What Are The Latest Technological Trends In Thailand?

What Are The Latest Technological Trends In Thailand?

The economic landscape of Thailand has always been at the forefront, having benchmarked several technological milestones and currently standing as the second-largest economy in the ASEAN region. Ever since the dawn of the information age, the country has embarked upon several social innovations from automation and robotics to IoT technologies to improve the manufacturing sector. Why not indeed? Technology has been the backbone of the transformation of Thailand from laid-back village life to flourishing urban cities, leading to the status of an "upper-income country" in less than a decade. An estimate of the number of cars on the roads of Bangkok would give you a clear idea of how the social and economic landscape has emerged into a thriving metropolitan hub.

An evolution that started with the likes of Power Buy is currently on a hop on the bandwagon with e-commerce, financial technology, logistics, and real estate, all on a boom. Banana IT, Banggood, and AIS Online Stores have now taken over the digital altar, encouraging many more start-ups and merchants in Thailand to break the technological bottleneck of Southeast Asia. We have some of Thailand's largest co-working space network and e-commerce solutions provider in the face of Hubba and aCommerce respectively, reducing the manufacturing costs by 30% and improving workforce efficiency.

Some of the latest trends in technology that have led the Thai panorama into high-tech innovations from Artificial Intelligence to 5G have been listed below.

IT Industry 

The Thailand 4.0 initiative by the Government has largely taken charge of the country's technological advancement, with the inclusion of smart devices such as Bluetooth and CCTV, cloud software, IoT, and big data into the economy. The focus of such advancement lies in the digital outbreak at the beginning of the century owing to which almost all sectors revolve around digital services. The social platforms thrive upon an incremental use of the 5G technology and it would be safe to say that 2020 was a year of 5G owing to its high-end features such as expeditious speed, prompt bandwidth, and high-quality service requirements.  

Stimulating the industrial age is the age of information and nanotechnology with Thailand extending influence in 3D printing, processing power, robotics, online retail, and mobile gaming sectors for a tech-savvy population. What rises from such technical headway are numerous growth opportunities for the coming years and a need for enterprise mobility which would need to be fueled by the IT sector.    

Advanced Wifi Technology

Given the dynamic nature of the day, fast and secure internet stability is a sine qua non. Although hardware has been a promising contributor with Bt234 billion, the current age has a growing tendency for digital services with the networking market deemed to hit THB 18.3 billion by 2025. Thriving upon restricted amounts of unlicensed spectrum, the country's broadband connections are the fastest in the world according to the latest Speedtest Global Index with an average of 308.35 megabits per second (Mbps), making the broadband internet speed rank first already. Not only does Thailand's networking service boasts a remarkable performance on the global front, but the mobile internet speed has climbed the ladder by 13 positions over the past few decades owing to the 50.1 million internet users (and growing!). The rapid demands of the population are actively being met by the introduction of Wifi 6 which also paves a path for telecom infrastructure and local operators to take the country's progress to blow the logistics charts off the rack for Southeast Asia.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and Machine Learning endow economic advantage upon any country which seeks to boost its digital presence. In the coming years, machine learning offers promising prospects by automating analytical model building with minimal human intervention in the advancing digital age. As a subset of AI, it adds value to the field in terms of convenience, speed, and scale and discerns solutions for complex data sets.

Thailand's indulgence in machine learning and AI, in general, compels an outburst of "Big Data" (data sets that fall beyond the scope of a human to sort without the help of automated systems). This is laid on the grounds of prediction by The Data Age that humans will interact nearly 4,800 times a day (as high as once in every 18 seconds) with connected devices by the year 2025. Consequently, the value of the Big Data Analytics market in Thailand has been in the ascendant, deemed to yield THB 47.9 billion by 2025. The fact that these analytical tools are reliable and convenient the economy is rushing hotfoot towards their inclusion in more and more businesses to improve speed and accuracy.     

Crypto Over Cash

Cryptocurrency has been Thailand's Ace card ever since the country ushered into the digital era, by rendering the same into its mainstream commercial exchange. Not only did the move put Thailand into the front seat of progress, but it drew several other nations to join the venture and implement the same into their systems. By fostering multiple projects in this direction, the Government has ensured that before starting a new business in Thailand, the owners pay heed to the advantages of such digital exchange.

Blockchain guides noteworthy businesses in Thailand, right from e-commerce, food chains, and numerous digital platforms by being an essential part of asset management. It allows small businesses to leverage intellectual property, food safety, and other royalties in the favor of growth potential. By providing license to companies for exchange operation and broking the digital currencies (four such currencies have been approved to be used by crypto business operators), allotting operators for digital assets, and issuing punishments for digital sales frauds, Thailand has set high standards for technology to meet the economic demands of the modern-day.


Growth of Analytics

Insight-driven marketing has been the driving force of many companies as a way to adept a better understanding of running a business, irrespective of the sector. Analytics form a major part of market research to give a competitive edge to any company which aims to flourish by observing market trends and user behavior (User behavior is to the online world what Bill Gates is to Microsoft!). In the past few years, the growth of data analytics has not only created better opportunities for brands to develop in ways that will benefit the users as well as the business but created employment opportunities for those who specialize in studying analytical data to create a strong representation of their client companies.

The consolidation of strong analytical research forms a key aspect of any business strategy in that it paves ways for future actions based on demands and reviews of customers, especially in a digital age where an action taken by a customer on your website is the only way to seek reinforcement regarding the performance of your business. Thailand has actively buoyed up such subservience to Analytics by holding International Analytics Events, thereby laying down the path to several business intelligence consultancies in Thailand.      

Expansion of XaaS

XaaS or Anything-as-a-service refers to the diverse range of products, tools, and services available across the internet and are associated with cloud computing and remote access. Three general cloud computing models are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which collectively foster a number of applications such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, and Amazon Web Series among other.

The entire pool of digital mass media is stimulated by business investments that themselves thrive upon the user and customer experience (UX/CX). These technology adjacent trends directly influence the growth exponent as a way to yield digital transformation. The amalgamation of cloud computing with global internet access points towards a tentative growth of XaaS in the coming years.


Always Connected Personal Computers (ACPCs)

Combining performance with connectivity is by far the most sustainable way of ensuring a rising growth potential for the technological domain. This is precisely what you get in the form of ACPCs, the future of laptops. As the ubiquitous, high-end technology spreads its wings over the IT industry, the ACPC laptops provide users with an optimum experience with the whirlwind 4G LTE, 5G connectivity, durable battery life, smart graphics, and outstanding audio quality. 

The Always Connected PCs initiative by Microsoft is a big leap from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which lately had been treading the path of its downfall.  The Windows 10 Laptop can go to sleep without losing any progress in the internet-driven apps, the words of the General Manager of Microsoft Windows, Erin Chapple. One can see how this would allude to far-fetched technological advancements, to the prime benefits of those who aim to start a business in Thailand.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Wasn't it only a decade ago that robotic advancement belonged to the realm of imagination or fantasy (or movies like Terminator)? Here we stand at the zenith of the digital age where robotic process automation is not merely real but an integral part of the IT industry. RPA is software that curtails human interaction by automating manual tasks which are prone to human error and consume a lot of time. The software naturally attracts many business investments owing to the numerous advantages over manual labor. Considering demands such as Big Data Analytics, small and large businesses in Thailand largely draw on RTA which is an integral part of any organization's digital transformation strategy. 

The advent of these software robots performs tasks such as navigating systems and the identification and extraction of data much more efficiently (since the robots don't need coffee breaks to get the job done!) which in turn makes the organization appear more responsive to the needs of its clients. RPA is ideal to minimize cost savings, boost productivity, and automating workflows that involve legacy systems without APIs, VDIs, or database access which is why more and more businesses in Thailand turn to seek its aid for a well-defined service.     

Modern Digital Workplace  


As much as user experience serves as a priority across a digital platform, so does the employee experience gain superiority into driving an organization's growth. Research indicates that to achieve the former, you must work upon the latter i.e. the secret to maintaining a stellar user experience is not merely in innovation but insights. Technology goes hand in hand with employee productivity in a way that most offices in Thailand are trading the traditional, hierarchical atmosphere for a digitized workforce that can collaborate and manage projects from anywhere in the world. This allows companies to yield better results, generate leads, and draw on useful insights from the employees who stand on the same platform to make the best use of technology and lead to a positive working environment.     

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