What are the most popular Korean skincare brands?

What are the most popular Korean skincare brands?

Have trouble taking care of your skin? Here is a solution to all your troubles that are coming between you and glowing skin. Get ready to bless your skin with calmness and relaxation by using some of the most popular Korean skincare brands.

Do you also spend the majority of your time in front of screens, or travel a lot? Then, these under skin care products will be your go-to necessity for the perfect skin. Provide your skin with gentle care because they deserve it.

Korea has started new trends in cosmetics and skincare items. Toward the beginning, there were relatively few brands to look over. But, presently, there are a few distinctive Korean brands and their items are accessible at nearly every other neighbourhood store. If you are a cosmetics junkie or are extremely conscientious about your skincare regimen, this is a fantastic opportunity for you.

Why do we need Korean Skincare Brands?

Korean skincare items are well known all around the world as a result of their high-quality ingredients that are propelled essentially ingredients and techniques (like fermentation) that can only be found in Korean skincare items.

On top of these high-quality ingredients, the cost of these items is truly reasonable. You can get an entire skincare routine from one of these Korean magnificence sites without breaking your wallet.

If you want to know where you can buy Korean cosmetics online with a discount, we have made a list for you.

Whenever we go anywhere, we anticipate having healthy skin regardless of whether we spend a lot of money on skincare and make-up (or laser treatments). Some of the time, these items are helpful, and some of the time you don't get the desired results. As trends have changed now, we need to look delightful, but with regular skin, keeping away from huge loads of cosmetics on top. Consequently, the main focus is on skincare items to look natural. To have glowing skin, observing wonderful skincare for your skin type is necessary. For Korean cosmetics products, you don’t need to go to a Korean cosmetic shop you can easily buy Korean cosmetics online through these websites which we are providing to you.

Which Ingredients are Used in Korean Skincare Products?

Natural extracts from plants and creatures, similar to snail mucin, have overwhelmed the Korean beauty market space for quite a while. While these ingredients maximise the impacts of items that result in more youthful and radiant skin, curious takers will take measures to ensure fit for healthy skin. Visit at Lazada TH and you can get the same ingredient products for less by using the ส่วนลด Lazada.

7 Natural Ingredients Used in Korean Skincare Products

  • Birch Juice/Sap

The extricated sap of birch trees has nutrients and proteins that are great for sensitive skin and help soothe skin irritations and leave a natural dewy impact.

Birch juice also has extensive measures of minerals, mixtures, proteins, and nutrients. An unbelievably supporting hydrating specialist, applying birch juice during fall and winter on dry skin keeps it from extra ending up being nasty.

  • Propolis

A natural and one of the most regularly utilised Korean skincare ingredients, propolis is found in the walls and sealings of beehives. With a gum-like surface, the sticky substance has many advantages and effective uses in the skincare field.

Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties make it a choice ingredient to treat acne-prone skin, blemishes, and skin rashes. Abundant in antioxidants, propolis further helps with calming skin irritations.

  • CentellaAsiatica

A deep-rooted and usually involved herb in traditional Chinese medicine, the CentellaAsiatica plant is effectively utilised for its healing and calming properties, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

The key dynamic component that makes CentellaAsiatica a sought-after ingredient in Korean skincare items is made cassoside, an antioxidant that aids in easing back indications of skin aging, repairs skin cells, and heals acne and blemishes.The amino acids present in the herb work to hydrate and deeply nourish your skin. The calming components also make it reasonable to treat specific skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis. Buy the same ingredient products for less with us and get ready for the grand Chinese New Year party.

  • Snail mucin

It may appear strange in terms of its qualities and skincare effects, but you will be astounded by its quality and impact. Snail mucin, or snail secretion filtrate (SSF), is perhaps the most commonly involved skincare fixation in Korean beauty routines.

SSF is emitted when the snail moves, leaving behind a foul, watery slop, which is reaped and utilised in a variety of skincare items - from sheet masks to serums and moisturisers.

Its hydrating specialists help in moisturising the skin, healing irritations, and advancing new skin growth. Snail mucin likewise acts as a skin boundary and locks in natural moisture, advancing collagen production.

  • Yuza

Yuza, also known as Yuja, is a vitamin C-rich citrus natural item normally found on Jeju island in South Korea. Vitamin C is a staple in Korean everyday skincare plans, as it helps deep nourishment and protects against harmful free radicals such as UV rays and UV radiation, for instance. Vitamin C is instrumental in extending cell repair, collagen production and diminishing the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. Things progressed with this enhancement, helping to firm the skin and give a healthy, smooth skin look.

  • Bamboo

For quite a long time, bamboo removal and its powdered structure have been used in customary Asian medication for treating irritated and dull skin. This skincare ingredient has exceptional anti-aging properties and advances collagen production, which is depleted with age. The bamboo extricate has magnificent hydrating components that strengthen the skin, lock moisture, and reduce fine lines. 

  • Pearl

Pearls have since a long time ago filled in as one of the essential Korean beauty products, and the K-skincare market is very obsessed with them. The healing properties of pearls help in dealing with skin irritation and defects, similarly to restricting enlarged pores. Pearl extricate-based masks and peel-offs are turning out to be progressively well known as they give a typically splendid look.

Why do we need Korean cosmetics in Bangkok?

It's designated "K-Beauty" and it's something other than prevailing fashion. With valid justification, reasonable costs, and an understanding of the Asian complexion, Korean skincare products have assumed control over Bangkok's beauty care products market.

What is the most popular Korean skincare brand?


The brand may have a Parisian name, but LANEIGE which signifies "fresh snow" in French-was established in Seoul, South Korea in 1994 by Amorepacific, the organisation behind a few of the brands in this rundown. Known for their notorious resting lip cover, they have started to branch into more skincare products with face lotions, toners, embodiments, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The brand is focused on its Advanced Water Science technology, with an emphasis on skin hydration. Use our ส่วนลด Konvy.com and get a discount on its products.


A luxury Korean skincare brand, AMOREPACIFIC is the namesake brand of the Amore Pacific organization, which operates notable Korean magnificence brands like LANEIGE, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree, and more. With attention to ingredients enriched with green tea, AMOREPACIFIC tries to furnish skincare that penetrates the skin with regular and moisture-enhancing formulas.

3. Soon Skincare

Friends Lisa Ballstaedt and Kayla Bertagna were established in 2017 and authoritatively sent off in October 2018. Which began as an objective of making a Korean-inspired sheet mask that won't sneak off your face immediately turned into a main K-magnificence skincare brand. Fetch our ส่วนลด Shopee and get a discount on the first order.

4. Banila

Banila Co. isn't new to the Korean skincare game. It was established in 2006 in South Korea. With attention to improving the everyday routine, this skin-first brand boasts hybrid products and half-items to scale back the mountain of steps in your routine. They accept that beautiful skin is the initial step to a flawlessly furious face and that you shouldn't need to sacrifice your composition for your cosmetics obsession.

5. Glow Recipe

Christine Chang and Sarah Lee established the natural product cantered skincare brand in 2017. Christine Chang and Sarah Lee established the natural product-centered skincare brand in 2017 in the wake of cooperating at L'Oreal. which began as an online retailer for other Korean skincare brands and transformed into what we presently know as Glow Recipe. go-to mark for effective skincare developments that deliver clinical outcomes and sensorial self-care in minutes. This company makes vegan Korean cosmetics, fruit-forward, clean formulas for glowing skin. They believe in glowing significantly more and will make the future brilliant together.

6. Sulwhasoo

Combining natural ingredients and innovative skincare procedures since 1966, Sulwhasoo is one of the best-selling luxury brands in Amore Pacific's program of brands. Articulated "Suhl-ha-soo," this skincare brand was established on the philosophy of balance and harmony. Keeping with the founders' commitment to all holistic skincare, the brand is a top choice for many people thanks to its texture-smoothing formulas and subtle fragrance. Use our ส่วนลด Central Online and get a discount on its products.

7. Soko Glam

Charlotte Cho and her husband David founded Soko Glam in 2012 to bring Korean beauty practices to the United States. Today, Soko Glam brags an accurate collection of Korean skincare brands. All that you find at Soko Glam has been tried and handpicked by a group of skin health management specialists. They believe in curating the highest quality products, including clean and vegan curations, that will bring you visible results.

With regards to men's beauty, South Korea leads the way. Check out any K-pop star and you'll see lipstick, eyeliner, and more than a sprinkle of eyeshadow. In the city, various youngsters wear lip colour and foundation.


Established by Theresa and Lawrence Kim, The Crème Shop started as a contract manufacturer in South Korea. The Crème Shop is 100 percent brutality-free! The items are tried on by our staff, not animals. Beauty is consistently changing and emotional.

All things considered, their work isn't to make you wonderful; they believe it's basically to upgrade the excellence that you already have. The Crème Shop is an illustration of this, displaying skincare products that make you feel like a kid again. Thanks to the joint efforts with well-known characters like Hello Kitty, DreamWorks Trolls, and BT21.

9. Mediheal

One of the essential steps in a Korean skincare routine is a serum-filled sheet mask. Established in 2009, Mediheal is the spot to go for everything sheet masks and has ventured into other skincare products as well. Mediheal effectively works with scientists, dermatologists, and other skin specialists to ensure its items have the best and most refreshing ingredients.

When there is a discussion about beauty or what reason do men leave behind? Korean men spend more on beauty care products than men elsewhere in the world. Market researchers estimated that Korean men cosmetics were worth over a billion US dollars. Masculinity and impeccable grooming go hand in hand. Get our ส่วนลด Sephora and get a discount on first-time purchases.

Some of the best men beauty creams in the market

  • BB cream

This BB cream smooths over any lumps and bumps effectively, quickly making your skin look somewhat more cleaned.

  • Lip colour

Rather than applying lip colour to the entire surface of your lips, it's applied from within and blended out with a finger or cotton bud to make a natural-looking, simple squeezy swipe of shading.

  • Foam cleanser

Cleansing foams are rich fluids that froth up when in contact with water, viably eliminating the day's coarseness and dirt from your face.

  • Toner

Toner is the key to shining Korean skin. It's a significant piece of skincare for both men and women. which is stuffed with active ingredients to hydrate and treat your skin. You ought to apply it subsequently after cleansing thoroughly, while your skin is still wet, as this permits ingredients to enter your skin more deeply.


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