What Are The Top 10 Adventure Activities To Do In Thailand?

What Are The Top 10 Adventure Activities To Do In Thailand?

The year of postponed trip and “I will get around to it” is over. 2021 is about saying yes! Yes, to new places, travel, adventure, and wishes to explore the world. This year calls for a challenge to do all that we couldn’t do and make up for all of those plans that sit in an attic to date. Choosing a travel destination to inspire your imagination again could be tricky, but not so much when you see what Thailand has in store for you!

A destination presents a beautiful blend of scenic landscapes and adventure provides the perfect escape from a tiresome daily routine. Indeed, while looking for the Top Places to Visit in 2021, Thailand is a natural choice – colorful, chaotic, and captivating! You may have thought of Thailand in terms of beaches, gorgeous resorts, spas, and delicious food. That is not surprising since these are indeed the mainstream attractions and are preferred highly by the people. However, there is more to Thailand than its scenic beauty. The country sports an adventurous heart – the place is famous among adrenaline junkies! 

You are bored in your life; the desk job is killing you, need fresh air, and want to get out of the hectic traffic jam – Thailand is where you redeem your peace with beautiful landscapes and endless adventures awaiting your trip. In comparison to other world destinations, these adventurous pursuits are cheaper in Thailand, and what can be better than adding zeal to your life with budget-friendly activities amidst nature! Some activities require a brave heart, while some offer fun and still offer the rush, sending the blood pumping right through to your ears.

Planning a trip to Thailand with only beaches and spas on your list doesn’t do justice to the spirit of your vacation. Spice it up with these fun activities catered to make your trip to Thailand memorable for years, at rates that fall right into your pocket!

Discover The Best Activities In Thailand That Will Keep You Coming Back For More! 


Remember dreaming of a time when we all wished we could fly? The one dream that passes every child’s mind – what if I could fly? Life’s most memorable experience – a Sky Dive, can be done in many ways, but the safest way to do it is the Tandem Jump. In this, you and a highly experienced instructor are attached using a dual harness, single container parachute designed for two.

Skydiving gives you the same feeling, and you too can enjoy this adrenaline pump. Experience the thrilling adventure of falling from a great height, and have a bird’s view of how the wind tastes and how it is like to swing in midair! The duration of the free fall will be the highlight of your trip; though it will be roughly 60 seconds, it will feel like an eternity, be prepared for it. You are going to notice how beautiful the earth looks from space. Companies like sky adventures and Klook offer skydiving adventures in Thailand and specialize in the Tandem and free fall jump. Having served hundreds of travellers with exciting trips and fun activities at affordable rates, you too can avail of their services using the Klook promo code to enjoy discounts and budget-friendly bookings.

The best place to explore Skydiving in Thailand – Pattaya. 


Skydiving may not be your piece of cake, so explore an activity that gives you the same thrill as skydiving – Ziplining! It is almost akin to flying over the forest like a bird. You will swing from one tree to another at breakneck speeds, the cold breeze on your face as you swoosh by the tree covers; at the end, you will descend by rappelling. This sport is meant for all ages, so you come with your family. Everyone can have an exciting race down the hill over the ropes.

The best place for Ziplining in Thailand – Phuket

Giant Swing 

You can’t say no to this one – a giant rope swing! It’s also called Emperor Swing and is 120 meters long. The swing starts with a 30-meter fall and further free falls over the forest floor. If you think the adventure will start when you set your foot on the swing, you have another thing coming! It starts way before – the trek to the point of the swing.

As fun as the trek sounds, the Giant Swing adventure may be scary – it requires a brave heart, one who can make the most of the view from such a height instead of giving in to fear! If a trek and a giant swing don’t deter you, the view from the valley floor, from where the leap of faith needs to be taken, will surely do. The experience in one line would be – a high-speed pendulum swinging under a monstrous cave above the forest. Need a guide to arrange it for you? Book your trip with the Luxury Escapes Promo Code and have a trip curated to get the maximum fun out of your vacation with plenty of activities such as the Giant Swing in Thailand waiting for you!

The best place for the Giant Swing in Thailand  – Hollow Mountain Adventure Park, Krabi


Fancy being Aqua man, but idolize Superman too? Flyboarding will give you the superpower you want (even if it lasts for half an hour)! Enjoy your superhero journey above the water surface.

Fly through the air before going in for a refreshing dive; this service is a newbie in the world of enjoyable activities but will stay for the years to come. It starts with you flying over the water propelled by a massive jet spray attached to your feet. It would take some time to balance in the air; once you achieve that be the Aquaman state you always wanted, plunge in the water and jump right back up precisely like a dolphin! If you get a hold of it, try doing summersaults, backflips, and other fancy moves (it will look amazing on videos to see later on!).

The best place for Flyboarding in Thailand – Phuket

Riding the Mae Hong Son Loop 

A country is best explored on a bike, giving a thrilling experience. If this is your calling, here is the ultimate challenge for you! Explore Thailand by the road – an adventure worth talking about! Mae Hong Son Loop is a path of winding roads with more than 4000 bends. The route of this path goes around lush forests, rice paddies, sky0high gorges, river valleys, and sleepy villages before ending. When you complete the ride it would be almost as if you had climbed half of Mount Everest.

Location of the Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand – Chiang Mai

Rock Climbing 

Thailand has limestone hills, and they are rough, which provokes hill climbers worldwide to test their skills while putting their experience in place. If you are wondering whether this is your cup of tea, don’t worry! Getting to the cliffs will be an adventure enough. You would be trekking through jungles or taking a boat ride over the turquoise waters of Thailand. The hill climbers set on their journey, and while they hang from the rocks, the beautiful blue waters in the backdrop offer a significant view. Trip.com Discount Code is your ticket to a budget-friendly rock climbing experience in Thailand. How? They provide easy bookings with a travel guide to explore the best activities to do in Thailand (or practically any other place!) so that your vacation is ridden with adventures.

The best place for Rock Climbing in Thailand – Railay, Beach, Krabi


Here is one of the most exciting activities in Thailand which never misses the eye of the adventures – a man riding a board over water with that much speed is not worth missing! After witnessing such magnificence, you may have the urge to take up this hybrid of water skiing and surfing yourself. You need to clutch a cable pulled by a speedboat and zip through the sea while splashing water all around you. Get off it sometimes and then take it to a higher notch, try some stunts and go around the obstacles! Phuket Wake Park is the best location for wakeboarding in Thailand, especially for those who are trying this for the first time. All you need is gear and step into the man-made lagoon and have fun splashing the water.

The best place for Wakeboarding in Thailand – Wake Park, Phuket

Scuba Diving 

Thailand houses miles and miles of pristine tropical coral reefs and an unmatched marine life experience – it is the underwater activity that drives millions of adventure flock to explore the submarine. It’s the most popular water sport in Thailand, and your experience of Thailand will remain incomplete without exploring the underwater world.

Go around the reefs, explore creeks and walls with that oxygen tank and wet suit; find shipwrecks across the island while diving. Thailand has various diving sites for you to explore, offering crystal clear water and a chance to explore a rare abundant marine life. You can be fortunate enough to encounter some manta rays, whale sharks, barracudas, eels, and the few you get to see underwater. There are colorful corals and swing alongside sharks; it’s like yoga underwater and is a must Dive zone. KKday offers you the chance to take a dip in the underseas with their special travel plans and discounts.

The best place for Scuba Diving in Thailand – Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi

Bungee Jumping 

An adventure that is the closest to skydiving – Bungee Jumping! It offers a similar thrill that skydiving makes you feel the whole way. You are standing on a platform, approx. 200 feet from the ground with your legs attached to a rope; brace yourself and leap! As the freefalls end and the rope recoils, it tosses you up and down, making for a dizzying and exciting experience.

The best place for Scuba Diving in Thailand – Pattaya

Human Slingshot 

How did the angry birds feel, getting released from the slingshot? Try it for yourself! You are stretched back for about 40 meters for the launching part and then released to travel at a formula one race car speed. Flying in the air at superhuman speed is the craziest experience you will do in Thailand. It is one of a kind, and the only place with Human Slingshot in Asia is Pattaya in Thailand.

Make your next vacation memorable and stray from an average traveler’s path. Go out and explore the destination, explore and curate some stories to weave a memorable tale. It’s all about the discovery and adventure that follows it.


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