What Are Top 10 Unique Gifting Ideas For Valentine's Day 2021?

What Are Top 10 Unique Gifting Ideas For Valentine's Day 2021?

On the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world and many of the couples celebrate this day as a festival together. The day is the symbol of love and it is celebrated across the world every year to mark it as a great occasion for lovers. Most of the people in the countries inspired by western culture celebrate Valentine’s Day enthusiastically. On Valentine’s Day, couples spend the entire day together, at nice romantic places, and gift each other with nice gifts so that they can make each other feel special and celebrate their bond of love together.

Valentine’s Day is approaching which means you will be needed to consider what you want to gift your loved one. And while your partner will likely appreciate classic gifts like a fresh flower delivery or jewelry with a handwritten card, those options are almost too predictable. So, you need to put some thought into the gifting and think of something unique which comes in useful for your partner and which they can really appreciate.

To help you with the gifts, we have made a list of the best 5 gifting ideas for both him and her so that you can choose from them and make their Valentine’s Day really special.

Top 5 Unique Gifting Ideas For Men's

Usually, Men don’t need anything fancy or special, the things which you can really gift them, are which will really come in handy in their day to day life. There are different kinds of things which can come in handy if you gift them to your lover and are also quite unique. Below is the list of those things, which if you gift, they will really appreciate, this Valentine’s Day.

Fitness Bands & Watches

Men are usually into fitness these days, they are generally involved in some kind of sport, outdoor activities, gym, or exercising. They want to remain fit and active and also want to look good with the best of their physique and built. And thus, for all the men who are really into fitness, a fitness band is a perfect thing for them, or if they aren’t then they can always use a smartwatch which has an additional number of features including fitness tracking, calorie tracking, activity tracking, and the best part, connectivity, and accessibility with the smartphone. This enables them to control their notifications, messages, calls, and much more without taking out their smartphones from their pockets.

If your husband or your boyfriend isn’t into fitness then too, these devices, motivate them to get fit, as they provide the data and mobile app which provides day-to-day guidance and coaching in order to stay fit. You can buy these devices from the AIS store Thailand and save big using รหัสโปรโมชั่น AIS Online Store additionally if you shop using the Vouchers Portal Thailand website.

Leather Wallets & Card Holders

Men are often in need of extra spaces to carry their essentials, such as money, small bills, cards, etc. A wallet and a cardholder are such items that come in handy to every male out there; they need to hold onto their money, cards, and other essentials while having their hands free all the time.

You can purchase them a pure leather wallet or a cardholder, which will be of utmost quality and durability so that it stays as a memory of you with them always. You can also get different designer wallets and cardholders, or customizable ones, on which you can get a message or a name engrossed. You can find a great variety of wallets on the AliExpress Thailand store easily and avail great ส่วนลด AliExpress by the offers provided through the Vouchers Portal Thailand website.

Wireless Headset Devices

People are always drawn towards music, they love listening to it whenever they are free. If your loved one is an audiophile then what could be a better gift than a wireless headset. With no hassle of wires, your man can listen to music, respond to calls, or watch movies using them and this will offer them great convenience. You can gift them with earpods, which are a great piece of technology that is in great trend these days, these are light weighted wireless earpieces that come along with a charging case offering tremendous battery life.

You can gift them with any kind of audio accessory from a great range of brands which you can easily find on the Banana IT Thailand Store.

Skin Care and Grooming Kits

Men barely take much care of their skin, body, or hair, you can make your loved one remember to take care of himself this Valentine’s Day by gifting them with grooming and personal care, and hygiene essentials. You can gift them with skincare creams, body care lotions, beard and hair oils and serums, facial care items, and much more.

You can also gift them certain grooming essentials or a kit full of products like a shaver, trimmer, razor, aftershave, shaving creams, and other related tools and accessories. You can also get the kid bag with different designs or personalize it for them especially according to their needs which you can get at the JD Central Thailand store.

Fitness Essentials

Men who are into fitness require a lot of stuff, which they could use, such as different gym and exercise equipment, health essentials, protein supplements, and much more. Even if your man isn’t into staying fit, a fitness-related gift would be a great thing to help him reminding of staying healthy. You can gift them, home gymming kits, dumbbells, barbells, stretching equipment, or other gym accessories, or you can gift them with a yoga mat.

Anything related to fitness will be a great gift for them, so you can get it through the Super Sports Thailand store and gift them to your loved one to make their Valentine’s Day special, and with Vouchers Portal you can also get Super Sports discount codes for getting the great discount during your purchase.

Top 5 Unique Gifting Ideas For Women's

It’s not always easy to pick gifts for women, sometimes they can possibly be happy with simple yet attractive gifts such as meaningful messages written in beautiful gift cards, or gift boxes filled with different kinds of sweets and chocolates. But if you want to gift them something else to please them this Valentine’s these are the unique gifting ideas you need to consider.

A Nice Pair Of Footwear

Women just love footwear, they collect a great number, of flats, heels, sandals, shoes, boots, and more for different occasions. If you know her choices then you can fetch an awesome pair of footwear for her, be it shoes, casual wear or sportswear, a nice pair of fancy heels or sandals, or anything else.

She will always appreciate the gift if it another pair of footwear and this will make her Valentine’s Day special. The gift will also be a great addition to their collection and you can buy it from the Lazada Thailand store and avail yourself with great discounts through ข้อเสนอ Lazada while making your next purchase.

Hair Straighteners and Dryers

Women love their hair and take care of it with great devotion. Although they already would be owning a hairdryer and a straightener conventional hairdryers and straighteners are known for damaging the hair, therefore this Valentine’s Day you can gift them with a flexing plate straightener or supersonic hairdryer, which are both engineered using the latest technology, that doesn’t damage the hair while drying.

If you want to shop for Hair straighteners, stylers, or dryers for her this Valentine’s Day then you can shop from Konvy.com Thailand store to get great offers and ข้อเสนอ Konvy.

Bag or Purses

A purse or a bag is always a great accessory which women always love. Bags or purses are available in hundreds of styles and ranges, be it luxury or mid-range, you can choose the style which will best suit her and gift her this Valentine’s day. You can get a great variety of options of handbags, tote bags, women’s wallets, purses made from different materials such as leather, nylon, denim, and many more.

If you want to shop from a great and assorted range of bags and purses from different brands and ranges then you can check them out at the Central Online store Thailand and you can avail awesome ข้อเสนอ Central Online through us.

Air Fryer

If your girlfriend or wife is into food, cooking, and eating new recipes every once in a while, then you should really know that kitchen essential can provide her great convenience, even if she isn’t into cooking you can gift her an Air Fryer, which is a great piece of technology and helps in making all kinds of fried dishes, with the least amount of oil. They use air present in the atmosphere to fry the food and thus, help in cooking healthy and delicious meals.

Cooking through an air fryer is a great way to save time and get healthier alongside having a delicious home-cooked meal. You can buy them an Air Fryer this Valentine’s Day from the Power Buy Thailand store and get a great number of brands and variants available easily with awesome ส่วนลด Power Buy Online from Vouchers Portal Thailand.

Makeup Tools

All the women across the world, love to look good, and thus, they are fond of using makeup, but shopping for makeup can be difficult at times as you might not know what they really want which product will suit them. Specific products such as tools for makeup can although be great gifts if you want to surprise her this Valentine's. You can gift her with so many essential items, for makeup. Such as different kinds of blender sponges, brushes, mascara brushes, eyelash curlers, and much more.

If you want to buy makeup tools at great rates and with the best quality, you can get them from the Sephora website, which specializes in providing a great range of such tools. You can also find full set or kits of makeup tools easily at the Sephora Thailand store and get great รหัสส่วนลด Sephora through us.

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