Top Online Shopping Festival In Thailand That You Cannot Miss

Top Online Shopping Festival In Thailand That You Cannot Miss

Thailand is known as one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world as it offers everything from traditional Thai products and antiques to silk goods and incredible ornaments. It is Shopping in Thailand is one of the main reasons Thailand caters to its vast tourist population.

Thailand and Bangkok have become one of Asia's best and most popular shopping destinations for good reason. Prices are cheap, quality is generally high, and the selection and variety are amazing. Silks, jewelry, bespoke clothing, and traditional crafts are all highlights of shopping in Bangkok.

What is Famous in Thailand For Shopping?

Tourists love to purchase souvenirs from the places they visit to remember the trip. Thailand also has its specialties. Here’s a list of souvenirs you can buy from Thailand:

  • Thai Silk.

  • Thai spices.

  • Thai Spa Products.

  • Soap Carvings.

  • Handmade Bags.

  • Thai handicraft.

  • Thai Snacks.

  • Thai Trinkets.

  • Thai silver

  • Muay Thai Shorts

  • Thai Coconut Oil Products

  • Tiger Balm

  • Thai Liquor

  • Takabb Anti-cough Pill

  • Bakery Goodies

  • Edible Insects

  • Malt tea and Drink Sachets

  • Instant Noodles.

Online Shopping Festival

  1. New Year Sale: Thailand has its own Thai New Year, but since the mid-20th century people have started celebrating the annual New Year Sale in huge boasting and festive spirit. Many families have chosen to spend their day shopping and vendors have chosen to attend and so began a year of huge sales. Realize that shoppers have a surplus of spending in the form of leftover gifts from the recently ended Christmas holidays.

  2. Lunar New Year Sale: Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year. Vendors and Chinese companies offer heavy discounts to celebrate good luck, luring shoppers into spending on sweet treats, dumplings, spring rolls, Peking ducks, and other treats.

  3. Valentine's Day Offer: Valentine's Day is known around the world as a celebration of love and romance. The seller's wish is to brighten up this day for couples by making romantic deals at nice prices that couples can afford.

  4. Songkran Festival: Gift-giving is an integral part of this tradition, with Thai residents returning home after months of working abroad and tourists traveling directly to Thailand. Stores and online retailers, especially in the travel and tourism sector, offer numerous discounts to promote the festival.

  5. Water Festival: Thailand's Water Festival and Songkran traditional celebrations are held annually on April 13-15. Playing a variety of water games and sports, this festival is one of the most fun ones on this list.

  6. Father's Day Sale: It is a day to recognize and give thanks and gratitude and canna flowers to the men and fathers who have served as inspirational role models. Vendors have a lot to offer fathers on this day. Discounts on technology and gadgets, restaurants, and even public transportation.

  7. Mother's Day Offer: In Thailand, the day is celebrated on August 12th to commemorate the birthday of Queen Sirikit, revered as the mother of all Thais. A mother is treated like a well-deserved queen, and chocolates and flowers like Jasmine her vendor join the Mother's Day repertoire.

  8. 8.8 Sale: 8.8 Super Sale events are frequent in this economic hub. Siam Paragon, Siam Centre, and Siam Discovery are great places to shop during this time of year. 8.8 Flash deals are well-known promotional events that offer attractive offers for a limited time.

  9. 9.9 Sale: Get great deals on your favorite products and brands. Get ready for the 9.9 Big Sale in September.

  10. 10.10 Sale: Consumers love to celebrate his 10.10 sale in Thailand as the only 'Perfect 10' sale. The Super Shopping Sale is attended by many major retailers such as Shopee, Lazada, Klook, and more.

  11. 11.11 Singles Day Sale: The Singles Day sale date is always November 11th. Sellers and e-commerce platforms also celebrated this day because daters are invited to spend money on this day to buy gifts for themselves instead of giving gifts to their loved ones. Take advantage and launch your biggest sale in a year.

  12. Halloween Sale: People used to wear costumes to ward off ghosts, and this has carried over into modern Halloween. While present in many countries, Halloween didn't used to be that big a deal in Thailand. This is because the people typically focus on the commercial aspect of the event, which is available to sellers each November. But, this is no longer the case.

  13. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Deals: Black Friday sales are heavily hyped in the US as sellers and retailers offer big discounts right after Thanksgiving. The following well-known platforms have big sellers who are eager to participate in the sale. Lazada, Tarad, Central Online, WeLoveShopping, Zalora, Mukong Gadget.

  14. Double Day 12.12 Sale: 12.12 Sale means the sale that takes place on December 12th of each year. This sale is done by most retailers both online and in stores in Thailand and many other countries around the world. 

  15. Christmas Eve and Christmas Sale: Sellers have a tradition of lowering prices to clear out old inventory ahead of the New Year, so look forward to the big December sale and the Christmas sale.

Shopping In Thailand Online

The Best Websites for General Shopping are:


For all your buying needs, Lazada is a one-stop shop! Buy electronics, electronic accessories, home appliances, toys, fashion clothing, accessories, sporting goods, cars, and more.


A perfect shopping month for us when it comes to shopping from Shopee, which sells quality items in the categories of children’s toys, all fashion items, pet products, home & kitchen accessories, electronics, mobile phones, and other categories.

Big C

It saves time as well as money, so he can always easily shop from one place. Big C Online is a one-stop online store for all your daily needs. They have everything you need for a stress-free and smooth life, including daily necessities such as groceries, groceries, laundry, home appliances, and childcare and baby care products.


Believe it or not, the best virtual grocery store is here. Tops Supermarket is an online store that offers everything you need to buy nutritious groceries for babies and adults, including fruits, snacks, sweets, fresh produce, baked goods, and soft drinks, It offers a wide selection of meats, seafood, and more.


Samsung is a global company with the sole purpose of creating cutting-edge products for the betterment of society. Since its founding in 1969, Samsung has come a long way. Mobile phones, gadgets, etc. Samsung never disappoints with the best features and endless smart services.


Having a good computer or smartphone is like having a best friend for life. Lenovo is a global leader in the personal computer industry that designs, manufactures, and markets state-of-the-art, reliable, high-quality personal computers.


It starts with the correct approach path. That's why we have Megatix Thailand, a self-service stage where event organizers sell tickets, reach audiences, and help run their events. Founded in 2019, there are now over 400 hotels listed on official website.

Luxury Escapes

Not everyone wants to escape from luxury, but enjoys an escape from luxury! For a luxurious holiday sunbathing by the sea. Therefore, for luxury-loving people like us, Luxury Escapes is an online site that offers the best vacation packages and premium services to make your vacation experience unforgettable and overwhelming.

Spending the weekend in Bangkok or hitting the beach on Koh Samui is easy to say, but when it comes to actual planning and booking, is it your fault that the trip is postponed? No. offers the most complete and satisfying hotel booking service, providing the best lodging services in the world. is a popular website in Thailand for all your travel needs. The site allows users to purchase tickets and book accommodation. You can also buy tickets for trains, flights, and car rentals. An easy-to-use website that offers all travel-related services at the most affordable prices.


Add your new grocery shopping companion to your list now! is an e-commerce website from Thailand.

Banana IT

Get the latest technology and trendy gadgets with excellent service and guaranteed quality at Banana IT online. At Banana IT, they have special sales during the Obon season. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about current offers.


Run to the lifesaver Foodpanda! Thai cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai are full of systematic restaurants and shops. The first place to get the latest food and drink reviews and recommendations. Find the best deals on your favorite foods with discounts, holiday specials, weekends, first-time subscriptions, and deals in select categories so you can order more.

Mercular is one place to find it all! to upgrade your lifestyle. Besides Browse top-brand gaming gear, toys, collectibles, audio accessories, drones, cameras, speakers, computer accessories, and more!


Be an outsider in this indifferent world. Be the sparkplug and get your ass. To such agitators, Adidas is also a bad brand founded in 1949 because a man named Adidas wanted to create a cosmic revolution in athletic performance. But it continues to have a major impact on music, fashion, sustainability, culture, and more. Adidas has a grand vision of consistent innovation to help you achieve your fitness goals, look great in the best sportswear at the best price, and perform at your best.

Thailand Grand Sale Dates

During this competition of the year, which happens at the cease of the year, every person seems ahead of it. Everybody seems ahead to this event and turns nerve-racking for the thirty-first of December and 1st of January 2022.

Thailand Grand Sale in Bangkok is an annual purchasing occasion that commonly takes location between June and August. If you like bargains, head for the city’s many purchasing shops to revel in splendid reductions on an extensive variety of items, together with clothes, jewelry, sportswear, and electric goods.

Clothes Purchasing In Thailand

To get the best clothing pieces, you need to shop from the best place. Check out the Super-Awesome Shopping Places In Bangkok:

  • Icon Siam: Mother Of All Malls

  • Terminal 21: A Diverse Shopping Complex

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: The Largest Market In Thailand

  • EmQuartier: A Fancy Shopping Mall

  • Talad Rot Fai Train Market: Housing 2000 Stalls

  • Khao San Road: A Hipster Haven

  • Central World: Third Largest Shopping Complex In Asia

  • Senada Theory: Let Your Style Speak

  • Pinky Tailor: Get Customized Clothing

  • MBK Center: Affordable And Elegant

  • Platinum Shopping Mall: A five Billion Baht Shopping Mall

What Is Thailand Famous For?

Sauce Thai is known for its spice, temples, and relaxing massages in quiet places. The essential oils, scented candles, and bubble baths that follow are sure to leave Thailand unforgettable. But you can’t bring Thailand home, so you can bring in a soothing Thai aromatherapy massage.

What is Thailand famous for?

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, friendly people, elephants, and Thai massage like yoga. Other things Thailand is famous for are: Besides delicious food such as pad thai, som tum, and mango sticky rice, temples, tuk tuks, floating markets, and full moon his party are also available.

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