payment Methods At Nok Air?

Nok Air accepts payments through Credit Card/Debit Card, ATM, Counter Service, Krungthai Bank Counter, QR Payment, Alipay, Wechat pay, and UnionPay.

Where Can I Contact Nok Air Customer Care?

You can contact Nok Air through Tel in Thailand at 1318 and international calls at +662-439-3344.

Does Nok Air Have a Mobile App?

Yes, Nok Air has a mobile app. You can install it from Google Play Store.

Is Nok Air Available On Social Media?

Yes, you can use the official website of Nok Air on the internet as well as you can also check out all the latest discounts & vouchers from Vouchers Portal TH.

Are There Any Nok Air Vouchers for New Users?

You can avail of 15% OFF on your first purchase at Nok Air.

What Discounts Can I Get From Nok Air?

Customers can use discounts like Gift vouchers, Promo codes, Black Friday sales, free shipping, and more like Nok Air codes.

Is There Any Nok Air Discount Code For Students?

You can enjoy a 10% discount for students.

What Are The Cancellation Policies At Nok Air?

You can cancel and raise a refund request three days before the scheduled departure date.

Are There Any Other Services Available Like This?

Yes, you can book your flights along with hotel rooms from Trip.com.