Mother's Day Celebration: Deals, Offers And Discount Codes

Mother's Day Celebration: Deals, Offers And Discount Codes

One of the greatest blessings showered upon mankind from the heavens above is Mother- a selfless creature who always keeps her children as her sole priority. Without a mother, the world around us isn’t possible. Life stems from within a mother’s womb and gets its meaning from the teachings of a mother. The mother is the very first teacher in life-- we cannot thank her enough for her dedication and sacrifices towards her children.

Although any string of words won’t be coherent to talk about the amount of debt we owe to our mothers and no matter how many times we say thank you to her, it still won’t be enough. So as means of paying a tribute to mothers we celebrate Mother’s day. It can be well agreed by everyone on earth that honoring mothers on just one day isn’t sufficient for all the things she does for us all year long. In case you don’t already know which day is International Mother’s Day, it is generally on the second Sunday of May every year.

While is this applicable to the countries following the US norms, Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times of the year across different countries. Different Asian countries celebrate Mother’s Day according to their respective traditions, while in India it is celebrated as a 10 day long festival dedicated to goddess Durga, in Japan, mothers are gifted with carnations as they symbolize sweetness and endurance.

Is Mother’s Day celebrated in Thailand?

Thailand, like its other Asian counterparts, is a culturally rich country. Every occasion and festival they celebrate is deeply rooted in age-old traditions and nothing seems to be out of reason or absurd. Thai culture has evolved greatly from the isolated demeanor of the Sukhothai era to the contemporary stance of the Ayutthaya era, it has incorporated substantial influences from all over Asia. 

Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on August 12 every year, marking this date as an important event that occurred in the past.

Mother’s Day or Wan Mae is celebrated on this date in Thailand because it is when Queen Mother Sirkrit was born. Mother’s Day of Thailand was firstly introduced in the year 1950 and was initially observed in the month of April. It was in the year 1976 when it began to be observed in the month of August to commemorate the birth of Queen Mother Sirikit.

Mother’s Day celebration in Thailand

Mother’s day in Thailand is a national holiday owing to Her Majesty’s birth anniversary.

Traditional way of celebrating Mother’s Day in Thailand includes starting the day by offering food to the saffron-clad Buddhist monks of the country. For this, mass feastings are organized and the monks are served with the traditional food. In schools, they often host Mother’s Day functions where mothers are invited to see the kids participating in various cultural activities.

It is an emotional event where one can often see kids and their mothers wiping away tears. The children kneel in front of their mothers to pay respect for everything they have done for them so far. Young children often present them with handmade mother’s day card. Some older children take their mothers out for a special dining experience. There are a lot of restaurants that have a dedicated menu for this day and offer exclusive Mother’s Day discounts.

When we grow up, gifting handmade cards and blowing candles on a cake seems too childish. As we get financially independent we get the benefit of gifting more expensive and useful products to our mothers. There are a number of gifting options available across a plethora of online platforms. Gift your mother with a personalized present on this Mother’s Day 2021, and see her smile getting wider and brighter.

There are a number of online stores which have a great variety of gifting options for your mother, such gifts which will be of use to her and will be cherished forever within her memory. Here is some such platform for you to choose from to gift your mother this Mother’s Day. Have a look at some of them.

Top stores to get Mother's Day Deals

Central Online

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Big C

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Power Buy

Purchase electronic products such as entertainment devices, mobiles phones, cameras, home appliances, and others with Power Buy.

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Super Sports

Do you inherit your fitness enthusiasm and sporty attitude from your mother? Confused as to what will be the best gift for your mother?

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Klook Thailand

What can be better than gifting your mother tickets to travel to her dream destination?

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Ais Online Store

Gift your techno-savvy working mother the best gadgets she can wish for from AIS Online store. Shop from the online store of AIS which offers a wide range of electronic items, including mobile phones, tablets, accessories, SIM cards, Anunjai Collection Peace of Mind Products, and IoT Devices. Help your mother keeping up to date with her work and world around by gifting the best-in-class gadgets and devices to ease her workload.

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Kkday Thailand

One of the tough competitors to Klook, KKday is one of the leading tours and travel platforms. KKday offers some of the world-class traveling experiences one can wish for. Give your mother a chance to tread beyond the four walls of the home to the place she always wished to be in but wasn’t able to because of all the responsibilities. Plan an interesting and budget-friendly holiday for your parents with KKday, an all- in- one vacation website.

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If you want to keep things simple, you can throw a small private party at the restaurant of your mother’s choice and include all of your mother’s favorite dishes. You may have her cut a delicious Mother’s Day cake made by you. The gifts you are planning to give them may be gifted either in the presence of family and friends or simply at your home.

Mothers are a gift to us by the universe for which we can never be grateful enough.

The world stops revolving for a person when their mother isn’t around anymore. We should always make sure to find the best ways to keep her happy and satisfied and not be a burden to their already busy lives. Help your mothers as much as you can and respect is the best gift you can give to them.

Observing a day dedicated to mothers is good, but it can’t match the satisfaction which comes from simple things done to keep her happy.


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